Part 3 of the Himeros Trilogy: Himeros Horizon [v0.45] [Seztworks]

Part 3 of the Himeros Trilogy: Himeros Horizon [v0.45] [Seztworks] Part 3 of the Himeros Trilogy: Himeros Horizon [v0.45] [Seztworks]
You play as a young man who used to work for your uncle at a hotel. Things have changed a lot since then and now you find yourself in the strangest place yet. Himeros Horizon is the conclusion of the Himeros trilogy and the choices you made will stay with you until the end.​
Thread Updated: 2020-04-18
Release Date: 2020-04-18
Developer: Seztworks Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.45
OS: Windows
Language: English
Prequel: Part 1 of the Himeros Trilogy: Himeros Hotel
Prequel: Part 2 of the Himeros Trilogy: Himeros Haven
Real Porn, Text based, Male protagonist, Adventure, Romance, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Harem, Teasing, Voyeurism, Incest, Lesbian
Adrift, M/F, F/FFuture tags: M/F/F, Group sex, Anal sex, BDSM
v0.45 Bugfix
Fixed issue with a stuck path due to day counter reset.Himeros Horizon – Version 0.45 – Slipping In
Scenes: 13 (Including 1 StepUp branch)
– Added 1 new movie.
– Including 8 updated and optional pages (see below)
– Counts as 2 scene adds
Events: 44Added new feature – Moving Image (Gifs)
– very limited and optional. Mostly for fun and testing.
– a couple of scenes have a single gif added. Mainly repeatable content.
– you can toggle off/on the feature by using the command: ToggleGifs
Added 1 new StepUp branch.
Added new research task.
Added new build task.Fixes:
Added back a missing event that should have unlocked the research and build tasks.
– Was deleted during testing of the last version by mistake.
Expanded a main mission day range by 2.
– Can be done Monday to Friday.
Fixed missing mission descriptions in task list.
Lowered town mission wait by 2 days.
Updated and corrected the contacts list.
Replaced a location image to allow more options.
Fixed an access in the forest.
Paused missions don’t show up in the task list.
Assorted spelling corrections.Himeros Horizon – Version 0.40 – Under Cover
Scenes: 12 (Including 1 StepUp branch)
– 3 New movies
Events: 47Added new lore feature.
Added new locations.
Added new characters.
Added 2 new research tasks.Fixes:
Updated help with the new commands.
Fixed bug were you got blocked off from forest area.
Assorted spelling corrections.Himeros Horizon – Version 0.36 – Eyes On
Scenes: 8 (including 2 tease StepUp branches)
Events: 36Added new information system – Optilink (Lore Heavy).
Added 2 StepUp branch.
Added 1 New build task.
Added new locations.Fixes:
0.36a: Fixes issues in Penny story line in the Patron build.
Added a mission select reminder to the task list.Version 0.33 – First Shift
Scenes: 13 (including 2 StepUp branches)
Events: 47Added 2 new major mission choices.
Added new game system.
Added 2 StepUp branches.
Added 2 research tasks. (One for each main mission.)
Added new locationsFixes:
Cleaned up lower UI slightly.
Assorted spelling corrections.Ver0.3 – Foundation
Scenes: 15 (including 2 StepUp branches)
Evemts: 38Unlocked last path.
Added 2 StepUp branches.
Added alternative wait system (Image heavy)
Added research task. (Story Heavy)
Added build task.
Added new locations.Fixes:
Added event locks to all locations in Stumps.
Fixed possible workaround for mission bug.
Fixed entertainment days.
Fixed possible build order issue.
Ch. 1.5 v0.25
Scenes: 9 (Including 2 StepUp branches)
Events: 34Added first 2 StepUp branches.
Added new locations.
Added 2 build tasks.
Added 1 research task. (Image heavy)Changes:
Sleep slightly redesigned for future changes.
Added location and times to all projects in task list.
Initial research lowered to 5 shifts.
Changed character intro quest time to not overlap.Fixes:
Fixed Sleep not correctly adjusting payouts.
The wrong character was standing near the core. Replaced.
Slight character location changes for StepUp branch system.
Slight change to a characters location in Chapter 1.
Small correction in name of minor faction.
Fixes in location descriptions.
Assorted spelling corrections.
Ch. 1 v0.2
Scenes: 7
Events: 53 (Many of these are split between the optional paths.)Added the 3 continuations to the Work tasks.
– More locations added.
Added lore research project.
– Lore heavy task.Fixes:
Lowered first research task by 2 shifts.
Fixes some energy issues in extract task.
Fixed mission restrictions.
Fixed a "tired" overrun bug.
Assorted spelling corrections.
Reworded "exit" command.
Demo v0.1
Patreon Demo
Scenes: 6½
Events: 52½
– Including Intro Sequence.
Added 3 New Major "Work" tasks. Highly complex and story heavy.
– You get to pick one in the Demo.
– Includes a large amount of events and tasks not counted above.
Added The Blue Choice. First non-branching choice. Largest Patron Fetish vote.
– Changes some characters and some story beats.
– Requested by over half of the Patrons.
– This will play out over the entire game and contains a large amount of alternate descriptions.
Added a research task.Implemented the first basic locations.
Implemented new time system.
Implemented wait system complete with new images
Implemented save and metric transfer system.