Powerless [v0.04] [scolexxx]

Powerless [v0.04] [scolexxx] Powerless [v0.04] [scolexxx] Powerless [v0.04] [scolexxx] Powerless [v0.04] [scolexxx] Powerless [v0.04] [scolexxx] Powerless [v0.04] [scolexxx] Powerless [v0.04] [scolexxx] Powerless [v0.04] [scolexxx] Powerless [v0.04] [scolexxx] Powerless [v0.04] [scolexxx] Powerless [v0.04] [scolexxx] Powerless [v0.04] [scolexxx]
Powerless is an adult fantasy game where you play as a big titty elf princess.You control a kingdom of Tauren while the king is sick. Every day you have 5 moves, and then you can choose to travel overnight to another territory. You can explore your castle and talk to your advisors to adjust the kingdom’s affairs. Expand your cities and build temples and mills to increase production. This will let you recruit more soldiers for your army. Use your army to invade neighboring territories for the resources there. Rally your soldiers to increase your popularity in a territory and increase the strength of the soldiers in the unit stationed there. Learn new ways to rally your soldiers from the friendly oracle Nyla at the castle.Resources and place names are generated randomly at the beginning of the game. No two game maps are the same!​
Thread Updated: 2020-04-08
Release Date: 2020-04-08
Developer: scolexxx NewgroundsTwitterHentai-FoundryTumblrDiscord
Censored: No
Version: 0.04
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
2DCG, Female protagonist, Big tits, Big ass, Monster, Monster girl, Pregnancy, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Creampie, Lesbian, Group sex, Strategy, Character creation, Animated, Fantasy, Management, Lactation
April 2020 update
Here is a small update that fixes bugs from the March version and adds the ability to save the game!v0.03
March 2020 update
Many new scenes, territories and characters!v0.02
Scenes so far:
1. Nyla the Oracle – go to the castle -> kitchen -> crypt. The first time you talk to her she will teach you how the pleasure system works. The next time she will teach you new scenes for the breeding box.
2. Breeding box – click the territory you are on to open the menu for it, go to the army tab (middle tab) and click Rally Soldiers. You can play through the scenes you learned from Nyla
3. Barracks pool – go to the castle -> inner courtyard -> barracks pool. This is unfinished
4. Wardrobe – go to the castle -> inner courtyard -> lower levels -> wardrobe to change your appearance.

Many years ago, a tribe of ruthless warriors known as the Mudul’Gok were spreading across the known lands. As they approached, the King of an elven kingdom sent his daughter to live with an old friend, the King of a faraway Tauren kingdom. He raised the elven maiden as his daughter, and as she age, he sent her to live in a quiet coastal town, away from the attention she was drawing in the capital. Unfortunately, the King has now fallen ill, and the Princess must take over his duties until he recovers.
Setup: Name your kingdom and create it’s flag. Name and customize your character. Choose how long pregnancies will last. Play through the tutorial, Pteryphon will explain how the game works. Actions: Click any territory to open the settlement menu. If you are in the capital, click on the castle to enter the castle. When you have used the day’s 5 moves or if you wish to end the day early. Click the button in the bottom right corner that will change to ‘End Turn?’ when hovered over. You will then enter the end of day actions. Each adjacent territory will have 3 buttons over the settlement: Visit (Blue): Travel to this territory overnight. If it is owned by another kingdom, you will be greeted by the lord of that territory. Invade (Red): If the territory is not owned, pressing this button will open the invade menu. There must be >10 soldiers in the territory you will be launching your invasion. Send Soldiers (Yellow): If the territory is owned, you can move soldiers from where you are to an adjacent territory in your kingdom. You cannot send soldiers if there are <10 where you are.Territories: The map is made up of (eventually) 101 territories that belong to 10 kingdoms. Each territory has a randomly generated amount of each resource that can be produced. They also have randomly generated numbers of civilians and soldiers stationned there. Each territory can have a mill and a temple built there. Each kingdom has a capital city with a castle, and has a large population and large number of soldiers. Each territory has a lord that can sell the territory to your kingdom.Settlement tab: Populations: A larger population increases the amount of resources harvested. You can also recruit more soldiers with a larger population. Popularity: Happier citizens produce more resources. Happier soldiers are stronger soldiers. Rally the soldiers to increase popularity in that settlement. Tax rates also affect popularity, see the taxes section for more information. If your popularity declines too far, your soldiers will defect to being civilians. Build housing: Increases population but uses grain, wood and salt. Resources tab: This will show you the amount of each resource present in this territory to harvest. More valuable resources like gold and gemstones are rare. Army tab: Recruit soldiers from the civilian population. This converts about 10% of the territory’s civilians into soldiers for the unit there. You can only do this once every 28 days in a single territory. Soldiers use resources every day and do not help production. If you have more soldiers than you can afford, you can discharge them back to being civilians in that territory. If you cannot afford to keep your soldiers, your popularity will quickly decline. Mill tab: Build and upgrade the mill for that territory to multiply production of the resources there. Prayer tab: Build one temple per territory and only one of each kind anywhere in your kingdom.
