Monster Girl Island [v0.41.3] [Redamz]

Monster Girl Island [v0.41.3] [Redamz] Monster Girl Island [v0.41.3] [Redamz] Monster Girl Island [v0.41.3] [Redamz] Monster Girl Island [v0.41.3] [Redamz] Monster Girl Island [v0.41.3] [Redamz] Monster Girl Island [v0.41.3] [Redamz] Monster Girl Island [v0.41.3] [Redamz] Monster Girl Island [v0.41.3] [Redamz]
It’s a 3d adult game with an anime-inspired artstyle, featuring monster girls as the main focus. The gameplay is divided into "story mode" and "free roam". The story mode, as the name implies, consists in progressing through the story, getting to know the main girls and unveiling the mysteries of the island. Most of this in VN-like fashion. You can always leave the story for later and focus on doing whatever you want. Flirting with the girls, Obtaining new items, customization(eventually) and even finding new monster girls through the island. It’s your call.​
Thread Updated: 2019-12-09
Release Date: 2019-12-07
Developer: Redamz PatreonItch.ioTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.41.3
OS: Windows [Older build: WIn 32/64, MacOSX, Linux, VR]
Language: English
3DCG, 3D game, Animated, Adventure, Simulation, Fantasy, Monster girl, Reverse rape, Female domination, Male protagonist, Milf, Monster, Handjob, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Footjob, Titfuck
The first half of Chapter 4
Prologue v3.5.1
Many, many, many bug fixes. Added more events indicators and other hints in parts where players got stuck. Some animation improvements. Improved collisions on the village and lake (you can swim at lake now) Autosaves added. They aren’t a replacement for regular saves, just an insurance in case you forgot to save or got a crash. The game autosaves when you enter a new area and after major story events. A new ending was added. The game continues for a bit after the Ara/Shuri conversation, you can now experience the start of chapter 4 which serves as the final closure of Prologue.
Day 3
Here’s day 3 of the story. A remake of the original demo, plus quite a few new scenes.
Please note that this build doesn’t have any new lewd scenes, but it gives context and places into the story previous ones.
Some notes:
The new part of the town is unfinished, those colored rectangles forming a circle will eventually be flowers. F1 for graphical settings, they are saved now and loaded automatically for all your playthroughs If you see black, glitchy spots in your screen, disable HDR in graphical settings. Work left for prologue includes making a bunch of new items, animating a wolf mount to travel faster and adding tutorials, better save management for the user and general polishing. After that’s released it’ll be all lewd scenes for a while.
Day 2
As for new mechanics:
You can buy, sell and craft items at different shops. The inventory is not large at the moment but you can test all the mechanics with the few items there are. New inventory system. Right click to use. If one of your items has an active effect you can click it and hit the "use" button. You can hunt bugs and fish with a spear. The bugs have no use as of nw besides looking pretty in your inventory. Instead of inner monologues, Ophelia gives you a call to describe objects you interact with. During lewd scenes where you can click or hold to make the player move you can now press f1 for auto-mode. If it’s a click to move scene then the automatic speed will depend on the time interval between your 2 last clicks. You can get phone calls. Maybe you’ll be able to make calls in the future, still undecided. Dialog system now works the same in VR and non VR versions becuse it was a pain in the ass for me before. Buff system. So far there’s only some dishes that last 10 real life minutes and give you speed. Effects that didn’t make it to this build include higher chance to find resources and increased money gain. Known bugs:
Don’t save and load when Renge walks towards the bridge at 9pm.
Unless you want to miss her scene that is. There’s probably tons of ways to go out of bounds in the forest. Please do report. There’s likely a ton of typos. Time is permanently frozen after Renge’s scene. Save/load should fix it, but there’s not much to do after that scene anyway. Random stuff:
Some QoL improvements to Mako scene and the pushup animation looks less retarded now. There are not locked options anymore. Also looks prettier. Otherwise it’s the same. Skip the new scene if you are not into anal, sorry. You start with 500c (money). Because I didn’t have time to add any quests that give you money, so otherwise your only option is to sell stuff you find. I’ll send the message with the definitive build once I fix any bugs people might find. Grass disabled by default, press f5 to enable.
Day 1
Now onto this build: This is roughly 1/4 of demo 2 (Or not really, since day 4 will have 3 scenes in comparison to the 1-2 scenes of the other days). I don’t know how the length of this build compares to demo 1 (since at this point I’m godly at speedrunning it) but content wise it’s way bigger.
The performance might be bad if you have an older PC since I couldn’t optimize everything I would have liked, so sorry about that! I’ll try to upload a revision later on that runs better.
New stuff:
Stuff that you don’t care about:
The town. Still in a fairly green state but at least usable. Yes some buildings are clearly unfinished, sorry about that. Time system. Time doesn’t flow constantly because that’s too heavy on performance but at different points thorough the day the lighting/sun position/etc is updated. Time events. Events that happen at certain time. Updated save system. a lot more parameters are saved now and the bugs of demo 1 should be gone. Still not finished though. A lot of updates to the dialogue system as well as new form of dialogue that’s more suited for conversations with multiple girls at the same time. Grass(DX11 only). You can enable/disable it with f5 if you are getting low framerate. More stuff I probably forgot Stuff that you may care about:
You now have a smartphone. You can use it to see the time or, if holding left click, to accelerate the time. Upgraded physicson hair, etc. Most notably you can grab "stuff" in the lewd scene. Ara has a new hairstyle You can see Ophelia naked. Like naked for real. Ara’s and Faranne’s houses (Faranne’s fairly unfinished though).
Ugly stuff: Unfinished animations and rushed dialogue. Sorry about that! There may be grass growing on rocks, etc. I have to basically place it by hand so yeah… Tips:
If you feel like you can’t do anything else (protip: there’s always something to do, if not there’s an automatic timeskip) you can accelerate time with your smartphone for new events to pop up. There’s tons of branching. You will not see everything in 1 playthrough. You will miss a scene regardless of what you do. There is 1 lewd scene and 1 non lewd scene. Red choices are a thing The crab is not a lie You may find cool but irrelevant stuff if you try really hard. Known bugs:
The signs that pops up when you enter a new area is not working. This build doesn’t contain the Lake, Forest or Adeline’s house areas so that causes the sign system to break. DON’T CLICK THE BENCHES.I made those a long time ago back when the town was completely different from how it’s now. At some point the system that allowed you to sit on them broke. If you click them you will be unable to move so you will be forced to quit the game. If you Save and Load after Ophelia "changes her clothes" she will be back to her original appearance. This is because I haven’t officially implemented a clothing system yet so there’s no way to save the changes. There was a bug that would cause an early scene to pop up in place of the lewd scene. I think it’s fixed but there’s a possibility it’s not. The scene change relies on the save system and I don’t trust my save system a 100% at the moment so beware. There’s no icons when scrolling for items. You will have to try 1 by 1.Sorry about that, I’m in process of updating the inventory system. After you lose an item, if it was you active item your hand will be empty after right clicking. Just scroll the mouse wheel to change to change item. Eyes going crazy when fast movement happens. Need to tune the algorithm. TL;DR
left click when using phone to accelerate time f5 to disable/enable grass if you want more fps. don’t sit on benches
Added Fuyuko build