Warlock and Boobs [v0.335.2 Hotfix] [boobsgames]

Warlock and Boobs [v0.335.2 Hotfix] [boobsgames] Warlock and Boobs [v0.335.2 Hotfix] [boobsgames] Warlock and Boobs [v0.335.2 Hotfix] [boobsgames] Warlock and Boobs [v0.335.2 Hotfix] [boobsgames] Warlock and Boobs [v0.335.2 Hotfix] [boobsgames] Warlock and Boobs [v0.335.2 Hotfix] [boobsgames] Warlock and Boobs [v0.335.2 Hotfix] [boobsgames] Warlock and Boobs [v0.335.2 Hotfix] [boobsgames] Warlock and Boobs [v0.335.2 Hotfix] [boobsgames] Warlock and Boobs [v0.335.2 Hotfix] [boobsgames] Warlock and Boobs [v0.335.2 Hotfix] [boobsgames] Warlock and Boobs [v0.335.2 Hotfix] [boobsgames] Warlock and Boobs [v0.335.2 Hotfix] [boobsgames] Warlock and Boobs [v0.335.2 Hotfix] [boobsgames]
Krowly always wanted to learn magic, hunt for monster girls, and most of all, get laid. Help guide Krowley in fulfilling his dreams!
Thread Updated: 2020-05-13
Release Date: 2020-05-12
Developer: boobsgames PatreonTumblrGumroad (Tip Jar)
Censored: No
Version: 0.335.2 Hotfix
OS: Windows
Language: English, Russian
2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Monster girl, Adventure, Combat, Turn based combat, Futa/trans, Big tits, Big ass, Anal sex, Animated, Gay, Incest, Masturbation, Oral sex, Religion, Titfuck, Vaginal sex
: v0.335.2 New location – bandit region. To the left from the snake girls area. Includes bandit fort. Every time Krowly’s getting defeated from the bandits, they steel his gold. But then Krowly can raid the bandit fort to return his gold back.
New dungeon with bandits’ camp accessible at the hunt with Eric. (dungeon option)
New dungeon for the hunt with Eric, Jaina and Rose. The riddle at the entrance is randomised, but you have two ways to enter the dungeon. (dungeon option)
12 new items as the rewards in dungeons.
Eric, Rose and Jaina can wear accessories. Eric and Jaina can use shields. Krowly can change his weapon. Krowly can take a magic item in the left hand. Buttplug prevents Krowly from being fucked in the ass by slimes and protects him from the butt attacks from monsters during the battle. (new items aren’t visible on the character illustrations) New scenes:
Anal with Jaina in the spa Updated pictures:
Rose blowjob scene (+2 variants) New pictures:
Character illustration for Jimm, the demon anal with Jaina in the spa (+3 variants) Small things:Rose has a flirt menu with a repeatable blowjob scene now. Derek’s scene was fully translated to russian. Jill’s scene in the church was translated to russian. Snu-snu fruit now has an effect the increases arousing effect of other items and events. Lasts 3 days some old items were changed and can apear in two versions in the old saves. Just ignore it.
: v0.335.1 Kalas – Fina’s scene.@futaonmale – russian text fixes.What s new:
Easy battle mode – new cheat in the Cheat room, that can be used to enable the Easy Battle Mode. In this mode Krowly has an option to quickly win any battle.New character – goblin girl Taisha. Can be found in the goblin village. She will be impressed if yu will defeat the Cube. She doesn’t have anysex scenes yet, but we can see her naked.
Derek’s quest can be finished now with Taisha’s help
New spell for Krowly (6 level). Makes enemies attack each other. If you are already 6 level or higher – use books on the table in Krowly’s bedroom. It will update his spells.New scenes:
goblin girl blowjob (win the battle with one of goblins) You can cum on her face or in her mouth. Sex with Fina on a table (help her at the morning. Requires 50 relationship points). This scene has 4 variants. Written by Kalas
Updated pictures:
Goblin girl blowjob (+3 new variants) New pictures:
Fina on table (+19 variants) Orc cowgirl (+3 variants) Taisha naked Taisha clothed +portraitsSmall things:
A cheat in the cheat room that will make Fina’s pussy shaved in her scene on the table. Temporary thing till I’ll make something better.
