Hiiragi's Practice Diary [K-DRIVE!]

Hiiragi's Practice Diary [K-DRIVE!] Hiiragi's Practice Diary [K-DRIVE!] Hiiragi's Practice Diary [K-DRIVE!] Hiiragi's Practice Diary [K-DRIVE!]
Yoshiyuki Hīragi is a rather mediocre student and member of his school’s swimming club. To top it all off, Hīragi is completely unlucky when it comes to love and can’t land himself a girlfriend. One day, the swimming club captain Yui Kōsaka (who is also the student council president and the school’s heartthrob) tells Hīragi that they can "practice" together so Hīragi will know what to do when he finally gets a girlfriend.NOTE: This visual novel was originally released as a freeware game made with the LiveMaker engine. I ripped the script and assets of the original and ported them to the Ren’Py engine so I could translate it as the LiveMaker engine was created especifically for making games in Japanese and thus is notoriously difficult to patch.​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-12
Release Date: 2013-10-27 (LiveMaker original); 2020-05-12 (Ren’Py port)
Original Title: 柊くんの調教日記
Aliases: Hiiragi-kun no Choukyou Nikki
Developer: K-DRIVE! Website
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
2D Game, 2DCG, Censored, Kinetic Novel, Japanese Game, Male Protagonist, Anal Sex, Ahegao, Creampie, Gay, Handjob, Internal View, Oral Sex, Teasing
1. Extract and run.
2020-25-12: v1.0/Final released
Translator Notes/FAQ:
1. Why is this a recreation/port? Why didn’t you use the original engine?The original game was made with the LiveMaker engine. LiveMaker games can have their resources easily extracted, but patching them is another story, as not all of them support half-width characters. As such, recreating the game turned out to be a better alternative.2. What exactly is different between the original and this version?This recreation uses all visual and audio assets from the original in their original resolution, except for the menus.Some brief screen shaking effects were added at certain points of the sex scenes (primarily during orgasms), but the actual text is as faithful to the original as a translation can be.3. But I checked the original and the music sounds different!The original game used .mdi audio files. As Ren’Py does not support that format, they had to be converted into .mp3. The problem with .mdi files is that they do not contain music per se… they contain instrumental instructions. Basically, they are a music sheet that plays itself. .mdi files are bound to sound different depending on the player used, so it’s no wonder the end result of the conversion sounds a little off.4. Why doesn’t this version have a CG gallery? The original had one.Believe me, I tried. I’m not a Ren’Py expert in any way, shape, or form. All the tutorials that I tried were either a) not beginner friendly, b) outdated and thus not compatible with the newest Ren’Py version, or c) outright led to a 404 page. Considering that distributing the game together with all ripped assets was always my plan, I decided that a CG gallery would be redundant anyway.5. The second sex scene shows a character with a shirt but the narration says he’s shirtless! What’s going on?That confused me too! The text is translated correctly, believe me. If you look at the ripped assets included with this recreation, you’ll see that while all CGs are used, some backgrounds and MANY sprites are not. I believe that all visual assets were done before the actual writing, leading to this discrepancy. The number of unused assets suggests the creator had to reduce the game’s scale and didn’t feel like redrawing the CG with the shirtless character.