Sex Valley [v0.2.6] [Zehmun]

Sex Valley [v0.2.6] [Zehmun] Sex Valley [v0.2.6] [Zehmun] Sex Valley [v0.2.6] [Zehmun] Sex Valley [v0.2.6] [Zehmun] Sex Valley [v0.2.6] [Zehmun] Sex Valley [v0.2.6] [Zehmun] Sex Valley [v0.2.6] [Zehmun] Sex Valley [v0.2.6] [Zehmun] Sex Valley [v0.2.6] [Zehmun] Sex Valley [v0.2.6] [Zehmun]
You will be in the control of a young man living in a small village in a small port town in a large magical land. Being the only man in age to reproduce in the village, you shall partake on various activities with diverse types of girls! Just returning from long years of training, you will see the changes time made on the village you grew on and on the girls that live there. Are you ready to utilize your powers to help the growth and prosperity of a little village?​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-01
Release Date: 2020-04-15
Developer: Zehmun Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.6 Patreon
OS: Windows
Language: English
2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Big tits, Fantasy, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Futa, Creampie, Monster girl, Footjob
Added new quest board system (Receive a letter at level 3 to unlock) Added a new quest from the quest board. Seraph x Lesser Succubus foot worship /footjob scenes Added new enemies Seraph [lv.3] Lesser Succubus Added a temporary fix for MC jumping away from the screen during dialogue. (Interact with the statue in front of the clinic to update your save file) Added new maps Rework on the fishing system (New fishing minigame!) Added new types of fish to be found.

“Groundwork to find fish girls in the water” Click to expand…

Added Lene Relationship 2º Heart Sex Scenes.
Heads up! No sex when the quest ends, you will need to find her in the tavern at night and flirt with her for it to start (18:00~22:00)
Added 2 new enemies.
Added new maps related to Lene’s Quest.
Fixed a bug related to RPG Maker interaction with quests (Lene first quest ghost)v0.231 Public
Illyana Relationship System 2nd Quest.

“I’ll say, Illyana’s first quest had too little content. But, this one is to change that, using the characters surrounding Illyana (Mia, Nia, and Lene) to craft a fun story that ends with the protagonist sharing a bed with the dragon girl.” Click to expand…

Added new non-interactive mobs Added new maps Added new musics Fixed some bugs related to past updates
New for PatreonsAdded Repetitive Vis’Zera Sex Scenes
Added Vis’Zera Schedule
Added New Characters Sprites
Added New Slime Cave maps
Added New Quests
Added New Letters
Added New interactive enemies
Fixed some bugs related to past updatesNew in PublicAdded Maribel Repetitive Yoga Scene
“Maribel’s repetitive yoga scene is here! There is a lot to it, with quite a considerable ammount of choices to make, with each leading to a entirely different result.”Added Maribel’s extra scenes after the first heart.
“Those were bugged in the last patch, but now they are out. You can check out where to find the on the guide”Rework of Mia/Nia Schedule
“Mia and Nia’s Rework is out! They were generic NPCs in the past, now they at least have images and a schedule.”Added New Characters Sprites
Mia and Nia (4 Expressions images for each)Fixed some text errors from Alpha updates
“That is, fixed the intro scene that changed between second and third person, and other small errors”Fixed some bugs related to past updates v0.2.0
Added Lamiriel Relationship SystemAdded New Repetitive Scenes
Added "Beach Fuck" for Clarine anyday at Night (18:00~22:00)
Added "Titjob" and "Breast Suckle" for Annabeth at Anytime!Added New Non-Sexual Scene Related to the Relationship System.Added New Characters Sprites
Falk, The Witch
Annabeth, The Nightmare.Added New Maps
A few maps introduced at this update are directly linked to the quest, but we will soon integrate them to the normal map for free access.Added New Items
"Items directly linked to Lamir’s Quest were added, and a few new monster drops were introduced and will soon be integrated to the shops and it’s extra utilities added"Added New Enemies
Angry Ghost
NightmareFixed some bugs related to past updates
New on Public Build
Added Elinnie’s Relationship system

Elinnie is the third girl to receive her first heart quest, we are excited with the plot of her quest, as it is somewhat different than the others that came before. Click to expand…

Added New Repetitive Scenes

Added “Foot Massage” scene for Illyana Click to expand…

Friday during morning and day (06:00~12:00 and 12:00~18:00)”. Click to expand…

Added “Foot kiss” scene for Illyana Click to expand…

Tuesday during the day (12:00~18:00) Click to expand…

Added Button Screen system

We hope that with this the use of items will be more intuitive, and it will help with the future compatibility for Android devices we are working on. Click to expand…

Trough this system we will be able to explore news like the new Relationship Menu! Click to expand…

Added “Bengala’s Journal”

Bengala’s Journal is a key item and a Tool you will receive during the tutorial. We will add another way to receive it, as people that already have a save file might end up without it. Click to expand…

Added Help text (Trough Bengala’s Journal Tool) Added Relationship Menu (Trough Bengala’s Journal Tool)

“The Relationship Menu will allow you to learn a bit more about the girls of the game together with a bit of backstory about them.” Click to expand…

Added a few talk scenes related to the Relationship System. Added new mob (Honeui) Rework of image system