Lizzy is mentioning when she is hungry is she stays in Krowly’s house
Also this month I have played the game from the start to the current finish without any cheats, and found a lot of bugs. I have fixed them, but there should be more of them It’s kinda fun to play using a gamepad v0.335 Hotfix 2
– fixes the bug with slime terror and the bug with the quest "big green" : v0.335 hotfix 1 What s new:Sebastian’t quest – the "lost delivery" quest can be finished now ^^ After starting the quest go to the goblin caves and find the goblins’ village. Or go the the Orcs’ camp first.This quest leads to the two other quest lines, with the new lab for Krowly and with the new wife for Derek. These quest lines isn’t ready yet, but we made a big step forward.Secret quest – read the attached file for info. Don’t read it if you want to avoid s.New enemies – the bandits. Butt bandit from the beginning of the game get an illustration, new tricks and a band (and a small event on the hunt). Masked bandits will be roaming around "the rocks" area. In the future they will get their own location and more events.New monster – Gelatinous cube. The battle with him can be a bit tricky. It will require the luck, or the proper preparation New locations:Orcs’ camp Goblins’ village Deep tonnels Derek’s house (reopen) Stables New pictures:Goblins caves battle background Gelatinous cube Butt bandit +portraits Masked bandit (variant) Goblin leader (variant) 3 orcs’ variants Small things:Derek was slightly updated as a character. He is now fishing at some times of the day. A few lines about his backstory were added to his house (it’s open now). And his horse get the stables.UPD: Hotfix 1 was uploaded. It fixes the bug at the beginning of the game when you lose to the succubus
Here : v0.334 Eric now has his own level of lust. When his lust level is too high he will become weaker in battles or even will be defeated automatically (when his lust is 300)In the battle Eric can be a target of the monstergirls’ lust attacks and he will gain lust form it. He is loosing lust every night or when he is fucking monstergirls with Krowly or having other sex scenes.
Krowly has several options to help Eric stay battle ready. If your "Gay scenes" switch is set to OFF in the setting menu you will see only the last two of them.It sounds simple but it required a lot of work from me xD
If everything will be working fine, I’m planning to add lust levels for Rose and Jaina too.
New event during the hunt where you can test new lust mechanic and enjoy a scene with Juliette (can be triggered only if you already meet Juliette during the hunt)New pictures:
Sex with Agneshka (+ busty Krowly variant) Agneshka’s pussy (+ cum variant) Juliette in the trap (5 variants) Lizzy’s feeding scene (4 variants) Alice topless bukakke Krowly sucking Melissa’s dick (the variant of pussyeating illustration) (+ cum variant) New scenes:
Sex with Agneshka (relationship with her should be at least 30) Juliette in the trap (during the hunt) Lizzy’s feeding scene Krowly sucking Melissa’s dick (the variant of pussyeating scene)
Updated scenes:
Anal and vaginal scenes with Carla (by Kalas) The scene with Mabel (by Kalas) Small things:
Slimes’ terror new icon Portraits for Lizzy Portraits for Agneshka Pixelart animation for Krowly fucking a slime Alice’s anal scene is now accessible during the topless friday (Now we can see her topless and covered in cum) Some events during the hunt when you choose to leave now start random event from the roser instead of "fighting slimes till the evening" : v0.333.3 What’s new:
New music: 4 new tracks by Elizabeth DarkwoodElven wood get an update.
New monsters. Orcs and Orc girls was added to the elven wood location as respawning enemies. The orcs have only one sex scene when player loose to one of them. It’s the old scene, but I have added a few more lines. Orc girl have two temporary sex scenes with no illustrations for now.Pixel sex scenes between orcs and elfes in the wood. You can encounter orc and elfes having sex. In some scenarios Krowly can only watch, in some – join. 2 scenes for now.
New battle with orcs during the hunt with Eric. Bust to the relationships with Jaina and Rose.
Iss (the drunk elf) now lives in the elven wood. You can bring her some wine and titfuck her again. It’s the part of the preparation for the quest with her,New options with Eric. Now Krowly can ask him to fuck his ass at the middle of the hunt. (same scene with slightly changed dialogues). If you do in (or blowjob scene) at the glade with Juliette, she will be enjoying the show (also she will remember this, and in the future it will lead to some more options)
Possibility for Alice to dance on the table during the topless friday. It requires at least 10 relationship points with Jaina (yes, with Jaina). Just ask Alice for the dance when she is topless.
Also it leads for Jaina to joining topless friday too ^__^.Don’t forget to take a look at Jenna when she is bathing
New, big, hot and repeatable facial scene with different variants for Fina and Astra by Kalas. Help Fina with her mail during the wednesday morning (requires relationship with Fina higher then 25)
New pictures:
Orc girl Jenna bathing Fina and Astra facial scene. (+8 variants) Updated pictures:
Orc New scenes:
Fina and Astra facial Orc girl lose (no illustrations for now) Orc girl win (no illustrations for now ) Help orc boys to facefuck a futa elf (variant of the scene with futa elf) Updated scenes:
Anal with Eric scene Anal with orc Small things:
New party dialogues by Harlekin
Monster sprite fix.
