Little Bitch Academia [v0.2.5] [Edna Schafer]

Little Bitch Academia [v0.2.5] [Edna Schafer] Little Bitch Academia [v0.2.5] [Edna Schafer]
Our protagonist is a rather depressed 22 years old guy, who dropped out of college and is now stuck in a shitty job.
That changes when he falls asleep in the bus on the way home, and wakes up in a strange forest…
: More info from author Right now it’s a pretty standard RPG, it does feature bad ends that contain transformation, but the gameplay doesn’t focus on it. Just to be clear, since many people (including me sometimes) often look for a game that just throws sexy pics at their faces and that’s it, this is NOT a game for those situations I’m afraid. It’s slow paced, heavily focused on dialogues and on constructing a nice, vibrant world in which to play (I hope). The first part of the game will indeed revolve around a slow M2F transformation, but that might not appeal to everybody, because of the time it’ll take for the character to change. Updated: 2018-12-06
Developer/Publisher: Edna Schafer tfgamesiteDiscord
Censorship: No
Version: 0.2.1
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Gay, Sex, Slow Transformation, Masturbation, Submission, Pregnancy, Fantasy, Corruption.
2.0 Bugfix:
– bugfixes
– Sheep bad end added (from @Yoshielder)
– TT Tutorial and added a way to get back to 5 cards
– Optional boss, Harpy Eagle2.0 alpha:
– Fixed old bugs (hopefully)
– Added Vending Machines inside the Academy to give players a way to buy healing items
– Added a way for players to level up inside the Condominium where Ceredendron is fought
– Nerfed Ceredendron (Draining Roots now can’t be used twice in a row) and Rat Knight (He now attacks twice per turn only after you attack him)
– Minor nerfs to other enemies
– Reduced number of wolves in the chase section, this will hopefully reduce the lag
– Maid Café time trial now gives players 5 seconds of time more than beforeKNOWN BUGS
– For those who have already defeated the Ceredendron, going in the Condominium now will trigger a short cutscene of Zen Sei shouting even though he has no reason to do it. Not a real issue, just silly…