Kronos Time Titan [v0.855] [Scarlett Young]

Kronos Time Titan [v0.855] [Scarlett Young] Kronos Time Titan [v0.855] [Scarlett Young] Kronos Time Titan [v0.855] [Scarlett Young] Kronos Time Titan [v0.855] [Scarlett Young] Kronos Time Titan [v0.855] [Scarlett Young] Kronos Time Titan [v0.855] [Scarlett Young] Kronos Time Titan [v0.855] [Scarlett Young] Kronos Time Titan [v0.855] [Scarlett Young] Kronos Time Titan [v0.855] [Scarlett Young] Kronos Time Titan [v0.855] [Scarlett Young] Kronos Time Titan [v0.855] [Scarlett Young] Kronos Time Titan [v0.855] [Scarlett Young] Kronos Time Titan [v0.855] [Scarlett Young]
An erotic adult RPG strategy adventure through time: Kronos Time Titan allows you to explore the sandbox of time where you mate with beautiful women and defeat sexy foes in order to restore your Titan powers. With every new Titan power unlocked you can discover new ways to seduce women and find your way into their loincloths!​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-11
Release Date: 2020-05-11
Developer: Scarlett Young WebsitePatreonSubscribeStarDiscordWiki RedditTwitter
Censored: No
Version: 0.855
OS: Windows
Language: English
2D Game, 3DCG, Rpg, Sandbox, Strategy, Superpowers, Turn based combat, Time Travel, Male Protagonist, Bdsm, Creampie, Dilf, Footjob, Groping, Internal View, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Prostitution, Rape, Slave, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Adventure, Fantasy, Graphic violence, Humor, PoV
New features NPCs on the strategic grid will immediately respond verbally to being stripped. Some characters have funny or sexy things to say. NPCs on the strategic grid will immediately respond verbally to being attacked. Action Points added: Players can perform one non-move action per “turn”. These actions include: Attack Strip Talk Powers (not implemented yet) Grab (not implemented yet) Time Rewind Time Travel Once players are out of Action Points, they can still use their remaining Move spaces, or select Wait to end their turn and replenish the Action Points. Enemies will now ATTACK! LifeForce, Energy, and Action Points indicators added to strategic maps. Message pops up to let players know they are out of Action Points and can press spacebar to end their turn. New content Greece 1668 BC Pregnant Zoe sex scene teaser added (developing). The Greek village in 1668 has been changed to reflect the new strategic map. Added minor townsfolk to Greek Village 1668 BC. Jump 8 months into the future to see how your choices play out. Interact with Zoe in the future now. Where is she? New character: traveling merchant Hydna. Interact related to quest. Purchase items from her. Can attack her. Can strip her. Door quest for Zoe New dialogue options for townspeople in Greece 1669 BC. Encounter Zoe in the future Protect Zoe from wolf attack NOTE: This questline will be finished in the next update. Greece 1669 BC Content increased (more coming soon) Greek village can now be explored as a strategic map rather than a single static image. Some new minor NPC characters. New features New code added allows activation of features being tested by beta testers. Level 2+ Perk: The Blue Fairy can be consumed when LifeForce has reached 0. This replaces the Green Fairy as the Level 2+ perk. Level 2+ players can have both the green fairy and the blue fairy. Level 3+ Perk: The Red Fairy can be consumed when LifeForce has reached 0. This replaces the Green Fairy as the Level 3+ perk. Level 3+ players can have the green fairy, blue fairy and the red fairy! Level 2+ Perk: Holding down SPACEBAR during dialogue will fast-forward through everything until the next player interaction. WARNING: you won’t be able to re-read the dialogue until you restart the timeline and encounter that conversation again. Temperament system will change the way other characters react to you based on their fear or hatred of you. For example, Hydna will run from you and you won’t be able to purchase items from her if you attack her. On the strategic map, holding down the RIGHT mouse button for about a second (or double RIGHT clicking) will allow players to WAIT (end turn). If player continues to hold the RIGHT mouse button down, the game will continually WAIT until the button is released, allowing enemies and NPCs to take their turns repeatedly. New website: Game Launcher can delete all game files, allowing players to either delete the game entirely or re-install all of the files. Fight or Flight system added. Other characters on the strategic map will either flee from Kronos or attack him in response to being attacked. NPC actions currently: Stand in place Move randomly Travel to a specific location Flee from Kronos Follow Kronos NPC actions being added soon: Attack (melee) Attack (ranged) Added Powers/Travel option in Kronos’ personal menu. Can now jump to the time selection screen from the strategic map. World Map now displays the location and year Kronos is currently in. Added CREDITS to Main Menu. Features every supporter who has contributed at least $50 and has requested to be added to the credits. New Time Selection menu in preparation for new time periods being added. Current Time Periods: Beginning of Time Greece 1969 BC Greece 1968 BC Changes The ESC key now opens the menu on the World Map and the Strategy Grid (not during dialogue)! The Panic! Key on the left was changed from ESC to ~ (tilde). The Panic! key on the right remains NUM[-]. Added some code to prepare for beta testing a mobile phone companion app which will allow players to connect Kronos Time Titan with their mobile. Some dialogue changes to add jokes, correct typos, grammar. Based on the results of the supporter poll, the font has been updated! Looks great! Thanks everyone!!! The Game Launcher now has the Patreon and SubscribeStar logos and links to the respective pages. The Green Fairy (formerly the Pendant of Panacea) is now an item which can be purchased from Hydna. Level 2/3+ supporters now have access to one or two new fairies. Encountering a wolf on the global map now starts a battle on the strategic map instead of the old text battle. Players will face either 1, 2, or 3 wolves at a time. Time Selection screen now allows players to hold down the LEFT OR RIGHT to cycle through the time periods and upon reaching the end it will automatically cycle back to the beginning, or vice-versa. Added loot to the strategic battle map enemies. Prior to this it was almost impossible to get ENERGY and CURRENCY. Oops! Max LifeForce changed to 40, in order to align better with changes to enemy attack strength. (Major) Greek village converted to full strategic map and Zoe options now expanded to include some of the new game features like NPC following and triggers. Increased attack speed for enemies (was painfully slow before). Movement space icons are now easier to read on both light and dark backgrounds. Full-screen scenes now load zoomed out, to avoid confusion for players who are unfamiliar with the zooming feature. Added some additional movement algorithms to deal with destination spaces being blocked or player being trapped by friendly NPCs. Reduced ktt.exe file size even more, which will make updates a bit faster. Time Selection menu now starts in the current time period instead of at The Beginning of Time. Pendant of Panacea is now the “Green Fairy,” which works the same way. Added placeholders for Salem 1669 and Salem 1969 on the Time Selection menu. Added new scripting so enemies can appear and attack during dialogue with friendly characters (for the purposes of narrative). Added new scripting so game tracks number of enemies remaining (for the purposes of narrative and game advancement). Enemies will now flee when they drop to 0 health. You can still KILL them when they are at 0. Thief battle is now reasonable rather than OP. Game launcher splash screen added while update info loads. Decreased size of Game Launcher to accommodate laptops and tablets with 125% zoomed UI or smaller screens (this does not affect the 1920×1080 resolution of the game). Update to Game Launcher to include better version announcements. Increased size of Game Launcher. Can now speed up dialogue and advance it by clicking anywhere or pressing SPACEBAR instead of having to click inside the dialogue window. The “Panic! at the Kronos” quick-hide buttons have been changed from “ENTER” and “SPACEBAR” to “ESC” and “-” (on the numpad). Refined the script loading code so menus appear faster and are more responsive. Significantly reduced the main game exe file size so updates will