Intimate Brothel [v0.7.1] [Modzso]

Intimate Brothel [v0.7.1] [Modzso] Intimate Brothel [v0.7.1] [Modzso] Intimate Brothel [v0.7.1] [Modzso] Intimate Brothel [v0.7.1] [Modzso] Intimate Brothel [v0.7.1] [Modzso]
An adult game with minimal story. Concentrates on other things
: Games Info #1 Intimate Brothel:
(+18 Story, SimDate / Simlife brothel game) You born in a distant province, and when you become 18 you you headed to the capitol the try your luck, but your money almost run out in a small province called Woodville. So you have to decide how you collect the needed money so that you can continue to travel to the capitol.
It’s up to you how to collect the money you need, with adventure or in some other way."
Thread Updated: 2019-07-20
Release Date: 2019-07-15
Developer/Publisher: Modzso PatreonDeviantartF95zone
Censorship: None
Version: 0.7.1
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
2DCG, Female protagonist, Adventure, Turn based Combat
– A new tattoo has been added – this was already in the previous update, but forgot to mention it.
– Added the first part of the new MC selection screen for the opening – Unfortunately, right now none of the other two protagonist can be chosen
– When leaving the Mc’s house, added a Back option to get back to the house – So player don’t have to leave the house to get back inside it again from the towns map
– Added the first few part of the tentacle monsters adult "actions" – You have to read the book in the library to get the menu options to work, and of course the purity have to bellow 0. All monster clients uses the same animation at the moment! A few of this have a little part of its own colored animation.
– Working tentacle pregnancy – with a basic birth animation
– Added Forest Temple background, and a few more places there. – Player can unlock all of it through succubus relationship
– Added the Succubus npc as the owner of the Forest Temple -You can increase relationship with the Succubus through talking with her. (once a day) After a certain level she will give you a quest to collect something for her for a special event. (this event can not be started right now!)
And a few little changes here and there so definitely there could be some bugs and misspellings in the game.
I can’t promise that the old saved games gonna work fine with this version!v0.7
– Added the "Cheat Option" – to the preferences right side – to activate or deactivate the cheat menu, so you don’t need to do the RenPy console changing thingy in the future.
You can find the cheat option on the left side of the room… I think it can’t be missed.
!WARNING! There is a Developer Menu option too! I suggest not to mess with that! It may crash the game. !WARNING!
– New background for the main room in the house.
– Background added for mine – inside and out side –
– Background added for Fairies Temple
– New potion for increase your max energy – you can get it from the Fairy at the Fairies Temple – if you have enough relation with her (: 200)
– Added and option to talk with the Fairy – which increase relation with her – but you need to read the fairies language book #2 to activate that option
For a few resources – which are in the game already but it was useless… and no I wont it which ones are those… – you can do it for unlimited times.
– The menu in the house are gone. – Mostly – I hope this is be better then the old one.
– The side room menu is gone. – Mostly – I hope this is be better then the old one.
– The wardrobe is moved from the side room to the main room! So no need to get side room key for change clothes.
– The MC’s Statistics pages are changed. – we increased its size a little bit –
– Clients info window changed, because to get ready to add new kind of likes and dislikes.
– Added: Character Generation Part#1, it may even change in the future so not final
– Added blinking animation for a few characters, to be a bit more lifelike? – Will add the rest in the future -I can’t promise that the old saved games works with this version!v0.6.0 fixed
Removed developer menuv0.6.0
General Changes:
Every night if there is semen in MC’s pussy, it will only drop by 3 with every sleep. It will no longer reset to zero after sleep!Desire: This is also necessary to do sexual things, you can increase it with Female Viagra bought from the shop. Or decent sexual activities like: Breast touch, Dearness with breasts, Pussy massage, and of course the downstairs molestation event. This number wont reset after sleep so it preserves its value
Every night if Desire reach 200 or goes over it, you can do masturbation to reset it to: 0 – without animation right now, and there will be different options in the future. – You can decide it if it is worth it to do.Purity: You have to reduce it. If Purity hits 0 – or falls below it – MC will gain +10 Desire every night after sleep.
SexLv.: Will give you a small amount of bonus – depends on the level of course – at the end of every sexual activity (male/female does not matter)
OralLV.: Will give you a small amount of bonus – depends on the level of course – at the end of every oral activity (male/female does not matter)Stat window changes:
In stat window, at the 2nd page from now shows how many milk you can collect form your breast. – After you get pregnant, your breast start to produce milk till you give birth to the child -In stat window, at the 2nd page from now the "shots" shows how much semen is in your pussy. – from now you know how much semen left in your pussy even if MC is pregnant and the semen is not showing up in stat window –Forest:
Background finally added.