This was the biggest part of the update, and the reason it took so long to be completed. We hope that this fixes the problems with lag and crashes that plages the game for a few people. Click to expand…

Added New Maps Fixed bugs on Blacksmith’s quest v0.1.6
New on Public Build
Added New Repetitive Scenes “Added a new “Blowjob” Scene for Clarine​Every day she is fishing during the night (18:00~22:00)”.​“Added a new “Sex” Scene for Lamir​Every day she is preparing breakfast for the MC on his home (Saturday – 6:00~12:00)”.​
Added new H-Scenes for Lene Added new foods and recipes. “Also added a way to learn more recipes with Lamir”​
Added new enemies related to the new quest. Added a Forage system. “Now you can collect the flowers around town! They are good gifts for the girls, but each one has their own preference”.​
Added a Gifting system. (Only for Lene) “So, Each girl likes different gifts based on their preferences”.​Added a Relationship system (Only for Lene)​“The beginning of the relationship system is up, for now, it is only available for Lene, but soon we will be adding them for all the girls”​
Added Side Quest: Conscripted in the guard! “This quest is tied to Lene’s relationship. When you reach the current relationship cap, You will be notified that your relation with Lene increased and it will start the event.​
Removed old light system. “The old lighting system is too heavy, making severe performance strain on the game, so we decided to chance it for a more stable one.”​
Added a new light system. “The new lighting system is in place, for now, it is really simple. We will tweak more with it on the upcoming updates until it is on a better state.”​
Huge upgrade on the mechanism of the message display. “Not really making a difference to the player, but it will make the game performance better and smoother”​ v0.1.4
We noticed that there was a problem with the implementation of the Stamina system with the introduction.Which caused players to be stucked shortly after the introduction (if they did not skip it). v0.1.3
New for Patrons
Added New Repetitive Scenes “Added a new “Handjob” Scene for MaribelEvery day she is in her clinic during the afternoon (12:00~16:00)”.“Added a new “Cunnilingus” Scene for ElinnieEvery day you help her with her work during the afternoon (12:00~16:00)”.“Added a new “Sex” Scene for Lamir!Every day after you tell her you don’t want to bathe during the night (16:00~22:00)”.Added a New Monster with a new XXX scene. “Deeper into the caves there is a new kind of monster!”Added a Crafting System. “It’s in a early stage, we are still working on it, for now, it is only used for cooking, but we will expand on it”.Added Quest 4 – “Make a Lunch!” Fixed a few bugs and changed a few icons and stuff. New on Public BuildAdded New Repetitive Scenes; “Added a new "Footjob” Scene for Clarine on Friday afternoon (12:00~18:00)”.“Added a new “Masturbation” Scene for Lene on Tuesday night (18:00~22:00)”.Added Improved Harvest System; “The old harvest system was confusing a little weird, so we remade it to make it closer than what you would expect in a farming game”.Added Tool System; “And the new harvest system comes with simple tools”.Added Stamina System; “With all the changes in the harvest system, we felt the need to improve the immersion of working the farm. So we now have the Stamina system that will be used when you plant, harvest, fish and mine!”.Added New Non-Interactive NPCs; “A few more NPCs were added to the town to make it feel more alive”.Added Reworked Intro Dialog; “The old intro dialog was poorly made and not up to date, so we remade it to make it have more sense in the story”.Added Quest 3 – We need to go deeper!; “Our time was spent mostly in the rework of the harvest system, but we did our best to make a new mission. This quest will take the player to a new adventure floor.”Nerf on Baby gooey; “Those little guys were giving a lot of unnecessary trouble, so we made them a little more reasonable”. v0.1.1 Hotfix
– Addressed an issue that made the guard keep blocking the way to the noble’s castle even after you met the requirements to proceed. v0.1
– Added the Map of Pursolis“The city of Pursolis has been added! You can explore the city and meet the townsfolk”- Added Bunnies, Squirrels and Butterflies“We hope that animals implements help to bring life to the world of SexValley! Soon we will add more citizens to the town of Pursolis!”- Added 5 New Interactive NPCs- Elinnie, The Merchant.- Maribel, The Doctor.- Clarine, The Fisher.- Lene, The Guard.- Illyana, The Noble.- Added NPC’s Routine Mechanics“This implementation took us a lot of time! For the energetic players this will be just a cherry on top of the cake, however, for any dialog fans this will be a well-served meal!”- Added Time Mechanics“Each day is divided into 4 parts, and on each part, each character will not only be on different places but also have different things to speak about. “- Added Farming Mechanics“It’s a full event crafted system, so we are still working in it. We hope to achieve a complex and interesting way to grow crops!”- Added Battle Mechanics“For now it’s a simple improved battle system, compared with the standard RPG Maker MV battle, however, we see a lot of potential exploring the possibilities of interaction with different enemies!”- Added Quest System
Developer Notes:
As the only man in town you will be forced to partake on various challenges to help the little port town you live in. Like helping the village nobles or just living your own life creating relationships with the various girls that live there.You are bound to fight terrible monsters and create relations with various girls. If you do a good job you will be rewarded by the lovely females.On the game the protagonist will be able to choose how he will interact with the world, but most importantly he will choose how he will speak with the girls, choosing from 3 specials choices the correspond to three different kind of answers, those being:
– The Gentle
– The Naughty
– The Submissive