Kung-Fu Girl [v1.0.6~U] [Koooon Soft]

Kung-Fu Girl [v1.0.6~U] [Koooon Soft] Kung-Fu Girl [v1.0.6~U] [Koooon Soft] Kung-Fu Girl [v1.0.6~U] [Koooon Soft] Kung-Fu Girl [v1.0.6~U] [Koooon Soft] Kung-Fu Girl [v1.0.6~U] [Koooon Soft]
The classic erotic side scrolling action game such as Shinobi Girl, Witch Girl or Angel Girl.Battle to the goal as the heroine, attack and use "masturbation" moves as you fight your way through waves of enemies!
32 different animations with 16 different enemies
1 game over screen
1 masturbation animationUpdates are planned for upwards of a year, so stay tuned!Clearing all 6 stages gives access to gallery mode, hell mode, stage select, debug mode and more.
But worry, I’m providing you some codes to "enjoy" the contents right away, although I suggest you to play the game.Includes voices, sound effects, and BGM.​
Updated: 2020/04/30
Developer/Publisher: Koooon Soft
Censorship: ~uncensored ; at the moment you have to remove it manually (it is easy, guide below), later I’ll upload the uncensored version
Version: v1.0.6~U
OS: Windows
Language: Japanese (Waiting for the game to be finished for ENG version)
ROR, side-scroller, female protagonist, tentacle, rape, masturbation, monster, game over scenes, gallery available, customizable protagonist, egg spawning (optional), pissing (optional), internal view (optional).
||The following change-logs are machine-translated from japanese||
2020/06/05 ver1.06:
-Semen started to adhere after the scene of being killed.
-Undressing lock is now applied in Naked Mode. Take off only the part that is not locked.
-Adjusted how to take damage in the manhole A scene.
-Fixed that Ready GO! At the start of the stage appeared every time you posed.
-Fixed the jump of Kyung Si ♀ while climaxing due to masturbation.
-Fixed that the password list in the gallery does not disappear even if the button is pressed.
-Fixed the problem that two bosses would be left if you give up the escape in the Onimusume game.
-Fixed some other problems.
2020/4/23 ver1.05b:
-There were some parts that could not be changed, so we fixed it.
2020/4/22 ver1.05:
-Added color import / export function in color edit.
-Added the function to automatically set the center point when enlarging in the gallery.
-Added a hidden button for the transparent penis in Kyungsi ♂♀ 3P cowgirl.
-Added a button to undress Oni Musume in the Oni Musume hit scene.
-Use of bombs when escaping will now affect all enemies.
-If the order of undressing is random, the costume will always be destroyed after it has been half destroyed.
・ You can now summon undressing eyeballs in debug mode.
-Other various bugs have been fixed.
2020/4/11 ver1.04:
-Fixed the problem that unnecessary buttons were displayed on the screen after clearing.
-In the gallery, I tried to make it possible to move the camera after enlargement with Ctrl and cursor.
-Fixed a bug in the expansion tool for summoned Kyungshi ♀ and Oniko in the gallery.
2020/4/10 ver1.03:
-Corrected a mistake in the text in How to play.
-You can now pose in the game over scene.
2020/4/9 ver1.02:
-Fixed a bug where summoned Oniko and Kyonshies did not stop in the gallery.
-Fixed the bug that the tracking tentacles did not stop even when posing.
・ Other minor adjustments have been made.
2020/4/8 ver1.01:
-Fixed a bug that the hit judgment of the enemy does not disappear when hit by the climax and hits continuously.
-Fixed the problem that the animation before medium was not displayed normally in the scene B of the boss.
-Fixed a problem in processing after escape due to a 3rd hit with Elite Kyonsea ♂♀.
-When you read the save file of the trial version, I found a bug that becomes inoperable when hit by an enemy attack. I couldn’t fix it with the fix, so I created a save file different from the trial version.
-Fixed a problem with opening conditions such as gallery mode.
2019/04/30 ver1.00: Implements sectional view, balloon, egg laying down and difficulty change
2019/03/30 ver 0.95: Addition of prologue and standing picture.
2019/01/28 ver0.90: Added game over and background music. Change the background of the stage.
2018/08/31 ver0.80: Voice has been added to the main character.
2018/07/31 ver0.70: Added attack B of enemy 2 and enemy 3.
2018/07/03 ver0.61: Fixed a bug in Mini Gyeongsi Buried B. Facial expressions of each scene are also subtly changed.
2018/06/30 ver. 0.60: Add Mini Gyeongsi Ya Bare B, implement manual undressing with H key etc.
2018/05/31 ver0.51: Fixed bug that breast milk was not correctly displayed. Adjust the facial expressions of snakes.
2018/05/30 ver0.50: Gallery, HowtoPlay implemented. Added scratch scene skipping function.
2018/05/06 ver0.41: Mac projector bundled. Bug fixes.
2018/04/30 ver0.40: Added "Muscle Gyeongsea". I added one kind of flesh.
2018/04/02 ver0.31: Fixed a problem. Also added option and color change initialization button.
2018/03/31 ver0.30: "Green Snake" added. I added one kind of flesh.
2018/01/25 ver0.21: pubic hair, color change preservation function, undressing order designation Yesterday, other sobal update.
2018/01/10 ver0.20: Added one enemy scene and one scene and down. I tried my best with breast milk and juice.
2017/12/01 ver0.10b: It is only adjustment of running motion and correction of trouble.
2017/10/28 ver.0.10: Implemented title, UI, basic motion.
2017/05/18 I made a color picker.
2017/02/02 Updated as a test of color change. In addition, clicking on the body will react a bit.
2017/01/04 Production started. Initial test release.
How to remove censorship (easy):
Open the "data" folder and delete/rename the file called "system_1.swf"
: PASSWORD CODES Gallery mode open: 2525
No Damage: 7777
Infinite Boom: 5963Unlock everything: fight