ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty]

ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty] ACADEMY34 [v0.8.2.7] [Young & Naughty]
In “ACADEMY34” you are going to take on the role of a cadet, who has just enrolled at the Academy, where young recruits are trained to become Overwatch agents. An exciting student life awaits you with all familiar characters, original story, lots of side quests and tons of adult content!​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-14
Release Date: 2020-05-13
Developer: Young & Naughty PatreonPicartoWebsite
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
2DCG, Male protagonist, MILF, Group sex, BDSM, Spanking, Anal sex, Sex toys, Exhibitionism, Creampie, Parody, School setting, Voyeurism, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Mobile game, Lesbian, Female dominationSpying, Teachers, Librarian, Nurse, Sex on camera, Feet, Public Sex, Glasses, Stockings, Gloryhole, Robots, Muscle Girl
Second part of Brigitte’s story;
– New delicious nsfw content;
– Fully updated 120+ Main Character sprites;
– Updated dialogue sprites for Brigitte;
– Updated dialogue sprites for Morrison;
– Updated dialogue sprites for few background characters;
– Expanded Andre’s bonus route;
– One new X-RAY scene;
– New background characters;
– Added new interactions with Mercy;
– Expanded list of interactions with Charlotte;
– Expanded list of interactions with Leah and Europe;
– Expanded "charisma training" section of the Brigitte’s story;
– Fixed bug with sprites looking into wrong direction;
– Fixed bug with MC and Brigitte appearing at the same side of the screen in dialogues;
– Fixed route-breaking bug in Mei’s storyline;
– Fixed route-breaking bug in Brigitte’s storyline;
– Improved save compatibility;
– And plenty of other stuff I can’t even think of, because we’ve made a lot of fixes; v0.8.1.8
– Fixed the bug, that caused player to be stuck after first bondage scene;
– Fixed the bug, that caused player to be unable to progress the Mei’s route unless all homework was finished in a single weekend;
– Fixed the issue which caused Brigitte to be invisible during some dialogues;
– Brigitte’s scenes now skip time properly;
– Fixed the issue which caused all Torbjorn’s classes to be replaced with black screen after certain point;
– Added tips for the player to help progress through the route easier;
– Brigitte’s sprite now disappear from the corridor after sertain point in the route to avoid the issue where you have to ask her friend where she is, even though she’s clearly present on the screen;
– Fixed typos.v0.8.1.6
– New interactions in classes in addition to the existing ones. Quite a lot of them;
– Mei and Torbjorn now conduct revision sessions of their classes. We suggest to check them out;
– We doubled the amount of dialogues and, I hope, raised their quality to a new level;
– All new scenes now have new dialogue as well;
– Brigitte and her storyline have been added. It’s the longest route at the moment;
– We explored new themes and fetishes, trying to move away from generic "2 minute adventure" scenes;
– Two new locations;
– A few new characters;
– A lot of small improvementsv0.7.6
– Added brand new X-Ray mode;
– Added 12 new scenes for X-Ray mode;
– Added New questline;
– Added Brigitte as interactable character;
– Added Mei as interactable character;
– All sprites for background characters has been updated to be compatible with X-Ray;
– Updated background for Classroom;
– Mei sprites has been updated;
– Fixed D,Va stream, you don’t need to donate more than once anymore;
– Reworked phone menu;
– Saves compatibility has been improved;
– Requirements for the X-Ray quest has been lowered;
– The replay system has been revised entirely to prevent related known bugs;
– Fixed issue, which caused troubles finding quest items;
– Fixed typos;
– Fixed number of old bugs;
– AND MORE!v0.7.2
Minor changes from latest version posted here:
– Issues with replay system has been fixed;
– Animations has been added to all Tracer scenes;
– Save compatibility improved;
– ‘Tasks’ now tell that route has been completed;
– And couple of small changes and improvements.[v0.6.5]
– Mercy route is now completed;
– New h-scenes has been added;
– Secret h-scene has been added;
– A lot of new dialogues, because of course you’re playing this game because of the great story;
– New image has been added to Sombra Market;
– Stat system menu has been added to the phone menu;
– Bugs has been fixed;
– New bugs has been added for our programmer to fix later;
– And so on![v0.6.2]
– Major bug fixes / improvements[v0.6.1]
– Major bug fixes / improvements
– Mercy checkup scenes added[v0.6.0]
– Major bug fixes / improvements
– Interactable system added
– Xray feature added (WIP)
– Stamina system added
– MC sick sprites added
– Mercy sprites added
– H-scene replays in gallery added
– Pharah sprites added
– Sprite system reworked
– Zarya avatars added
– More night backgrounds added (I think we’re complete!)
– McCree hangout scene A added
– Drunk PE scene A added
– Drunk infirmary scene A added
– Stat system added
– Entire task system redone
– Daily tasks added
– Prologue tasks added
– Tracer tasks added
– Mercy tasks added
– Sombra quest A tasks added
– Sombra quest B added
– Hangout with McCree B, C and D added
– Mercy h-scene A added
– Fountain location reworked[v0.5.2]
– Major bug fixes / improvements
– Map locations revised
– Meet the teachers scene reworked
– Main hall Omnic added
– Dorm Omnics updated
– First PE lesson changed[v0.5.1]
– Major bug fixes / improvements
– Cheat protection removed (we’re free!)[v0.5.0]
– Major bug fixes / improvements
– D.Va spycam scenes added
– Night system added
– Parking location added
– Casual sprites added
– Prologue added
– Save migrations reworked
– Infirmary location added
– Main hall location added
– Lecture theater location added
– Map lockdown system added
– First meeting Genji scene added
– First meeting Sombra scene added
– First meeting Tracer scene added
– First meeting D.Va scene added
– First meeting Morrison scene added
– Trashed room addded
– McCree trash sprites added
– First meeting McCree scene added
– Shimada fight scene added[v0.4.4]
– Cheat protection added[v0.4.3]
– Dorm locations added
– Tracer spycam scenes added
– Tracer h-scene A added
– Tracer h-scene B added
– Sombra quest A added[v0.4.1]
– Major bug fixes / improvements
– Save migrations added[v0.3.4]
– Old saves disabled[v0.3.3]
– Bug fixes / improvements[v0.3.2]
– Bug fixes / improvements
– Students at night removed
– Back buttons (for locations) added
– Sombra’s market system added[v0.3.1]
– Bug fixes / improvements
– Cutscene system added
– Swiming trunks mini quest added
– Homework scheme daily mini quest added
– Weekends activities added
– Wakeup scenes added
– Tracer pool blowjob scene added[v0.2.4]
– Android port[v0.2.3]
– Bug fixes / improvements[v0.2.2]
– Bug fixes / improvements
– Regular classes added
– Second PE spy scene added[v0.1.1]
– Bug fixes / improvements[v0.1.0]
– Custom UI added
– Inventory system added
– Gallery added
– Calendar system added
– Map added
– Task system added
– Introductory scenes added
– Navigation/location system added
– First characters added
– Dialogue sprite system added
– First classes added
– First PE spy scene added