Paprika Trainer [v0.8.1.1] [Exiscoming]

Paprika Trainer [v0.8.1.1] [Exiscoming] Paprika Trainer [v0.8.1.1] [Exiscoming] Paprika Trainer [v0.8.1.1] [Exiscoming] Paprika Trainer [v0.8.1.1] [Exiscoming] Paprika Trainer [v0.8.1.1] [Exiscoming] Paprika Trainer [v0.8.1.1] [Exiscoming] Paprika Trainer [v0.8.1.1] [Exiscoming]
From the author of Orange Trainer, this parody is based on Totally Spies.​
Thread Updated: 2020-04-30
Release Date: 2020-04-26
Developer: Exiscoming Patreon Twitter
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
2DCG, Male protagonist, Parody, Trainer, Animated, Titfuck, Masturbation, Sex toys, Vaginal sex, Cosplay
Bug fixes?v0.8.0.0
-Clover boobjob animation added -Carla Wong nsfw CG added -Jester Card outfits at the mall -New explore events -Story adjusted to better guide the player (old save might be required) -New nanobot injector skills -New quests -Landgrabs (beta) -Greatly reduce cost of some outfits -New UI graphics added -Testing the ‘second chance’ combat mechanic during missions -New props for Punk Web -Bug fixes -Reduce the price of materials : Notes about v0.8.0.0 Big change
So after last month’s update, I got some critique telling me that the game was unfocused and it was unclear what to do most of the time. So I’ve overhauled a large part of the game. The WOOHP HQ is gone. Instead you’ll focus on liberating the city.
Landgrabs have been introduced to help reveal gangleaders who can then we captured if you have high enough reputation with the gang. The amount of rep needed has been reduced. So far only Maggie T. and Carla Wong are available.
On top of that, you have been giving a ‘main quest’ which is always available in your quest tab. Most of the time it will tell you where to go / what to do. The story has also changed so a game restart is encouraged. At the very least load a save file where Alex hasn’t been freed yet.
New stuff
With that out of the way, let’s look at what’s new! First up we have a new animation.Next we have loads of new props for the Punk Web dungeon. Now you don’t have to look at props of the castle anymore when you go dungeon diving. Enemies have been made a bit stranger as well, but to counteract this it’s now cheaper to buy materials for gadgets.
Not only that, but you can now use nanobot injectors to gain levels and new skills with your spies. At this time getting injectors is still rare, but there will be a patch this Sunday which introduces additional ways of getting them.The first iteration of Landgrabs are in as well. It still requires quite a bit of tweaking but I like the way it looks so far. Right now they’re mostly used to reveal enemy luitenants.
Both Maggie T. and Carla Wong can be captured so far. Both of them have a CG.Jester Outfits
As was announced last month, the Jester Cards will no longer have the rewards of previous months in them. Instead I’ve begun adding these outfits to the mall. Right now they’re still very expensive, but that’s mostly because I didn’t have time to balance them yet.
Not all outfits are in yet, I’d say about half.CHEATS
I’ve added a simple cheat menu in the game. Note that most of these will greatly affect gameplay, so I advice against using them. However, seeing as I’m asking people to start over, it would only be fair. Go to the ATM and type in ‘cheats‘ to bring up the menu.
This menu will be removed in a future update.
So much has changed that there’s bound to be new bugs. The one I’m mostly interested in is one that’s been reported several times, but I can’t seem to replicate it.
It’s where the game freezes when you’re freeing Alex. Some changes have been made to the script to hopefully fix it, but I don’t know for sure yet. If you come across this bug, then please let me know / send screenshots.
For debug purposes, during missions in the corner it should say "active". So yeah, I expect this version to be particularly buggy. A big patch will come out on Sunday, but I really need your help in reporting a bug if you find it.
Jester Cards
If you missed it, this month’s Jester Card rewards are 2 different underwear for Clover. More info here.What have I been playing?
Not much, I got The Division 2 which I’m hoping to try out. I’ll let you guys know if it’s any good next month.
Thank you all for your support guys! Please report any bugs you find and I’ll try to have them fixed for Sunday’s patch. Please continue to be safe and healthy. Wash your hands, especially after playing this game ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and I’ll talk to you soon. v0.7.1.0
Same of ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Code: 55514v0.7.0.0
-Alex buttjob animation added. -Spies can call you during work for extra opportunities. -Reduced cost of some gadget materials -Increased herb chance from Silva from 50% to 80%. -Miniboss Carla Wong added -Miniboss Maggie T. added -CG photo for Maggie T. added -CG photo for Mrs. Claus added (if you unlocked it during Christmas event) -Sam forplay CG added (no animation yet) -Medkits can be bought via bookstore now. -New social for Clover and Alex -New graphics for castle added -New mission location. Punk Web (beta) -Hacking gadget added (beta) -New UI (placeholder) added for equipment select during missions -At nano control level 100, spies can be restrained to their beds v0.6.1.3
WOOHP HQ Engineering added WOOHP HQ Prisons added Job reports added for Aces, Drift Punk & Outsiders Bug fixing month Medkits added Spies heal 1 hp every 7 days Exploration can now reward a medkit Background WOOHP Base added Working undercover for Les Epines now has a chance of rewarding medicinal herbs. v0.5.1
-Hairstyle shop
-New story, new Sam social story.