Astra’s sprite fix : v0.332 Hotfix2 Possibility to talk with party members via menu. Work in progress. The mechanic is ready but there are not much new dialogues. Sex option is working for Juliette and Eric.
First one is for asking your followers opinion about current location. Second could possible lead to the advice about the quest or situation. Most of the time their advices won’t be very useful xD And I think you get it what is third option about Busty elf is added to elven forest.
New SFX for sex scenes.
Voiceover of Monstergirls’ lust attacks by Oolay Tiger . Busty elf, Fairy, Snake girl, Succubus, Slime girl.
Relationship level and repeatable mini quest with Agnieszka. Talk to her during the day at thursday or monday.New pictures:
Battle background Forest Eric sucks (+2 variants) Krowly sucks Jaina’s dick (+1 variant) Agnieszka topless Busty elf cowgirl New scenes:
Behinde the tavern (updated) Eric blowjob scene (updated) Fina’s paizuri (variant with Juliette) Fina and Juliette Busty elf win and defeat scenes. Dick and throat massage scenes in the spa. (futa elf scenes mostly) Fina’s portrait scene + variant with Astra (small chance) A sunday sermon in the church about succubus (futa scene) Small things:
Day/night cycle for windows You can turn on or turn off the light in Krowly’s lab : v0.332.8 What’s new:
Lust now works different. When you fuck monstergirl, or monstergirl fucks you, you will lose lust, But when you let monstergirl go without sex, you will get lust points. I think this will be more logical, and add more possibilities for the future. I’m planning to continue the work on the lust system.New outfit for Krowly – black lingerie. Can be found during the hunt in the dungeons. Also you can get it in the cheat room.Juliette will follow Krowly in the village. Variants with her are added to the deepthroat and cleavagefuck scenes with Jenna. Fina will be the next one Juliette now can became an official teacher for children in the village. It will be part of some future stories.New pictures:
Plant girl pregnant variant Drunk orc variant Krowly in a lingerie (+6 variants) Alice anal (+8 variants) Lipplejob (+6 variants)
Updated pictures:
Fairies’ gangbang Priestess
New scenes:
Win scenes written by Harlekin for the monstergirls in the dungeons when Eric is in the team. Goblins, elves, pregnant lamia and four-breasted lamia. New artworks for those scenes will be added in the future.Astra visiting Krowly at night. It has a chance to be trigered when Krowly is sleaping without masturbation. Relationship with Astra should be higher then 25. Written by Jack White.Julietta+Jenna lesbian scene. No art for now, but will be added in the future. To trigger it, let Julietta look how you are titfucking Jenna and then go to Eric’s house at the next night. All Juliette+Jenna scenes are writen by BearyamaAlice’s anal scene. Has two options where to cum, with different reactions. Also there is a chance that Carla will interrupt.Lipplejob scene with Priestess and Eric. She will meet you at the Exit of Random Generated Dungeon 1.A scene in the church at sunday’s morning, where Juliette is becoming a teacher. Written by Jack White. The next scene in the church will be about Krowly’s relationships with Sister Elizabeth And Fina You can meet a pregnant plant girl during the hunt with Eric. (Very unfinished)Small things:
Icons for seeds Teleport is now working with Eric too. (Let me know if it causes bugs) Food is more effective now.
Relationships with Elizabeth Darkwood and Melissa are fixed and added to the cheat room.Lactation is fixedMassage is added to the Spa. (Honestly, this scene is just my joke. Different massage will be added soon)Slime repellent is working with small slimes at in the random genereated dungeon. Let me know is it’s still not working for some other slimes. : v0.332.5 First Random generated dungeon for the hunt with Eric. When you enter the dungeon it choose three middle sections from the 9 possible variants, so the dungeon will look different when you visit it next time (27 possible combinations, 11 different rooms).New monster-girl – busty elf. (can be met only on the hunt for now) She has no sex scenes yet.
Random rewards for the dungeons.
Small dungeon with elves for the hunt with Eric.
Ancient urn summons a ghost girl when activated.
Futa spa update. Visit it at Saturday evening.
Super small quest with Elizabeth Darkwood.
New skill for lvl5 (if your save file is old, use the books on the Krowly’s table in his bedroom)
Krowly can meditate to change the time of the day, lower the lust level, and restore some mana.
Fully grown plants on the field now gives you a chance to gather more ingredients every day.
