Tale Of Eros [Ch. 5+] [Alorth]

Tale Of Eros [Ch. 5+] [Alorth] Tale Of Eros [Ch. 5+] [Alorth] Tale Of Eros [Ch. 5+] [Alorth] Tale Of Eros [Ch. 5+] [Alorth] Tale Of Eros [Ch. 5+] [Alorth] Tale Of Eros [Ch. 5+] [Alorth] Tale Of Eros [Ch. 5+] [Alorth] Tale Of Eros [Ch. 5+] [Alorth] Tale Of Eros [Ch. 5+] [Alorth] Tale Of Eros [Ch. 5+] [Alorth] Tale Of Eros [Ch. 5+] [Alorth] Tale Of Eros [Ch. 5+] [Alorth]
A fallen god has to live with an innocent angel and a very lewd demon, while he struggles to keep his desires at bay
Thread Updated: 2019-11-02
Release Date: 2019-11-01
Developer: Alorth Patreon Discord
Censored: No
Version: Ch. 5+
OS: Windows, Mac, linux, Android
Language: English
Prequel: Lilith&Gabriel
Other Games: NoraLive2D
3DCG, Kinetic novel, Male protagonist, Incest, Fantasy, Religion, Masturbation, Handjob, Thigh Job, Seduction, Story Rich, Oral sex, Paranormal, Lactation, Vaginal sex, Cunnilingus, Twins, Blowjob, Anal.
Added +8 renders.
Added +2 Animations (2×1)
Grammar Fixes
Music Clip Polishing Ch.5
Added +40 renders
Added music clip Ch.4
Added +35 new renders.
Added +5 new animations, (2×1/ 3×1) CH.3.5
Added +59 new renders.
Added +4 new animations (4 one scene) Ch.3.1
Added android version, tested and verified.
Ps: Android version animations take a bit to load depending on your phone.
Fixed problem were game extracts into old folders and leaving old game files causing bugs, making ch3 not playable for some players. Ch.3
Added +74 renders (total of 204 renders)
Added +4 animations( 1 one scene, 3 on other scene.
Upgraded render graphics of Ch3
Ch3 written with Punk777
Ch1 and Ch2 partially rewritten by Punk777
Added Music in some parts of Ch3
Added trailer at start to show my next game Ch. 2
Changed Image format reducing game size by 1/4 but mantaining quality.
Smoother Animations with more frames per second.
English was corrected by a English guy that drinks tea and has a English uni degree, so lets hope it is good now.
Removed Choices, now it’s really a Tale
Reworked story to make it more interesting and more appealing.
Ch1 added better renders and more content.
Reworked every render of the game with Photoshop
Ch. 1
Changed Engine from tyranobuilder to Ren’py
Game is Completelly new, all renders new, gameplay new, everything new, its like a new game, only the story remains.
Characters and places are remade.
Added Mythic RealmMain Patch:
Added more info for players when game starts
Changed the map to a little better one
Added Fishing Minigame
Added some more scenes
Added stats content
Added simple Inventory (temporary)
Added new map
Bug fixesMythic Realm Patch:
Added Portals and new locations
Added Live2D
Added Nora Model with Animations and interactions.
Added Effects and interface
Added Stats
Rescaled live2model from 4000/2000 to 1000 to correct blur bug.
Fixed backgrounds displaying wrong.
Added Help button so players can click to get info about how mythic realm works.
Bug Fixes
Added love points
Added skill points
Added a different color font for each character speech.
Reerendered and changed some scenes.
Now you only name the protagonist.
Added patching compatibility.
Added new and better interface.
Added more content.
Added Astro Shooter minigame for testing.
Working on the cafe now provides a skill point when succesfull.
Made the game more smooth.
Reduced quantity of button images, making more single ones to reduce file size a bit.
Removed Khady character and location.
New characters:
SaraKateMicheleMichele’s Mom SusanNeighbour KhadyEvents:
Bedroom-1Shower-1cafe-1Animation events:Kate-1Interface:
Map (expands with the updates)Day and night cycle.Day of the week cycle.Interface skin with money and time count.Menu, load and save skinClickable doors with hover effect.Location Arrows with hover effect.Sound:
Added music and sound effects.Bug correction:
Menu button appearing right at startDoors and buttons being out of position after changing resolutionTime and day cycle not updating automaticallyEvents not working correctly with variables.And a lot more, but most important the game is stable.Help With Compressed Version:
Compression reduces image/animation/audio quality
This is not a perfect process and can break a game
If images won’t load/show outside of the game,