Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma]

Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma] Threshold Road [v0.21] [Absent.Dogma]
Here you will see the story of a journalist who came to interview the leader of a secluded sect far from the city. All her expectations can be a great fallacy during the gameplay. I suggest you get the first experience of being in this world. Don’t be swallowed by fog entirely…

Thread Updated: 2020-04-09
Release Date: 2019-04-07
Developer: Absent.Dogma | Patreon | Twitter | YouTube
Censored: No
Version: 0.21
OS: Windows (x64)
Language: English
Genre: 3d game, 3d, multiple endings, female protagonist, anal sex, bdsm, bukkake, creampie, group sex, groping, humiliation, interracial, vaginal sex, adventure, oral sex, horror, monster, rape, slave, guro
Features:System of moving in combat was slightly changed. Physical asset of main character was improved. SaveLoad system put into operation. 4R Gallery room + new Rooms "reach" idea. Lighting was rebuild for each level besides first one (I think it’s acceptable). Bugs fixed:Screen aspect ratio was fixed and must works good on every common screen size. Shaders stability – now “dark” textures shouldn’t appear (some players comments). 1,2,3,4 buttons were rebind therefore it must solve problem some users had (NUM-keyboard works too). Gallery "Reset" and "Focus" buttons were collapsing with others. Now they aren’t. Issue with too pale Sasha’s face made by torch light now is fixed. Tons of tiny things like overlapping letters, unproductive code, even typos from dialog in 2nd level (Church) etc. Weak points:Performance. It is striking. Professionals do it through "Streaming level system" or so (depending on source; more detailed we can discuss it in Discord "dev discussion" or in PM on Patreon or F95). Painstaking work. I’ll try to do something with it in future. I need more time to learn. Materials and objects. I guess 95% of stuff were made by me. So… It’s funny, but I really feel that spending too much time for each "whatever chair" would delay this post to month or so. I’m ashamed for that. Try to avoid any objects, please! I’m just joking. But you got the point. "Where are H scenes"? I know a few good "gallery-type games" with no plot but smooth animation. But that balance it’s not about this project. Plot must be developed to make an effect to player (like that lovely old-fashion Hentai RPG). If speak briefly, for this time this opinion stops to have a point. P.S. about bugs:My opinion is that if anyone got an issue with something technical kind I must to make sure that’s not from my side. Even if I couldn’t find anything I always try to improve system. It might be a helpful for players. Write me if you’ll find something buggy or questionable, I’ll do my best!
New Level: Hollow Plateau. (But actually three, just two of them have been remeshed). Fighting system. Primitive, but you might find something sweet in it (In future will be polished anyway). New display for weapon. Gallery room 3L – not a grand playground, but correlate with the plot. Fancy knife to cut and to be cut. Four new personalities. Just check it out. Exposure change slider (F95 user’s interest). It isn’t the same that brightness. But world isn’t the Disneyland. Over 15 minutes written dialogs. Cloth damage in "current events". Materials for previous models. Many animations for each character in game. New music accompaniment for many cases. Rather even pieces of music. New particles like blood and fog f.e. The people you met and things you did are always be in your story memory (but not actualy not for future, because save option is missing, make a chaos or whatever, no consequences). Walkthrough. Changes and fixes:Almost all animations for Sasha Slightly changed Sasha’s body and face. Stable 60 fps on "High" definition (GPU: GTX1070; CPU: i7-7700HQ). Light on locations. Many tiny things, even serious bugs (You should be ashamed that you haven’t told me ealier ) Earlier I pointed out that performance increaced by working with bitmaps. 5 FPS to Gryffindor. Where did I (probably) miss:Light and shadows on new location is too dark (it’s about lightmap res if you get it). Single render pass for try in "preview" quality takes about 40 min. You can only guess how much times I saw "blue death screen" be deciding to go surfing the Internet. Too much unperfect code. HUGE ARRAYS. I was cleaning it up so now it look more picturesque. But then… Somewhere else, like bugs might appear everywhere. And I would be glad if you point me where they are hiding. Good english. I have been missing for a long time for that. And still I guess. But I was using all the means to make dialogs more natural (special translate websites). What’s coming next:Plot is the main thing. "Real" loading screens. Save and load. New location. New character. OLD VERSIONS
v.1 Hotfix:
-Scalability and screen settings changed.
-Added a custom size window to set your resolution manually (upon request).
-Some foliage optimization implemented.
-Added new settings button to set your graphics on "Med" level.
-As result average fps in "Epic" is 30, in "High" is 42 (without Heigh fog) and 75 in "Med" (standart restriction when game started is 60fps).
-Few blueprint changes to widgets in Gallery, Menu and Main Level.v.2 Hotfix:
Construction (performance) fixes:

-Work with dynamicstatic shadows done.
-Volumetric fog reworked due to ligting model changed:
(no more outside on huge maps, in future I’ll try again experiments with Light shafts and IES profiles to make performace acceptable)
-Lightmap and LODs over than 349 foliage and static models have been changed.
-Culling distance edited more precisely.Gameplay fixes:
-Dialogs partially changed.
-Breed is no more lagging next to the Red Line.
-Sequences (in-game cinematics) time changed.
-Widgets fixed a bit with they appearingdisappearing.v.3 Hotfix:
Construction (performance) fixes:
-Paticles resolution decreased, visibility borders changed.Gameplay fixes:

-When leaving the Hunchback’s radius of view, his animation has no bugs anymore.
-Second Breeder obtained his own monolog.
-Breeder’s clothes were redesigned (Brand new gloves from Milano to Breeders and coat material fixed).
-Bug with "They are seeking" with incorrect radius fixed.
-Light and reflections re-baked.
-Some other text have been fixed.Conclusion:
Statics – more, dynamics – less.
Light resolution – less.
However, details haven’t suffered much.
FPS have grown several times (55fps average on Epic). I think it was worth it.
Nothing was deleted, only sligtly changed.v0.11
Gameplay and Appearance changes:

Added a new level – the Church. Room 3R in the gallery. I added oscillators to the sounds – now each “exclamation” has a random frequency within adjusted limits. More correspond head turns by NPC and Sasha. From now places and people you met are influences on options in dialogs. (meet HB f.e.) Unidentifiable miscellaneous you might find yourself.
HUD, widgets and visual changes:
Clothes and skin material settings were changed for Breeder and Sasha. All widgets were remade (on the first level, some dialogs are added and rewritten) Added widgets with emotions during the dialogue. The visibility of trees and other objects at a distance has been adjusted. Fixed several bugs: Incorrect animation position if Sasha does not move after defeating the first breeder and the second catches up with her. Automatic incorrect word wrap in widgets, which led to the appearance of a slider in length and width. Typos (now new typos instead of old ones for sure ).