Most likely, a lot of bugs New pictures:
Topless Jill
Busty Krowly variants for Jill’s anal scene
Back view variant for Jill’s anal scene
Juliette paizuri (+2 variants)
Elizabeth Darkwood facial scene (+ cum variant)
Naked Jaina (+ hard variant)
Variants of Krowly’s masturbation scene with EricUpdated pictures:
Krowly’s masturbation scene
New scenes:
Juliette paizuri
Elizabeth Darkwood facial
Anal with Eric
Scene with Fina and elfes is now repeatable
Scene with Melissa is now repeatable.Small things:
Agnieszka’s reaction on busty Krowly
Extended first dialogue in the tavern for Juliette (you should start a new game to see it.)
Small event with Juliette on the hunt with Eric : v0.332 What’s new:Gardening system. Gathering plants in the wild you have a chance to get specific seeds. Those seed could be planted on the field near Krowly’s house.
When you work on the field and watering the plants it’s growing. And after 4 days you will get a full grown plant with 100% chance to get the ingredient.Fixes: A bug with how the bed in Krowly’s house was changing the time of the day. Now it’s fixed, but it looks like for a long time it was a source of strange bugs and funny situation.
Futa elves are now respawning properly.
Text fixes.New pictures:
Carla paizuri (+2 variants) Carla covered in cum (+topless variant) Astra handjob (+2 variants) Jenna blowjob (+8 variants) Jill anal scene (+1 variant) Updated pictures:
A varaint of the Eric+Jaina illustration without Krowly Small fixes of the most of Astra’s illustrations New scenes:
Carla paizuri Astra handjob Jenna blowjob Jill anal scene (this scene has several additional lines in dialogues, depending on what Krowly already achived) Jaina training Eric Small things: A few more text lines for the futa elves quest and boob potion.
Change of the pixelart animation with Sebastian.
When Krowly will work on the field, he will notice his big boobs, if he has them.
Some more NPC reactions on naked Krowly. : v0.331 Hotfix What’s new:
New quest! If you finished succubus summoning quest, talk with Sebastian or Carla. New character – Elizabeth Darkwood. Slime girl scene is now animated. New "slime repellent" potion. Use it and slimes will avoid you for a while. Check the slime cave to find the recipe. You still can attack slimes. New "boobs potion". Guess what it does? Yes, Krowly now can grow boobs during gameplay, not via cheats. Use it again to get rid of boobs. Learn how to make this potion during the quest. Fixes:
ALT now used to skip dialogues instead of SHIFTNew pictures:
Fina’s gangbang; Fairy big belly variant; Cumshot panels for scenes with Carla and Juliette; Elizabeth Darkwood (+ topless variant); Derek; Agneshka; Krowly and Melissa; Krowly fucking slime (edit). Updated pictures:
Rose in the waterfall; Slime girl scene; Krowly sneak masturbation cum variants. New scenes:
Fina’s gangbang scene; (I’ll make it repeatable in the future) Krowly and Melissa; (I’ll make it repeatable in the future) Krowy fucking slime. Small things:
Lizzy now can accumulate the magic from the cum you give her. The more you feed her, the more times she can help in batltle. Feed her two times and she will help you two times till she will need to be fed again. You can pay Elizabeth Darkwood to play music for you. GILF filter in the settings menu. Small scene with Sebastian (It’s just a beginning). : v0.3309 What’s new:
Auto dash option in the settings menu (I don’t recommend to use it) Skipping dialogues by holding shift (let me know if it cause any problems) Menu "Sex statistic" Menu "Professions" "Reading of the mind" spell won’t show all the info, but while Krowly is under effect of spell he will see the level of relationship with the character he is talking with. UI improvement for Alchemy and info spells. Alchemy remade to work in a modular way . You won’t see much difference, but it will be a lot easier for me to add new potions in the future. One new potion also. Futa elves added in game world. New location "Elven forest". It’s far from being finished, but I made it accessible so you will be able to meet futa elves Now Lizzy will heal you only one time. You have to feed her, before she will heal you again. (In the future you will be able to give her more loads) Possibility to leave Lizzy at home Awesome soundtrack by Elizabeth Darkwood. 8 great tracks *_* Fixes:
In the beginning if we lose to the bandit we will not get his gold anymore. Also, Juliette will make some coments about it Huge amount of text and gameplay fixes with help of Eugene Bondarev, MaD_NeKo and many others The scene with Jill seeing Krowly’s boobs for the first time now has russian translation. New pictures:
Krowly suck futa elf’s dick (with facial variant) Lizzy titfuck cum variant (other frames were reworked too) Anal fairy cum variant Updated pictures:
