Online Girl [v1.0] [rudeboyuk]

Online Girl [v1.0] [rudeboyuk] Online Girl [v1.0] [rudeboyuk] Online Girl [v1.0] [rudeboyuk]
In this game you will play a guy who is reconnecting with his female childhood friend.
You will be managing your horniness which will influence which interaction options are available to you in any given situation. Too horny and you may find yourself unable to concentrate, not horny enough and you will be too shy to make certain suggestions, and might not pick up on as many fun distractions.
You will also have other stats to build up to help you on your way such as Communication.​
Thread Updated: 2019-04-20
Release Date: 2019-04-20
Developer: rudeboyuk Hypnopics Collective
Censored: No
Version: 1.0 Beta
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Real porn, Mind control, Text based, Male protagonist, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Stripping, Masturbation, Corruption, Footjob
v1.0 Beta
Began adding a Game Guide to point players in the right direction to progress the story if they are feeling stuck.
Adjusted the progression for Purple Volcano progression to shorten the completion.
Added a couple of extra images for trips.
Added a catch to the lunch texts so if no value is sent to the widget it falls back to a ‘chat’ text after several users had issues when sending ‘dirty’ texts. v1.0a21
– Made some adjustments to the office chats after a playthrough, should be more successful now. Failed way too often on chat. Flirting is still always risky though, unless you max out Communication. I may re-visit this in Beta, I feel your relationship level with the girls should have an equal, if not greater effect on your chance of success.
– Added more options to the lunch chats, still very much experimental and not enough options to make it interesting yet. Too much repetition, but hopefully something to spice up the lunch break.
– Added the final end game scene. 32 image set!
– Began installing a new lunch time option to send a text message to the online girl.v1.0a20
Added ‘footsex’ endscene.
Added missing line break to girl story part 8.
Tidied up code for the photo session VisMe chat to avoid issues spotted by MisterAnon04 on F95
Added achievement for reaching the end game.
Removed code to display message about having reached end of content as game now has an end point.v1.0a19.3 Hotfix 3
Trigger for endgame changed to correct trigger of girl story being ’12’v1.0a19.2 Hotfix 2
Changed trigger for endgame to girl story being "10.5"v1.0a19.1 Hotfix 1
Bedroom refererd to ‘firl’ rather than ‘girl’ breaking the new email notification.
"audio" tags have changed since I implemented them. Adjusted to new requirements.v1.0a19
Added first pass at game ending.
Currently only for the ‘anal’ choice.
Other choices are forced into this ending at present.v1.a18
Added highlight to text for when Sarah is available in the gym. Working at your desk without distraction now helps improve your concentration slightly. Attempted some re-balancing of the OG story to fall into place at better times with the other girls. Added OG Story 11: Special Delivery Added OG Story 10: Childhood Desires Added OG Story 9: Accommodation Recoded OG Sext Session 2 in new code for consistency. Added OG Sext Session 3. Adjust rates for stat increases/decreases. Better chance of high end result. Fixed bug in the Trip SMS that was referencing the normal SMS array Added feedback text to the three downtown locations to give a better idea of how well the player did, and comment on anything that might be affecting the outcome Added some catches for achievements to re-pop them if resetting the arrays on an old save. Added extra random lunch and downtown images Fixed Sarah’s story line which failed to hit Story 8 Removed spurious text : Remove the sent SMS from the queue Sarah’s relationship with you will not lower when you help Jenny whilst Sarah is on vacation. Adjusted the image code for random lunch events to ensure text appears below the image. Fixed bad image code in one of Sarah’s vacation texts More fixes for old SMS entries. Should remove some errors in some of the OGs texts v1.a17
Added Sarah Story 9: Intern Added Sarah Story 8: Trip Confirmation Added Sarah Story 7: Horny Shower Added Sarah Story 6: Trip Planning Added 5 new SMS for Feet/Ass/Tits fetishes (Will require a full array reset for old saves) Added Sarah Story 5: Snaps Added Sarah Story 4: Vacation Attempt fix for ‘Thank you Roxy’ sometimes appearing in messages to the OG Fixed bug in Foot Fetish SMSs Corrected a bunch of typos/gramatical errors Added thanks to the credits screen Adjusted the wording in the help screen to better relate to the current game state.
Major ChangesAdded 5 new flirty SMS for Jenny Added Jenny Story 10 Added Jenny Story 9 Added Jenny Story 8 Added Jenny Story 7 Added Jenny Story 6 Added OG Story 8 Added OG Story 7 Added Sarah Story 3
Notable Updates:
Added second sext session. Removed chance for friendship to decay with office girl once they are at maximum friendship. Fractionally reduced chance of stat decay for the player Fixed a potential bug if the player never went downtown whilst the Online Girl is on a trip. Added Sarah Story part 3 Calming now has the correct screen border on the image Changed screen size for story elements from fixed to 50% Added Stella Story part 9 Added Online Girl Story 3 to line up with Stella Story 9.5
Quite a few extra bits this time I feel. And some free bugs no doubt.If using an old save be sure to head into the help screen and at least run the Fix Achievements link.
This will reset all the achievements and add the new ones, so they will re-pop for you but your story progress will carry over.v1.a13 Changelog:
Added more variety to VisChat
Added additional level descriptions to player stats
Finished implementing Purple Volcano, now boosts horniness by up to 20 points for each event.
Additional code to prevent Office Mates from becoming un-chatable
Adjusted SMSs from Office Mates so they don’t all come at the same time
Chatting with the Online Girl now increases your horniness
Added additional SMSs for ‘kink’
Added new story section for Online Girl and tidied up some of the VisChat code to use the screen more.
Adjusted increases in girl horniness for Flirt and Talk Dirty to better reward those activities.
Reworked the overly complex hypnotic flowers section to a far simpler codebase and extended it from 3 to 6 pictures.
Fixed (hopefully) bug where girls would disappear from the office without reason.
Fixed incorrect assignment of Sarah’s phone icon to Stella’s messages.
Adjusted the costs for talking to the Online Girl by about half.v1.a12
Reworked the office girl chat once again (further than I did in the patch) so now it’s working as I intended.Added a fair amount of content for Stella so she is also now at 50% completion, including her story and random SMSs (20 of them)Minor adjustments to the UI based on feedback.
All three office girls now interact as Sarah did in a10. ie Talk Business/Chat/Flirt. Success is based on some luck and your communication stat. Initially stick to just Talk, and progress to the other options as you become better in communication. More content for Jenny. (This is my current focus, and will shape how I move forward with the other girls) She is currently about 50% implemented. Added a ‘Reset’ page to re-initialise some of the content. This should allow future releases to be more compatible with old saves. More streamlining of the downtown locations, all now have a ‘mini’ version of the stat boost, which means you can gain some stats, but still have time to get home and chat with the online girl. The old interactions from downtown now provide a stat boost of between 2 and 10 points as opposed to the 1-5 of previous versions of the game. Stat decay has been further reduced. Hopefully hitting a better balance now. General Bug Fixes
Did a lot of consolidation. All the office girls now should function as Sarah did in a09. I’ve also filled out some of the random events, and started building up Jenny’s quest line. Jenny will be my focus for a while as I build out how the office girls stories will progress, however I am also planning on adding more text conversations with Riley for the next release. Remember there is also a Game Info page you can access from the left navigation section that details how some of the stats work.