Dungeons of Oblivion [v0.002p] [Creiz]

Dungeons of Oblivion [v0.002p] [Creiz] Dungeons of Oblivion [v0.002p] [Creiz] Dungeons of Oblivion [v0.002p] [Creiz]
Dungeons of Oblivion is a cinematic first person narrative-driven artistic squad-based co-op multiplayer survival shooter Battle Royale walking simulator set in a post-apocalyptic zombie infestation with robots and 100% science based Dragons.Nah, I’m pulling your leg. It’s actually a satiric faux Anime parody roguelike JRPG with titties. Huge titties. The hugest. Literally. There’s an important game mechanic in which the player character’s titties get bigger over time. Interested? Read on, then.
: Planned Features – Dynamic Titties!
– Multiple Endings!
– Mini games!
– An engaging story spanning 4 different playable characters.
– A Revolutionary combat system reminiscent of Xenogears and Legend of Legaia.
– Emergent gameplay!
– Procedurally generated dungeon full of traps, puzzles, enemies and loot!
– Costume destruction!
– Each character is planned to have 5 exclusive costumes, apart from a dozen of shared ones.
– Crafting and enhancements!
– More than 250 items!
– Full soundtrack of awesome EDM/Synthwave/Euro/City Pop/Hip Hop music made by the great and talented… well, me. Ahem.
– The game comes in three versions. Normal, R-Rated (which is normal but with bare nipples and other tame maturities) and a very kinky, very not catholic XXX version.
Updated: 23/09/2018
Developer/Publisher: Creiz – Indiegogo | Reddit | @Creiz
Censorship: None
Version: 0.002p
OS: Windows
Language: English
RPG, Breast Expansion, Gender Bender, futanari, trap, hucows, lesbian, gay, vore(optional), tentacles, pregnancy, rape, consensual