Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media]

Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media] Paradise Lofts [v0.14.1] [Bam Media]
Paradise Lofts is a high-stakes, comedic and pornographic romp. Travel back in time to 1958 and become witness to a crime that leads you down a desperate path to find a killer and discover her motivations.​
Thread Updated: 2020-04-03
Release Date: 2020-04-03
Developer: Bam Media PatreonWeb
Censored: No
Version: 0.14.1
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
2DCG, Male protagonist, Big tits, Adventure, Oral sex, Mystery, Role-playing, Vaginal sex, Female domination, Humor, Voyeurism
Here’s what was fixed:
Edith sex loop/bug fixed, Gretta photo development fixed if you keep Dex alive and develop her photos before speaking to him about Gretta, and two expression bugs found.v0.14.0
Fixed Austin bug, if you finish first clues game with Amanda and haven’t spoken to Austin about black book. (it gets passed over) Try to find work for Vanessa, your sister Begin investigation of strangulation angle of Franz Marquis New photoshoot for an old boss Help find Vanessa an apartment Meet Skinny Sam Amanda visit loop updates Meet Annabelle and begin building a relationship with her Fixed Gretta photo development bug One new peepview Discover the new map Slap Prime Game Clara/June sex scene Penny visits and hints that she wants you back
Get key to Rita’s apartment adventure, with three paths for solving that problem. One path opens a mini-game and new animations for one of the characters. Case of Two Grettas added to mystery cases, and involves another mini-game-hybrid. One silly animation at the university added Della easter egg added Clara easter egg added Melinda easter egg added Finished Case of Freddie’s Ear Fixed Zoe peepview animation bug on Android Added Rita’s UFO vignette / truth game / looping sequence Added Zoe recognized Stu as a gumshoe Tweaked framerate of edith vignette Zoe sex animation fix New outdoor time filters and clock tweaks Clara/Zoe/Stu threesome vignette Fixed Bethe peepview bug (duplicates) Time filters added (still needs a bit tweaking)
Fixed mini-game skip bugs
Additional script clean-up
Background fixes on event changes
New non-linear script addedv0.10.5
some android image bugs fixed
Potential continuity error fixed in regards to Gretta (depending on paths one can take)
Also fixed bugs that may have prevented one from finding Gretta’s challenge
You can finish out Clara’s challenge if you scored well enough in the Clues Game
Fixed Lionel bug that crashed the game
Added some new mechanics in Peepview
Lots of script cleanup
Sped up some pauses/fades during gameplayv0.10.3
Major bug fix that possibly (likely) impeded a large portion of the new update. When looking at the rich heiress in peepview, the game would crash.v0.095
Not availablev0.083
bugfix – calling on phonev0.081
Image errors being thrown on Android version fixed.
Script adjustments
Amanda challenge addedv0.071
The main addition this release is the Bethe challenges open. Bethe is the cute redheaded dancer in the neighborhood and is struggling to find work and make new friends. That’s where you come in. Help Bethe develop a relationship with June and see if you can help her get a job at The Top Hat. When complete, she’ll be opening up Paradise University for you, to meet one of the professors (but that comes a bit later). As is made obvious in the screenshot above, Bethe and June will hit it off, and if you see them having fun in PeepView, why not walk over to their place and invite yourself inside? Detective Amanda can now be called to come visit to discuss some of the clues. This option opens AFTER Amanda has visited you late at night, expressing she would like your help. Added an additional path to getting the Black Book from Austin. If you don’t ask about it on the first meet, you can go to his apartment and pursue the topic more there. Sometimes, he is busy. Just go try on another day, if so. Cleaned up Butch apology options (if you have sex with his wife, before he gives you permission) Cleaned up a Jane logic bug (there may still be a couple more of these between Jane and June) New approach to coding the latest PeepView animation, allows zooming both in and out, and randomized some of the animation. You won’t see it until you open the Bethe-June sequence, but I did make a slight tweak to the Bethe dancing animation with part of this code, too, so I hope you enjoy the improvements. Added a warning stop before the Sandra photo-shoot. Most of you didn’t realize you could keep talking to Dex and pick up some clues and/or angel and demon points. I also added +1 question in that scene. Added some tutorial ("To-Do List in the notebook in the bedroom) instructions that were missed, but there’s still probably more to include. Added some missed code in a few dialogues scenes, and fixed a couple of broken image links. v0.06
Additions include Rita, Greg and Butch story expanded, in-game walkthrough added (via notebook in the bedroom), a "scoreboard" to jumps to previously opened sex scenes, plenty of dialogue and images cleaned up, a couple new animations in PeepView.v0.05
v0.05 additions include adding the Clara Tuesday visits, Austin may be visited after (if) he gives you the registry names, day tracking and new day/night filters, Meet and possibly befriend Two Cents, the bouncer. Get clues from Freddie Felix after completing one of two challenges. Those are two mini-games: playing guitar in the Top Hat Club and a voyeur/timing game. Tweaked some timing issues. Also, finished the Jane photoshoot challenge and added a sex simulator with one of the girls in the club if you perform exceptionally well. All sex/game sequences can be looped.
Developer Notes:
With more than 40 characters planned and a large pool of suspects, you’ll spend hours building relationships, collecting clues, discovering new talents, and shagging nearly everyone in sight. Make it count!Multiple ways to solve puzzles and sidestep problems, based on a host of factors, including your morality, talents earned, relationships made, or simply following the "straight" path
Relationships may be built and destroyed; not necessarily closing options, but opening new ones
After you collect enough clues, make your own final determination
There are no dead ends, but there are wrong answers
All wrapped up in a wild, hyper-sexualized world, set in 1958.
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