Uni [v0.21.76d] [Hizor Games]

Uni [v0.21.76d] [Hizor Games] Uni [v0.21.76d] [Hizor Games] Uni [v0.21.76d] [Hizor Games] Uni [v0.21.76d] [Hizor Games] Uni [v0.21.76d] [Hizor Games]
Uni it’s the name of the city that the game takes place in and you play as a female protagonist, a girl whose fate is entirely up to you. Much like a date-sim game, you’ll attend school, walk around, take on a job, etc etc. As this game goes on you’ll be able to put her in different situations and experience different storylines.​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-11
Release Date: 2020-05-04
Developer: Hizor Games PatreonDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.21.76d
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
2DCG, Female protagonist, School, Dating sim, Groping, Corruption, Submission, Voyeurism, Prostitution, Bimbofication, M/F, F/F, Feet, Sexual harassment, Blackmail, Oral sex, Lesbian, Group sex, Vaginal sex, Female Domination, Mobile gamePlanned fetishes include (Open to change): Mind Break, Transformation, NTR (Avoidable), Rape and even an interesting healslutting event branch that was proposed with the game console."
-Sprite Fixes
-Town Map Images Fixed for Android
-Syntax fixes
-Event Trigger Fixes
Due to a problem that seems to persist with the Lite version images this release will only be in HD until the problem with the Lite version has been sorted out.v0.21.76b
-8 New Bar Scenes
-Edited Cafe Map Location
-Return button added for cat shop
-Edit to dialog if you slapped Matt
-Edit to times of day naming to be more clear
-Small changes to event timings
-Job payouts increased in bakery and cafe.
-Part three of Cafe Threesome CG added.
-Mini Dress Wardrobe Error fixed.
-Third Bakery Outfit fixed.
-Spelling Errors
-Fixed Matt Route not progressing if you took a shower. -Spelling Errors, Continuity fixes. -Added Missing Emilia Sprite to one of Kate’s Events. -Added Locker Room Background to shower scene. -Split up longer text to display better on android. -Matt’s Event Trigger days have been moved up earlier 17.67c
-Added Restaurant/Café Background the food dates.
-Added New Achievement "Dominant Girlfriend."
-Added Mr. Davis Character Sprite
-Added 5 Bar Events + Sprites
-Added Kate Hug & Kate Kiss CG Scenes
-Added Violet Sub Striptease CG Scenes
-5 New Kate Romance Route Scenes v0.16.65
Event Parameter Fixes Continuity Event Fixes Sprite Fixes Archive Changes v0.12.57b
Fixed Bakery Parameters More U.I Fixes Android Fix Bakery Sprite Fixes v0.12.57a
U.I Bug Fixed Event Parameters Fixed Android Living Room error Fixed Bakery Event Variable fixed v0.11.53b

Updated RNG chances heavily Fixed Bug that happened after Spa Date Fixed Bug during the Damien festival date Fixed Background placement for some of Violet and Damien events Fixed Sprite movement for Kate Walk Around event Fixed Background placement during a few other walk around events. v0.10 Update card
New scenes!
With 0.9 there are 2 new kate scenes if you’re following her romance path, bringing more into your relationship with her. Alongside that are 4 new Violet scenes! 2 for her Dom path and 2 for her Sub path. With this we are going for a more consensual Dom/Sub relationship as Matt’s route is more of a forced one. There is also something I should mention about her sub path. When I was reading through her sub path I figured her original expressions wouldn’t fit her new submissive personality, so we’re having a new submissive expression set made for her. Because of this her sub route does not yet have sprites for Violet until we add them in 0.10. Sprites! Everybody loves Sprites!
Tracy has been added into the cheer club! Finally, filling out the roster for all the cheer club members that you’ll see. Damien has also made his way here! Thanks to the increase in budget and a few other things. Right now he only has his school uniform so, his sprite will not appear in the events that occur outside of the school until we find some casual clothes for him! A few other things as well.