Every time you look for wood, there is a chance to meet something new! – This is just a simple encounter, there is no way to do anything with "it" yet –House:
House menu is redone. – There is a Use Item menu where you can use items from inventory. It is also indicate that how many you have in your inventory from that item.
You can collect Semen from your pussy if you have an empty bottle in your inventory. – and semen in MC’s pussy of course. And yes, the bottle can hold more than 1 loads of semen so it wont work if you don’t have enough semen in the pussy –
You can collect Milk from your breasts if you have empty bottle in your inventory. – and have milk in your breasts –Side Room:
Menu are redone.
You can deposite / pick up Bottle of Semen and Bottle of Milk here.
You can get information here of your deposited items.Tavern upstairs:
Male clients menu is redone. – or upgraded a bit – Now shows how much desire is needed for an activity, and how much you have: ( 20 / 100 ) – first is what needed, the second what you have.
If the majority gonna like it, I will also change the female clients menu something like that. If nobody likes this, I’ll get it back to the simpler version.
There is also an indicator which gonna show you which activity will give you Desire -Like: ( D: +20) – and also this wont costs you any energy, so you can build up your Desire level for future use. – With female clients it doesn’t matter to give or get the action for Desire! –Temple:
Menu are changed a bit.
You can sell Bottle of Milk here for a little money.Library:
Added a few new books to reduce Purity and increase Desire level.
General Adult Books – reading them will increase your Desire and reduce Purity.
Two books for reduce Purity way bigger than the General Adult Books does – and of course to get a little Desire too – but it has a limited number of use! And of course these books will have some other purpose in the future so use them wisely!Blacksmith:
The blacksmith is changed her race, and she is now part of the Goblins.Items added:
Empty Bottle – can be bought in the shop
Female Viagra – can be bought in the shopBottle of Semen – no use right now
Bottle of Milk – can sold in the Templev0.5.7
The update:
First of all here comes what many people might have wanted:- Cheat mode implemented – change the variable cheat_mode_on 0 to 1 in console (cheat_mode_on = 1) and a cheat menu will appear in the house. You can get energy and money there.
Use this at your own risk! Anything could happen if you give to many energy or money to yourself!Other changes:
– Tattoos added to the shop to buy – I don’t get it why it was left out…- After each sexual event, semen appears in the vagina on the stat screen.
Right now it will disappears only at the next day after the sleep. – Maybe there will be another method to wash it out during the day, and maybe the presence of the semen in the womb may cause other
difficulties / problems in the near future.
This semen will only appear when MC is NOT pregnant! If she is pregnant, then it will NOT appear! – maybe it will in the future if needed — Mining are redone (mostly for balancing changes):
– The gem mining is now only costs 20 energy, and gives you a random 1-3 gems each time you do it. (higher the mining is, the more precious gemstone you can also get)
(Finding nothing is also an option, which also comes in a cost of 20 energy!)
– The ore mining is now only costs 20 energy, and gives you a random 1-3 ore each time you do it.
(Finding nothing is also an option, which also comes in a cost of 20 energy!)
– Lumbering in the forest costs 20 energy, and gives you a random 1-3 lumber each time you do it. – of course after your gathering skill reaches 1 –
(Finding nothing is also an option, which also comes in a cost of 20 energy!)- Increase strength in mine now cost only 20 energy too.- Blacksmith:
You can sell your unused wood and ore here – for 10g each – after you got your basic equipment. – In the absence of it, the blacksmith will still NOT talk with you! –
Later maybe the blacksmith will get her own better looking selling window too.- Library:
Reading books now increase your Int stat. – for future use -p.s.: I do not think old saves gonna work!v0.5.5a
Bugs fixed:
– You can take the Fairy package from the beginning of the game but you can not delivery to her.
– You can not do anything with the books in the libraryv0.5.5
– Blacksmith is added. You can ask the blacksmith to upgrade your equipment – after you get it – with minerals from the mine, and wood from the forest.
This is a preparing for the dungeon crawling part.
– Library is added. Here you can look for some books to open a few opportunities right now. – you have to meet with a tentacle monster and the Fairy at the Fairies Temple first to open it in the town hall after you talked with the Mayor.
You can learn fairies language here so you can talk with the Fairy at the Fairies Temple.
