Ria [11.01.2019] [megainformatic]

Ria [11.01.2019] [megainformatic] Ria [11.01.2019] [megainformatic] Ria [11.01.2019] [megainformatic] Ria [11.01.2019] [megainformatic] Ria [11.01.2019] [megainformatic] Ria [11.01.2019] [megainformatic] Ria [11.01.2019] [megainformatic]
Ria comes to a strange big city, to her aunt Casey.
She will study at the University of Robotics.
And from the very beginning unusual things begin.
For example, she will see a pink butterfly at the entrance to the cafe near the station.
Then you will find out for yourself.
This is the Ria story.
She came from another city.
In the new city, her aunt lives.
Like an open book, she will read herself.
To learn about yourself is something new.
Difficulties of getting used to a new place and new life.
The truth is Aunt Casey and she is always ready to help.
Ria will plunge into the whirlpool of a big city, big things, problems, but also great opportunities.Learn about yourself and your hidden abilities and talents.Yes, too many secrets and mysteries. But as they say, get to know yourself and learn a lot of new things.
Thread Updated: 2019-11-29
Release Date: 2019-11-01
Developer/Publisher: megainformatic / Ria PC game
Version: 01-11-2019
Engine: Fle game engine
OS: Windows
Language: English / Russian
2dcg adventure fantasy female protagonist point & click romance sci-fi vaginal sex
Complete version of game 11.01.2019 released.
New release – not sure whats new?