Afterlife [v000652A] [Novin]

Afterlife [v000652A] [Novin] Afterlife [v000652A] [Novin] Afterlife [v000652A] [Novin] Afterlife [v000652A] [Novin] Afterlife [v000652A] [Novin]
Broke and having lost an opportunity at a job in his field, our protagonist does the only thing that makes sense: goes to get shitfaced. Of course, things don’t always go as planned. Soon he will find out what life after death is like.
Thread Updated: 2020-01-09
Release Date: 2019-12-19
Developer: Novin Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v00652A
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
2DCG, Male protagonist, Demon girls, Action, Horror, Transformation,
V.00652(A):-Fixed the first subway car traveling bits. Deleted something I should not have.V.00652:-Fixed the difficulty slider also decreasing/increasing health restored.
-Fixed the first arena day’s train trip having some unintended tag-alongs.
-Fixed the second dungeon first visit day skipping over a cutscene (so, technically there’s new content, but it was actually there all along), for sure this time.
-Fixed some linux version case errors.
-Various other bugs.
-Various typos.
-Various balance tweaks.
-Added Delia 2 to free versionv00651
-Added Delia 2 event with ability that heals attached to it.
-Difficulty slider
-Made the Dream Catcher’s Lair a little brighter.
-Nerfed a bunch of things.
-Added a chest here and there.
-Took out a few encounters
-Nerfed monetary gain from killing enemies a smidge.
-Erased the invisible do nothing enemy from the first visit boss’s encounter.
-Fixed Sybil’s upgrade event causing a black screen.
-Skin tone change reflected in mirror.
-Bunch of typo fixes. v00642
N/A v00641
-Added week 3 ending 1 day before arena fight.
-New dungeon, first visit and subsequent visits.
-Delia event 1.
-Delia new ability.
-Ellis upgrade system (only for the cloud thread atm).
-1 out of three outings. This one outing has 9 choice branches with some minor variation stacked on top.
-More TFs. Like, one event has a ton of possibilities for TFs along the lines you’ve already seen.
-Hard to get, missable, skin color change tf (paler).
-More mental tfs.
-Added idol tier 2 compulsion and way to manage it.
-Added idol tier 2 abilities (depends on fragment).
-Coincidentally, remodeled the building east of the Necropolis Bureau District’s subway entrance. It is now a karaokee joint.
-Added the compulsion for tier 3 Avarice and way to manage it (There will be another way added later).
-Coincidentally, the barber’s shop now also sells stuff. You’ll only be able to buy a nice hair clip at first.
-Added new NPCs around town.
-MANY MANY bug fixes, too many to list. But, here’s one example: when doing the Seki/Kita joint event, if you chose to wait for Seki, your satisfaction would be set at 4(or whatever number) instead of being added to your satisfaction amount. That is no longer the case.
-Reached 210,000 or so words.
-Laid more ground work for choice noises.
-Dotted more i’s and uncrossed some T’s.
-Party change system.
-Very light Encryption v000577
-Added new arena fight
-Added curtains, rugs, posters and style change to the furniture store.
-Added Sybil event 3.
-Added Sybil repeatable.
-Added Ory response to Sybil event 3
-Added Felix Event 3 (accessed through a call after using an underwear item).
-Added Trixie event 3.
-Added 3 new physical TFs.
-Added 2 new skills (1 companion, 1 player)
-3 outfits(not to be used outside of an event, for now)
-Satisfaction system rebalance (Should be harder to get to zero and harder to get to an absurdly high number).
-Experience rebalance (the game should give you additional experience if you’ve already completed a or both dungeon(s) to reflect these changes)
-Stat rebalance (Agility gains severely nerfed, all characters now have different initial stats)
-Enemy rebalance
-Fixed Ellis cafeteria event putting the player in a time warp if done in the afternoon.
-Fixed Ory event leaving picture up.
-Fixed Ory handjob iteration not actually being finished(Whoops)
-Added combat fast forward feature
-Fixed various typos and textbox overruns.
-New NPCs around town
-Changed flame cloak so it now affects all attackers.
-Various collision problems solved.
-Other bug fixes v000563
-Added branching repeatable event for grinding affection from Ory after second event.
-Added the ability to ask ory various questions about people and things after second event. Can have additional side-effects later in game(not implemented side-effects, mind)
-Added choices to tf reactions that will bump certain variables that do certain things(not much atm).
-Added first sex scene.
-Added three additional tfs. You can only get one or the other of two of them in current content, though.
-Added paperdoll for mirror look in bathroom/vanity. Accounts for hair changes(not including hair tie), two other tfs, and butt changes.
-Changed Seki and Kita’s ears. Credit to Icarue for ears.
-Changed menu layout to allow for pictures.
-Added full body/half body pictures for Sybil, Erin, and Ory where appropriate. Art by Noiz.Bug fixes:
-Made cell phone inaccessible during dungeons and important days.
-Fixed tf reactions
-Found issue that would tank performance when the game is tracking player location.
-Made it so Kita meeting with Seki option doesn’t appear early.
-Removed end of content message from the Hospital.
-Typo fixes.
-Various other bug fixes
Developer Notes:
Your saves can transfer between versions, you simply need to move your save folder. If you’re on mac, you don’t need to do this to access previous versions’ saves