Realms of Lust [v0.5.1A] [Rmaximus]

Realms of Lust [v0.5.1A] [Rmaximus] Realms of Lust [v0.5.1A] [Rmaximus] Realms of Lust [v0.5.1A] [Rmaximus] Realms of Lust [v0.5.1A] [Rmaximus] Realms of Lust [v0.5.1A] [Rmaximus]
Hello guys, this is my first game developed on twine, the story follows a guy who makes a pact with a lust goddess to change his boring life and as a consequence the world around him. However everything is not as it seems and the main character will be thrust into a dangerous world of magic and sex.​
Thread Updated: 2020-03-04
Release Date: 2020-03-04
Developer/Publisher: Rmaximus
Censorship: No
Version: 0.5.1A
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Male protagonist, Oral, Big tits, Small tits, Mind control, Futa, GILF, Transformation, Real porn
Bug fixes
Infinite loop on Ivy’s quest on Lauren’s house
Missing pictures
Some other bugs0.5.1
-New locations with new characters
–New street (Marina)
–Re-worked beach and gym0.5A
Several bugs fixed.0.5
The game is now divided into Chapter 1 and 2, the second chapter being all of update 0.5. This update includes several more character, another week of the main story and several events for almost all of the 130 or so characters. And most importantly, you now can play the game as much as you like after the end of the main story.0.4.1B
-Fixed the Tessa bug
-Added the weekday under the time
-Fixes for Linus on the pictures names
Bug fixes.0.4.1
Added the last day of the second week.
Fixed 0.4 Bugs0.4
The rest of the second week was added up to Saturday.
More than 20 new characters
A right sidebar for travel inside hub areas
some fixes of old bugs
A lot of new bugs0.3b
More bug fixes0.3a
Add "leave" link to the beach (all days)
bugfixes (missing pictures and some other issues)0.3
Added a sidebar to the game.
You can now save and load anywhere.(sidebar)
New Phone mechanic (sidebar)
Now you can travel between hub areas via Map.(sidebar)
Changed from the model Tessa Fowler to Marina Visconti as the character Tessa.
New link style, now instead of text they are pictures on most places with a large amount of sublocations (like downtown or college).
New day in the second week, and more of the Main story.
Saves now have indicator as if they are empty slots or not (they also have game day and time of save indicators, but those are not working properly yet.)0.2b
-Grammar fixes
-Stretched picture on day 2 fix0.2a
-Added rounded corners (as suggested by Laufe) for dialog boxes and images and other borders
-Put images in the center of the screen. They are no longer on the left side.
-Fixed the infite loop for Veronica in the gym.
-Fixed some links that were outside of their borders
-Fixed the missing images in day 2, Sara in the bathroom.0.2 – This version has too many changes to put in here, but the most important ones are:
-New UI.
-Added several new characters
-Some changes to the story.
-Added Saturday and Sunday
-You can now explore the city on days 3 to 5 after class.
-A laptop in your room, where you can save the game and pass the time.
-New locations
-Added a dialog box for each character
-several other smaller changes to the game.
-Added a futa and a gilf character(you can disable that)0.1b – Changed the MC speach color to a more visible one .
added a color to Nina and added color on the living room day 1 for Lisa.