WhoreMaster [06.03.07] [aevojoey]

WhoreMaster [06.03.07] [aevojoey] WhoreMaster [06.03.07] [aevojoey] WhoreMaster [06.03.07] [aevojoey]
Nothing much. Like every other management porn game, hire some slaves, make them work for you and so on. I don’t recall being a plot here (or at least one interesting enough) but if I’m mistaken, feel free to tell me!

Updated: 14/01/2018
Developer/Publisher: aevojoey
Censorship: Depends.
Version: 06.03.07
OS: Windows
Language: English
Rape, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Slave, Management, Fantasy, Trainer, Ahegao, Pregnancy, Real Porn (if you use Celebrities packs), Big Ass, Big Tits, Milf
* Changes made for .06.03.07 –
Fixed a few typeos
Cleaned some code
Added buy more interactions buttons to the house details screen* Changes made for .06.03.06 –
Updated .scriptx read/write code
Fixed a few typeos
Cleaned some code* Changes made for .06.03.05 –
Changed all c*Screen.cpp/h files to cScreen*.cpp/h to put the in line with the other cScreen*.cpp/h filesUpdated all 3 interface that come with the game
– rewrote the get_id() function to allow up to 5 choices for interface items to allow for old interfaces
– Checked interface files and tried to make all tags the same across various files.shortened text output for unused preg types
Updated is_pregnant output for list boxes
Added SexAverage, NonSexAverage and SkillAverage as options for list boxesRenamed 4 image filetypes for * correction
– "birthmultiplehuman*." to "birthmultiplehuman*."
– "pregbirthmultiplehuman*." to "pregbirthmultiplehuman*."
– "rapebeast*." to "beastrape*."
– "pregrapebeast*." to "pregbeastrape*."
– – beastrape* will be found in beast*, that is more apt than beastrape being found in rape
– – les picks up les69ing and sex picks up sexdoggy which should be fine* Changes made for .06.03.04 –
Cleaned and updated the transfer code a bit more
– Added columns to transfer screen
– When you go to the transfer screen, it now starts the selected girl in the left list who you came from.
– Added keepjob to addgirl() so transferring to the same building will keep their job
– Fixed transfer screen in J_1920x1080 interface
Added in some more updates by grishnak
– check items equipped and adjust profile pictures
– changed image type used in some jobs
Fixed a couple of typeos
Corrected the GetString.xml and getInput.xml in J_1024x768 to make the text above the box so length of the text will not matter.
Fixed a bug in scripts and added some missing lookup/names* Changes made for .06.03.03 –
Fixed a couple of bugs in gallery
Found and fixed a bug in the studio if the interface does not have day job column
Cleaned and updated the transfer code a bit
– When you go to the transfer screen, it now starts the left column where you came from.
– number keys 1-7 switch between the brothels (have not gotten the other buildings yet, not sure if I will/can)* Changes made for .06.03.02 –
Updated settings.xml in J_1024x768 interface
Updated loading screen more
– Fixed a bug in new game if starting a new game after quitting out of old game. (loading not setting to true on new game)
– changed the load list from if statements to a switch set
– split the loading info files into traits, items and names
Removed legacy file types: .traits, .items
Removed legacy interface files: GetString.txt, InterfaceColors.txt, LoadMenu.txt and ScreenMode.txt
Changes by grishnak:
– changed girl in dungeon image from profile to jail
– Changed torturer in dungeon image from profile to dom
– IMGTYPE_ESCORT, // clothed with a client, should replace formal in escort job, because i used formal as clothed single profile
– IMGTYPE_SPORT, // for the free time job, doing sports
– IMGTYPE_STUDY, // reading a book or looking clever
– IMGTYPE_TEACHER, // dressed or acting as a teacher
– Added in 2 new traits: Clipped Tendons and No TongueStarted updating transfer screen
– moved the transfer screen to its own file
– (It took a while to work out all the bugs so I didn’t update anything yet, just transfered it. Updates will have to wait for the next version.)* Changes made for .06.03.01 –
Updated J_1024x768 interface
– Found and fixed a couple of bugs
Added m_interest_rate (not used yet)
Added several image types for DarkArk
Started rewriting Objectives (not active yet)* Changes made for .06.03.00 –
Fixed a few typeos
Updated SO and FOE
– Added adjustments for banned sex types
Fixed the main menu
– If there were no save games and the load button was turned off, you could still get to the load screen by pressing L.
– Fixed it so autosave.gam by itself does not activate the load game button.
Added g_BoysNameList to allow for male naming in the future
Fixed a bug where the game would try running the job for runaways
Removers a few "t"s that render as squares in a few placesAdded new commands to scripts:
– "Script_EndIfNew", added to fix a problem in the old script editor not shifting lines to the right for the newer If statements
– "Script_IfGirlStatus",
– "Script_SetGirlStatus",
– "Script_EndPregnancy",
– "Script_CreatePregnancy"Started remaking the loading screen.