-New UI graphics
-Modelling minigame Sam update (new poses), but still in early stages.
-Gathered lore can now be read via the Lore button.
-Notoriety missions
-New school mission background (beta)
-Select all 3 girls at once on the world map
-Captured agents nanobot control can be broken.
-Bookshop clerk graphic and shop
-New restaurant menu options
-New furniture graphics for Sam’s cell
-New clothes Alex and Sam at mall
-A lot of bug fixes
-New voice actress for Alex
-Take back WOOHP HQ (beta)
Small warning. A looot has changed in the code. Which (as always) means a lot of bugs. I’ll be spending next week trying to fix these, so please report them when you see them.
So there’s a bunch of new stuff:
-Christmas update -3 new outfits -New sneaking game graphics -New photoalbum graphics (still a W.I.P.) -Status Screen implemented -Nanobot penalties (high nanobots allows you to do more notoriety missions, but there’s a risk~…) New graphics
New graphics have been added to the sneaking mini game. Only a few so far, but slowly all the old placeholder images get replaced. It’s quite exciting!Status Screen
Really happy how this one turned out. Cold Slums is a brilliant UI designer on top of being a brilliant artist. You can now see how your girls are doing! And even direct them to how much they should be suppressing their nanobots!I’ll leave the rest for you to discover yourself!
Jester Cards
Another post will be released with this month’s Jester Card rewards. A new underwear set for Clover this time for tier $10+! More info soon.
As mentioned before, a lot has changed in the code. Meaning there’s probably a bunch of new bugs. I’ll spend the rest of December fixing these. v0.4.0.2
Bug fixes.v0.4.0
-UI overhaul
-3 animated dildo scenes added
-Very rough version of camera model added
-Beach relax spot
-Story continued
-Notoriety missions added
-First few social scene with Clover added
-Spies can randomly show up in the shower in their cells
-Sam’s Aces exclusive hat can now be bought at the mall
-Christmas pre-patch (next one will be on the 14th)v0.3.8
From the 14th until the 31st, you’ll be able to decorate your cells, dress up your girls and catch up with an old friend (oooOOOOooooOOO)!
There are 3 new outfits, one for each girl. Sending the girls out for work has a chance of giving you a Treat Bag, unpack these to earn cute Halloween rewards.
There’s even a special hidden scene for fans of Orange Trainer who sat through the credits scene~…v0.3
Sam social tree added Bug fixes, so many bug fixes (I want to cry) Added new cover to school missions Added Library background to school missions Story continued Buy store items Distraction dust gadget implemented in background 1-3 New Jester Card rewards Halloween pre-patch requirements v0.21
New Jester Cards
New story
Clover outfit(s).
Equipment tab at the workbench
New art
2 animations (see update post)
Add and remove furniture to prison cells (beta)v0.1
Tons of new backgrounds added
New outfits
Outfit screen
Inventory screen
Clothing Shop (can’t buy yet, but you can preview some outfits that will become available soon)
Silva has more personal story and her own model and outfits.
Hypno Earrings can be used on background 1 to 3
Menu card milkshake bar (very early version)
Jester Cards system added
Secret Orange Trainer code can be redeemed at the ATM
New events for spycameras.
Some more stuff that I probably forgot about.v0.04
Not available.v0.03
User can no longer select multiple earrings gadgets during the tutorial.
Fixed "agentDistracted3" bug
Fixed "frontExit-unhover" bug
Added measures to ensure player has earring gadgets during tutorial.v0.02
Not available.
Developer Notes:
I’m hoping to go al out on this one. With plenty of art (and possible animations), story, items and outfits and of course lots and lots of dripping, nasty, unforgivable p-…. family friendly content! So let’s get some questions out of the way.
Can you play with all three girls? Yes, you’ll play a character who interacts with the full trio, each with their own personal storyline, outfits, CGs and quests. On top of that you’ll see some familiar faces from the show (and other shows) come by, so there’s plenty to look forward to!
How much are you going to make me grind? LOTS! … Okay well maybe not. Orange Trainer was made with the idea that you’d never have to do a lot of grinding and we all know how that turned out. So this time around, I’ll be paying extra attention to make grinding more optional (but rewarding).
Anything new? The goal is to have more interesting gameplay in this one. Having to gather intel, going undercover, doing (optional) puzzles and a good / evil playthrough. On top of that, there will be stuff to collect, holiday events and ‘maybe’…. even some voice acting!