Orc Raider [v0.9] [Blazing]

Orc Raider [v0.9] [Blazing] Orc Raider [v0.9] [Blazing] Orc Raider [v0.9] [Blazing]
The project is a combination of a Beat em up with strategy building.
The player, an outcast half-orc trying to build his own settlement, will be able to raid an attack different settlements.The raids will play out as a beat em up, there Turuk will be rewarded resources upon victory.Said resources can be used to upgrade the settlement, build armories, defenses, dungeons, etc etc, said buildings will provide upgrades for the raids.Where does the NSFW part come in?
Well, after completing raids you will be able to capture slaves, some male and some female. You can put the male to work and use the female to your liking, either work or sex.A bigger, more industrious settlement will increase your reputation among orc tribes and will get you orcish followers, which will assist you as AI during raids.​
Game Info:
: 25 / 7 / 17
Developer/Publisher: BlazingBlog
: No
Version: 0.9 ABANDONED
Language: English
Beat’em Up, Strategy, All sex, Animation, M2F Transformations, Futa on/off, Gamemaker Studio
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Orc Raider.exe" to start playing.
​ v0.9
The game now features:
– 8 different servants for your harem.
– 16 nsfw animation loops with their respective 8 cumshot still images.
– 8 battle levels
– 14 different enemies of 3 classes (melee fighters, archers, and wizards)
– Humans, elves, catfolk, angels, demons, orcs, futa. (all avoidable if you want to.)v0.8.1
-Changed nude image for Brianne (1st girl)
-Changed dressed image for Brianne (1st girl)
-Changed nude image for Veronika (2nd girl)
-Changed dressed image for Veronika (2nd girl)
-Changed foreplay animation for Veronika (2nd girl)
-Changed fuck animation for Veronika (2nd girl)
-Added new AI type, wizard.
-1 new level, elves.
-2 more enemies, elf archer and elf wizard
-1 new girl with her corresponding animations. Lief, Elven.V0.7
-Added new servant (Angelika)
-Added new battle and 2 enemies. Angel warrior and Angel Archer.
-Created story based background system where you’ll unlock stuff as you progress. Your base will get bigger and better as you progress, same with your throne room.
-New Title screen, new map, new base, and new tent backgrounds.
-Changed the victory and defeat screens.
-Added more story as you defeat each level.
-Updated and improved the dialogs with your harem.
-Fixed bug that made you press space twice with dialogs
-New title screen
-Fixed hitboxes for combat
-5 new battle backgrounds
-new battle animations for main character and for 7 enemies
-Archers! they are a complete game changer
-Ability to combo after 3 uninterrupted attacks
-Special attack ability, because defending is for the weak!
-Fixed HP upgrade bug
-Redid the first girl animation adding a new BJ, fuck and cum animation-Several minor fixes
Changelog for v0.5
-Added a new girl (Katrina)
-Added 3 NSFW animations
-Added a new battle (Catfolk Village)
-New enemy (Catfolk Warrior)Changelog for v0.4
-Added a new girl (Lady Tilus)
-Added one M2F transformation sequence
-Added 3 NSFW animations with futa on/off option
-Added dialogs for all sex scenes
-Improved victory and defeat screens
-Corrected some stuff with the texts specifying the upgrades amount. (my bad there)
-Added 2 cheats for patreons $2+Changelog for v0.3
-one more town to raid (orcs)
-one new girl (orc)
-2 nsfw animations
-reworked beat em upChangelog for v0.2:
-Reworked NSFW content
-added 3 h scenes animations
-Reworked sex sounds
-overall UI improvement