Might Makes Right [v0.2] [MIGHTMAKESRIGHT]

Might Makes Right [v0.2] [MIGHTMAKESRIGHT] Might Makes Right [v0.2] [MIGHTMAKESRIGHT]
Planned gameplay loop: You will play as a criminal, sentenced to fight other criminals in the Arena until you win enough gold to buy back your freedom. Fight other prisoners in the Arena, and enslave your defeated foes. Train your slaves through the use of various bondage devices, and sell them off to buy better equipment once they’re well trained. Or, keep them as trophies. It’s all up to you.In-between fights, you return to your Hideout. This is a completely customizable area where you can rearrange rooms, furniture, and your slaves as you please. Create a display hall to show off your favorite slaves, or a discipline room for ones who were particularly hard to fight.​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-21
Release Date: 2020-05-21
Developer: MIGHTMAKESRIGHT Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2
OS: Windows
Language: English
3D game, Male protagonist, BDSM, Male domination
v0.2Well, here it is folks: the combat system is playable! I’ll just put a little patch-notes type thing here for now, but I’ll soon write up a post detailing my thought processes and everything that went into this build, along with my future goals for the game, and how that’s coming along. Anyway, here’s a quick overview of what’s changed since the last build:COMBAT MODULE GAMEPLAY
– From the main menu, you can now play one of two modules; Combat, and Hideout. The combat module throws you into an arena, and pits you up against a female opponent. Your goal is fairly simple: dominate your opponent, and impose your long, girthy will upon them. To do this, fight them until their health is reduced to 0. They will fall on their knees in a dazed state. Once this has happened, move close to them and press the E key, as shown by the prompt. You will begin to assert your dominance over them, and the camera will be released into free mode so you can get a better look at the action.BASIC CONTROLS-You can move in any direction with W/A/S/D
-LEFT ALT does a dash/roll based on the movement key you are pressing
-LEFT MOUSE does a basic attack
-RIGHT MOUSE puts you into a blocking stance
-SPACE makes you jumpADVANCED MOVES-DASH ATTACK : Doing a FORWARD DASH (W + LEFT ALT) and then immediately clicking LEFT MOUSE will do a DASH ATTACK. This attack is uninterruptable, and unblockable. It also briefly stuns the target if it hits.-SLAM ATTACK : Jumping with SPACE, and then clicking LEFT MOUSE while in the air will do a SLAM ATTACK. This move is (currently) very difficult to control, but if you succeed in landing near your opponent, you will ragdoll knock them to the ground for a few seconds.-PARRY : If you start a block with RIGHT MOUSE, immediately before an attack hits you, you will PARRY the attacker. Your opponent is momentarily staggered, and a distinct sound effect is played.MECHANICS– HEALTH : Both you, and your opponent have HEALTH that depletes when hit. If you hit the enemy enough times, and their health goes to 0, they will fall down in a dazed state, and you can have your way with them.- STAMINA : Your ATTACKS, DASHES, and BLOCKS use STAMINA. If you do not have enough stamina to perform a move, the move will not be performed. Likewise, if you do not have enough stamina to fully block an attack, you will take health damage.- INTERRUPTS : Any basic attack can be INTERRUPTED if you (or the enemy) are hit. SLAM and DASH attacks cannot be interrupted.- You can replay the combat section as many times as you like, through the (ESCAPE) menu, or through the prompt at the end of your victory.MISC. NOTES
-Options menus have been added! You can access them by pressing ESCAPE, and you can change the volume, resolution, and fullscreen mode from there. These settings will all be saved. You can also exit the game, or restart the scenario from these menus. Currently, the Hideout module does not have these menus implemented (due to some incredibly frustrating bugs with the mouse cursor), but you can still go back to the main menu by interacting with the door near the tutorial panel.-Currently, while player health will deplete, it will never reach 0. This is because this is my first iteration of AI, and while I’ve tried to make it fairly challenging, I don’t want to create a situation where it is too hard, and a player gets frustrated and quits without seeing the victory scenario (as that’s kinda the whole premise of the game).-The Hideout module is unchanged from the last build. I haven’t done any substantial work on it, since I put all my effort into the combat module.Well, that’s about it! Personally, I’m quite pleased with how the first iteration of the combat system is working out. Obviously there are a ton of things that need changing/fixing/adding still…but it’s not bad for a first attempt. I’d seriously appreciate any feedback any of you have to offer on the project…whether that’s features you’d like to see, things you would like changed, etc. Let me know!
Developer Notes:
Currently, MIGHT MAKES RIGHT is in a very early proof-of concept stage. While many of the core game mechanics and systems are available and working, much of the polish (Artwork, animations, sound effects) is completely placeholder for the time being. At the moment, we’re trying to garner interest in the overall core game mechanics, so we can then afford to hire proper artists and art assets. Currently the only thing in the demo is a fairly basic version of the Hideout.**DISCLAIMER** – All relationships and activities depicted in MIGHT MAKES RIGHT are fully consensual. We do not condone slavery, or other non-consensual activities, and everything here is done with a role-playing theme of consensual BDSM in mind.
Well, it’s been a little while, but I do have some progress to share! Things were a bit iffy at first, with the whole getting immediately banned on patreon thing…but that seems to be over for now. And I have made some solid progress on the project! Nothing to put into an updated build quite yet, but hopefully I can have something new and playable before long. Anyway, as for the progress:1 – The dead-looking eyes of our previous character models were really starting to creep me out…plus, they didn’t have any facial bones for expressions. It took a good while, but I’ve fixed the uncanny-valley faces, and added capability for some basic facial expressions. As you can see in the image, it looks MUCH better compared to what it used to.2 – Breast physics! This one wasn’t too much of a hassle…but it definitely needs some fine-tuning to "feel" right. As you can see in the GIF, the breasts physics are now simulated…it’s not perfect, but it’s a good start. I’d like to eventually get them to simulate physical interaction with say, a whip as well, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.3 – And finally, chain physics. It might not seem that complicated, but holy hell Unity’s joint system is NOT user friendly. It took me almost an entire week to get something that didn’t just immediately fly apart. But now, it actually looks (and works) fairly decent! Chain physics are a nice little bit of immersion that will go well with many bondage poses, and several planned gameplay mechanics require them. For instance, instead of the current placeholder system where you simply command your slave to move to a new position, I’d like to implement a system where you can drag your slave behind you with a collar and chain. I will be working on a prototype for this system next.So yeah! Things are coming along well enough. I’d like to get a very basic prototype of the combat system up and running soon, along with some character morphs, so I can complete the initial gameplay loop of fighting and capturing different slaves. Stay tuned!