Each temple greatly multiplies the amount of resources produced, but is very expensive to build.Kingdoms: Each Kingdom has a relationship with the MC’s kingdom that is generated at the start of the game. You can improve the relationship with kingdoms by trading with the leader or lords. Each kingdom’s army is assigned a strength at the start of the game. Some kingdoms will have very strong armies while others will be very weak. Invading a kingdom’s territory decreases the relationship with that kingdom.Resources: Grain: Needed for building housing and used every day by the army. Wood: Needed for building housing, building and upgrading mills. Used every day by the army for burning. Salt: Used for payment of commoners. Needed for building housing, mills and temples. Used by the army every day. Needed to develop new weapons technology. Iron: Needed to upgrade mills and weapons technology. Copper: Needed to build temples and upgrade weapons technology. Silver: Needed to build temples and upgrade weapons technology. Gold: Needed to build temples and buy territories. The currency used when trading with other kingdoms. Gemstones: Needed to build temples and used by Nyla for potions. Visit neighboring kingdoms to trade resources to get what you need and improve relations. The Kingdom menu displays while the night passes and can be viewed in the day by clicking the top bar of the UI. This shows your resource stores, daily production and use of resources by the army.Taxes: At the end of the day, a fraction of the resources produced by each territory is confiscated by the Crown as taxes. Visit Noros in the Councillor Hall of the castle to manage the tax rate for each resource and collect more of the resources that you need. Increasing the tax rate above 10% for a resource will slowly decrease popularity in territories relative to the amount of that resource they produce. Decreasing the tax rate below 10% will slowly increase popularity in those territories. Noros also shows you a graph of the trend in your stores of each resource over the past 1 week.Army: The strength of your army when fighting in a battle is the combination of your weapons technology, the number of soldiers in the unit that is fighting, your popularity in that territory and a boost from a temple to the God of War if you have built one. Visit Commander Rukk at the castle to develop stronger weapons technology. Rally the troops in territory you will launch your invasion from to increase your popularity. You can buy mercenaries from the Port at the castle, but the cost of mercenaries increases as your army’s level of training increases.Mating: When mating with soldiers at a rally or Lords when buying their territories, you can avoid risking pregnancy by clicking the moving bar between the 2 posts. Elves can get pregnant from almost any other species but the risk is higher with some species and characters: Soldiers at a rally: 50% Commander Rukk: 97% Ghost Elf Lords: 30% Moon: 13% Anubi Lords: 83% Emperor Rakh: 93% Pregnancy: Pregnancy lasts 7, 14 or 28 days depending on the length you choose at the start of the game. While pregnant, the Princess can’t mate and some scenes are not available. When the Princess gives birth, she stays at the castle to feed her baby or twins and 2 weeks in-game time will pass that you cannot manage the kingdom. If you cannot afford your soldiers or your taxes are set too high, soldiers may have defected while the Princess was taking a break.
The Princess: A forest elf adopted by King Uratos. She is acting for King Uratos as leader of the Tauren while he is ill. Her beauty makes up for her lack of knowledge about being a leader.Around the castle:
King Uratos: Once the strongest Tauren warrior alive, a curse has made him ill and he has laid in bed asleep for weeks. Pteryphon: A royal assistant. He teaches the Princess how to manage the kingdom. Commander Rukk: The King’s close friend and advisor about war. Visit him to manage the army. Councillor Noros: A wise old Tauren that can help you manage taxes in your kingdom. Q’ori: The royal tailor. Visit him to adjust your outfit. Nyla: An oracle. She can brew potions to teach you how to rally and mate with the soldiers. Onahla: A dealer of mercenaries. Visit her to trade soldiers.
Leaders of other Kingdoms:
Ta’hni: A childhood friend of the Princess. She is the Queen of the Ghost Elves. Moon is her guard wolf. Emperor Rakh: Emperor of the Anubi.
When you finish the tutorial, check the Kingdom Manager to see if you are producing enough grain, wood and salt to supply your army. If you are not producing enough of any of these resources, check the 7 territories in your kingdom to find the one with the most of the resources you need. Build and upgrade the mill in this territory and increase the population until you have a surplus of production in these resources. You can work on increasing your production of metals that you can use to strengthen your army. If you need more of a resource, you can trade a resource that you make in excess for one that you need. Eventually you can build a large, strong army to conquer neighboring territories, or you will have enough riches to buy neighboring territories.