Melissa (with futa variant) Carla’s sex scene (finished) (with cum and spanking variants) Alice’s scene (finished) New scenes:
Jill asking Krowly about threesome with Jaina and Eric (Author of text Jack White) When at night Jill asking Krowly to cum for her again, now it’s possible to do it. (Author of text Jack White) Eric hunting goblins at thursday (two possible results) Jenna bathing Small things:
Some characters are now making comments if Krowly is naked or has a hardon Carla will notice if Alice’s cleavage is full of cum Elf in the camp now knows how to count, so we are able to sell all the fairy dust at once. New pixelart animations Girls in the tavern got topless sprites for the topless friday : v0.3308 What’s new:
Rose is now selling her potions. (New potions included) Rose gets new battle abilities (works only in the new save) 2 small new adventures during the hunt with Eric. New monstergirls variants – pregnant snake girl and magic snake girl. These girls can be meet during the adventures with Eric. They have no unique sex scenes for now, Now, if Krowly is working in his garden he his improving his skill, and it will help to not fail harvesting the ingredient. Three levels of gardening skill – 0 (novice), 30 (apprentice), 60 (master) Fixes:
The cooking skill is now working in the russian version too New pictures:
Jill oral sex scene (+ variants) Elizabeth facial (+ variants) Carla sex scene (the picture is WIP and will be improved) Alice masturbation (the picture is WIP and will be improved) Updated pictures:
Small fixes of Krowly’s expressionsNew scenes
Jill deepthroat. The scene will bve started if you choose "chat" in the dialogue with her (at random basis). Then bring what she wants. (Relationship level should be >40) Bandit defeat scene. If you want to check this scene just start a new game and go straight to the bandit. Then lose to him Small fapping scene when Alice is masturbating Small fapping scenes when Eric and Jenna are having sex Small things
New dialogue lines for Rose and Jaina Astra will notice if there is cum on Eric’s face You can convince Jenna to join the topless friday : v0.3306 What’s new:
Basic Alchemy system. Krowly now can brew potions in his basement. 10 ingredients and 3 potions for now (check the books in the village to find the recipe of third potion). New "settings" screen which allows to change the volume of music and sounds effects, to change the language of the dialogues and to turn onoff the filter of gay scenes (and some fetishes) Huge amount of text fixes. It took a lot of time New pictures:
Busty variants of all pictures with Krowly in game (except the one with big goblin girl) Redhead variant of futa elf. Updated pictures:
Julliete’s sex scene Fina’s paizuri scene (+ variant) Krowly’s sex scene with the Orc (plus additional variants) (the scene with the bandit isn’t added yet) Krowly’s faping picture New scenes:
Krowly is fuping near the waterfall at the morning (variants for Rose and Eric) Small things:
A few reactions from NPC to Krowly’s cleavage (Derek, Sebastian and Old Man) Weapon for Krowly (New game only) Fixed look of the quests log screen Some changes in the elven camp location The chance to grow a random plant on the field The stone dragon in the tavern shows the credits New abilities for Eric. He now gets more EXP and learning even if Krowly isn’t with him : v0.3305 First animated scene. Elizabeth will reward you if you will help her to fix the church. (Relationship > 30; Lust > 100) : v0.3301 Fixed
– missed translated lines in the adventure with Jaina and Rose
– a bug with busty Krowly’s illustration getting stucked on the screen : v0.330 What’s new:
Mouse support (test) 2 new quests – “big green” and “contract (unfinished)” Adventure with Rose and Jaina for “Hunt with Eric“ system. Outfit system updates. Krowly can run around with boobs. Test. Not all illustrations have busty variants. To toggle on the boobs go to the cheet room. Knowing bugs:
Pressing F6 in the battle will lower your HPNew scenes:
Scene with Eric and Jenna Cum on Jill Jill and Krowly’s boobs Guard girl blowjob (pixelart) New pictures:
Carla POV sex (anal/vaginal) Rose naked (not added) Rose clothed Krowly with boobs (+variants) Fina naked Fina in the waterfall Fina bukakke Snake girl blowjob (+cum varaiant) Rose blowjob (+cum varaiant) Eric blowjob (+cum varaiant) Eric Jaina and Krowly threesome Futa elf Futa elf blowjob Tentacle monster Thick goblin girl Updated pictures:
Jaina topless Jill’s butt Elizabeth anal (+1 extra frame) Pixel animations:
Additional Info:
Press F5 to toggle full screen.
Press F6 to change window size.
Press W to show/hide Krowly’s picture. *** Gay content can be turned off at the beginning of the game ***