Queen Hunt – Queen's Blade Parody [Pabisshu]

Queen Hunt - Queen's Blade Parody [Pabisshu] Queen Hunt - Queen's Blade Parody [Pabisshu] Queen Hunt - Queen's Blade Parody [Pabisshu] Queen Hunt - Queen's Blade Parody [Pabisshu]


A click-action game featuring Reina and Listy from Queen’s Blade. Each girl has 4 scenes (8 in total). You can change settings of clothing and tease them in various situations and with various methods. This game involves you abusing 2 girls from while impersonating some kind of blob with tentacles. More options are made available when you get the pleasure bar full. This game is the uncensored and traslated version of Pabisshu’s flash.​
Updated: 20/01/2010
Developer/Publisher: Pabisshu (DLsite Profile)
Censorship: Uncensored
OS: Windows
Language: English (most of it), Japanese (you can guess the text in commands)
click-action game, fantasy, tentacle, anal and vaginal sex, tentacles, slime, undressing, futanari, creampie, rape, big breasts, animated, milking, parody (queen’s blade)
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Queen Hunt.swf" or "Queen Hunt.exe" to start playing.
Guide to the scenes:
Thanks to Streeter
Scene one
After unlocking the needles use them on an area 10 times to increase it. Increase breast and areola size only for nipplefuck, increase nipple size for dicknipples. Either will unlock the third menu option.
Scene two
Nothing really, there is an area on the thigh that lets you rub her before she spreads her legs.
Scene three
Peeing will be different if she is wearing underwear.
Scene four
A bug with the enema causing an orgasm can make vaginal actions not work.
Clicking the anal beads a few times makes them go all the way through.
Left and right control arrows will change the motion of the the anal beads or the shape of the anal tentacle.Risty
Scene one
Nothing really, the size of the dick changed what animations you get with it.
Scene two
The first action unlocked is a combination of forced drinking and needles, after using the needles she will start lactating, it changed one of the breast actions slightly, a different needle will grow a dick.
For risty the forced drinking has no delay, so once you get her to pee (4 drinks 10 touches) you can repeatedly click the water balloon for endless peeing. If she is wearing underwear the peeing animation is a little different.
Scene three
Nothing special that I am aware of.
Scene four
After a little pleasure has been built you can click her thigh to spread her legs, changing the sex from vaginal to anal. when doing anal you can click her vag to create a tentacle to double penetration. There is a glitch where if you come before the vag tentacle is all the way in, it will stay there after mellona disappears.