The day limit has been increased by 5. This is mainly because of the new events and the tweaking to the event RNG, which should make the important events appear more frequently. At the rate we’re adding in new scenes we should be getting close to implementing free mode, since that is largely dependent on the amount of events the game currently has. We’ve gone back and added a bit more detail to the intro of the jobs. So there’s a bit of fresh content there for anyone interested. Previously in 0.8 we had overlooked the threesome scene when adding in the new blackmail content, we have corrected this. Lots of bug fixes, most noticeably the Damien Phone Loop bug. v0.9 Update card
Fixed Matt Smirk Sprite Fixed scene transitions Corrected some spelling Corrected Sprite placements including outfits "sliding in". Added more sprite expressions during some scenes. Tweaked RNG by about 5 10 % to have scenes appear more frequently. Added Credits to Shadow Council. Fixed Cafe Events skipping over Kate events Fixed an infinite loop with a phone scene Going to the clubs after the apartment scene with violet now plays correctly v0.7 Update card
Dialogue changes, this has been the primary talk for the past two months and we’ve finally fully added the feature in involving the club content. We have looked over all the events and have added extra dialogue to the majority of them depending on the personality of your character. Track (Serious, and Active), Cheer (Slutty), and Yearbook (Shy) going forward we will keep the personalities in mind for future scene allowing for a greater variety in playthroughs. Ms. Vicky has come to be a very nice addition to the game’s art, and we’ve always been working on bringing more art the best we can, and now we will be able to have 1 new addition character sprite added each month. Patrons $10+ will be the ones deciding which character gets art next. And for the month of January, we are having a special offer to the $10+ Patrons, so there’s an added bonus to becoming a senator. Bug fixes, this is one that I’ve really pushed for throughout the month, and I do believe that we have squashed all the ones that have been reported thus far. The Android version is running properly and there have been no crashes or sprite mix ups found so our fingers are crossed that 0.6 is bug free. Oh, and the day limit has been increased to 40 days. v0.5.30a
Fixed Violet overlapping bug, fixed Kate remaining on screen during car scene, fixed time progression during clubs and events with Damien, fixed a bug with tips not being received, fixed background during Violet’s visit. v0.5.30
to be added v0.4.26
Girlfriend Update v0.3.25
Added Airi to Patreon Splash Screen. Edited a few older events. Event Tweaks Bug fixes Updated Credits Edited New Events Added Violet Sprites Added new Cafe/Bakery outfits v0.3.24
Bug Fixes Added Default name if one isn’t made CG added for the Threesome scene 7 Violet events added 1 School Event involving Violet if you’ve met her or not. Added extra functionality to the ASEngine for a scene with Violet. 7 New variables added Patches to other event routes for condtionals and branches in other routes. v0.2.22
Editing and corrections Bug Fixes Added extra menu if you skip intro. (To decide if you slapped Matt or not) Tweaked event chances Added additional stat increases in certain scenes v0.2.21
Added Two new School Scenes. Added Two new outfits to the MC Added Sprites to their respective scenes. Added a new walking around scene. (If you slap Matt and Deal with the bully) Cut a bit of the ending out. Added more progression to the arcade. Two new Damien events v0.2.20
Re-defined image variables Added Lisa Sprite Added two new school events Resized all sprites to better porportions Added new dissolve transition for when sprites exit the screen Code Cleanup v0.1.18
Intro transition overhaul Increased day count to 20 days. Added New Title Screen and music Finished Base Arcade area Bug fixes Bug fixes Bug fixes Android Version created Spelling and Grammar corrections v0.1.17
Added New Walk Background New Cafe Scenes Bakery Outline created Fixed many many many bugs Added Kate to her scenes Added Splash Screen Added Icon to exe Created installer for the game New Bakery Scenes Added Dream Sequence Added Corruption meter v0.1.16
Added New Title Screen Code Overhaul and Optimization Intro editing and rewrites 2 New Matt Scenes v0.1.15
Fixed a problem with events that include buying something Added new School event Added variables for skills in the arcade Changed Fountain event to only occur once Small changes to a few walk events v0.1.14
Created Flowchart for Matt’s Event Chain Added in new cafe event. Added game options in new arcade area New plot character Damien New School event involving Damien v0.1.13
Added Hunger meter to stats Added Libido meter to stats Added food items to the shop menu to fill hunger meter Rebalanced events as to help prevent the same ones repeating in sequence. Changed postion of stat menu to open at top left Fixed image placement during the lottery event Added an arcade which you can find via walking around. Added the player image to the naming screen to help deciding with naming Implemented the new stats into the AS Engine