You can look after in books how to do something with monsters – right now will do NOTHING, because monster sex options are not in game right now! — Fairies Temple is added. Now you can talk with her – after you completely read the Fairies Language book #1 – and do some quests to increase relationship so you can buy green panties at the shop.v0.5.0
Bugs fixed:
– Liz berries quests now show the correct berries name in the text
– In the shop, the gem selling now works fine
– In the mines the text is now in the right place
Small changes:
– Patreon updated
– Main screen gained version number
– The client selection upstairs in the tavern gained a new selection method, maybe this will give an equal client distribution
New things:
– New Text UI
– Shops (Tavern and Shop) buy/sell menu gained also a little update- New option to buy clothes in the shop (Not the final version, could change in the future!)- Possibility to open up the side room (At the mayor for gold coins)
– Side room:
– Wardrobe to change clothes. (what you bought in the shop) I want to mention that, some of the clothes can generate strange look, when they are equipped at once
– Servant (a faerie or a neko) who take care of your babies (You can change them at the Mayor)
– You can check on your babies (atm not much, just how many babies you got from each species)- Pregnancy first part is in (You can get pregnant from human male clients)
– If you get pregnant (depends on pregnancy chance) your weight loss is dramatically increase! (with human baby it rises to: 0,4/day with monsters: 0,5/day)
So you need to eat more often and more "bigger" to maintain your weight
– Human baby born after 30 game days, monsters will born after 21 game days
– In stat window the uterus image changes as the baby grows
– Birth animation (first part)
– If you don’t have side room, your baby is taken away by the priestess
– Temple is open
– You can have abortion here for a few gold coins
– You can hmm… leave your babies here for a little moneyv0.3.6b
Small bug fixing:
– Exception error every time PC talks.v0.3.6a
Small bug fixing:
– Tavern food buying did not workv0.3.6
Small bug fixing:
– Fixed the general store potion buying errorv0.3.5
Update 2018.07.14 changes:
The statistics page 3 gained a few new relations On statistics page 2 month changed to days (for later use of pregnancy) The monthly tax is raised to 1000 gold coins (planning to make a variable monthly tax) Credits page Patreon part is updated (with the active Patreons) General Store
– Liz can give you quests, to gain relationship with her (You can do this until you reach 100 relationship)
– Added the possibility to buy panties (At the moment only the white one has the opportunity to buy. The possibility of unlocking others will come soon)
– Added choice menu for possibility to buy other clothes like tops and bottoms. !Attention! These menus are disabled at the moment!
– Added the possibility to buy 3 medicines
Contraceptive drug (prevents pregnancy – pregnancy chance become 0%- only possible to take before going to bed!) Ovulation drug (helps pregnancy – pregnancy chance become 100% – you can take it in your room at any time. More than one is unnecessary to take) Fairy sake (Immediately turns your genital organs back to its virginal state) Tavern
– Bettie can give you quests to gain relationship with her (You can do this untill you reach 100 relationship)
– 4 new female clients (with their own likes and dislikes)
– 4 new male client (with their own likes and dislikes. Their looks may will change in the future)
– 5 new monster client (you can not do anything with them right now)
– Male client sex animation gained its 2nd part. (The final part – the pregnancy – will come soon!)
– With female clients you now have the possibility to choose between "to give" or "to get" the chosen activity
– Female clients gained their new possibility to lick "something".
– If you waiting for clients and nobody comes, there are no more energy deductionv0.2.5
– New credits. – not a final version, we’re still working on it.
– Patreons are updated – at the moment with active Patreons.
– Client male(s) gained a new what he likes: The color of the panties.
– Client female(s) gained a new what she likes: Give/Get pleasure.
– Female client(s) first act. – search for the dearness in the other option – At the moment it is only when you do it. Next update there will be a choice about you are going to do it, or client do it. – because as I mentioned above about the give/get thing
– Male client(s) first sex interact is in now. – animation can still change a bit – And this is not the final version, because it will receive a few more scenes, and some choice options maybe.
– Male client(s) Other options are now complete. The new action – massage – will gain choice about what type of color panties you gonna use – you have to buy it in the shop, and there will be some surprise then in the end – This will come in the next update. – I hope so –
– Vagina status is now in use. The more you have sex, the more your pussy get ruined. Later you have the chance to turn your "used" pussy back to virgin state. "Used" pussy may have some effect on some things in the future.Bug fix:
– When you worked downstairs – or upstairs – you did not have the opportunity to work on the other place anymore.v0.2.0
– Game texts are now skippable again
– Opening is skippable
– Texts are pulled tighter
– The extra events payment on the ground floor – in the serving – is reduced
– Most animations have received the opportunity to re-run the animation again and again.
– Upstairs gained its almost final version. Only minor changes possible in the future. (Such as an extended menu system)
– Upstairs clients have also appeared. At the moment one male and one female may appear. There is only two possible choices with the male and – sadly – you can not do anything with the female client right now. The first possible actions with the female client will come in the next update. Of course more variations of the clients will come in the next update too.
– Upstairs clients have a like and dislike info in their menu when they appear. ( This may be to be moved elsewhere in the future) This is the influence of how much he/she will pay for you after you send him/her away.
– Energy is now used for the upstairs work. In the future you will have the opportunity to increase your energy.