Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games]

Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games] Future Fantasy Harem [v0.3] [Niteowl Games]
In a future, post-apocalyptic world in which everything is possible, create your own harem with humans, elves, demons and other races, get to know Interzone and the Clans that rule it, navigate a realm full of mysteries and intrigue as you pursue your own goals, produce porn and complete a main mission and several side-quests any way you see fit.
Will you pursue true love and be a selfless hero, or focus instead on profit and selfish goals? The choice is yours.
: more information In a post-apocalyptic future, various races inhabit the Earth (Elves, Demons, Orcs and others), or rather, they inhabit the Mainland, the only landmass to survive a series of cataclysmic events. Other survivors found shelter on smaller island, including the scientists who created the artificial island of Myrrial and the spires of gleaming Technotlan, their only city, before genetically engineering a new, long-living human race; The Civilized.
You will play the part of Rigger, a Civilized heading to the Mainland as official envoy of Technotlan and ready to start a new life (you can keep the name ‘Rigger’ or choose a new one). You were tasked with representing your people, but also creating your own harem and producing porn for your fellow Civilized…. but as soon as the game begins, members of Technotlan’s council will also charge you with another far more dangerous mission.Now Featuring approx. 1,000 Images – 30+ H scenes – Various Characters and Storylines
Thread Updated: 2020-05-17
Release Date: 2020-05-09
Developer: Niteowl Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
3DCG, Male Protagonist, Harem, Group Sex, Domination, Bondage, Oral Sex, Lesbian Sex, Romance, Vaginal Sex, Prostitution, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Management, Monster, Monster Girl, Elves, Demons, Succubus, Catgirls, Orcs, Animated, Sandbox, Cosplay, Religion, Anal, Exhibitionism.
– Changed Shandar’s Trial (mc won’t have to share her)
– Made Goth special Production optional, so Goth storyline can be continued even if you don’t want Fern to Play with Ilyana and Sapphire)
– Added several scenes for Shandar (training and punishment)
– Added Cosplay Shop (becomes available after Shandar Trial, at the bazaar)
– From the Cosplay shop only two outfits are available for now: Fern Gimp and Sapphire Schoolgirl (after Sapphire joins your harem), simply because I need time to add more content for the other outfits. The gimp outfit opens another version of her bondage BJ, and the school girl outfit enables a special production with Sapphire (with repeatable scenes after the first performance)
– Added a scene with Keisha, the girl that works at the cosplay shop
– Added other dialogues in the goth storyline (keep visiting Ilyana even after Sapphire joins the harem)
– Added repeatable dates with Fern (the first date will also trigger the next part of the Fern love story)
– Also, after the trial Alchemists abode becomes available
– Created option to have Shandar work for the alchemists (non-sexual, as an assistant) to generate extra income.
Developer Notes:
Old saves are, generally speaking, compatible with the update and certainly won’t crash the game.
However: PLEASE USE SAVEGAMES FROM DAY 8 (or earlier).
Many of the story scenes in 0.2 have been modified, rewritten to allow MC more control over girls in the harem. Also, special productions are optional and it’s easier to continue in the Goths storyline. (More in the game guide added above).
As stated, please use saves no later than Day8.About the Dev and the game’s development:
I’m a Canadian passionate about writing and the last few years I’ve also dabbled with DAZ Studio and Ren’Py coding. Since I was also interested in creating a game set in a post-apocalyptic future, here I am, after months of hard work, releasing the first chapter of Future Fantasy Harem.
While I am quite happy with the story and the characters, of course the game is the work of an amateur and it’s far from perfect. In fact, I think it can be improved in many ways, starting with the graphics, but really every area could be better.
I’m aware of the game’s weaknesses but I also believe it has strengths: the wide variety of characters and races, an interesting story that will allow the main character to explore the Mainland and get to know, and maybe fuck, its inhabitants.
So, while I think a lot of work will need to be done, I’m happy I put together a lot of material on characters and lore of this fantasy world, created a complex stats system that will later be put to many uses, and learned how to do most of the coding it will require…. In the future my main goal will be to build on this, and to keep improving the quality of the images and the animations. I also plan to add other features, like a shop with costumes for the harem girls.Gameplay
The first couple of days are mainly just a kinetic novel, since I have to introduce a whole new world and some of the main characters…… but more and more choices will be available, and, within this chapter, the game will transition to more of a Sandbox feel… as the player you will have the option of focusing on the storyline, interact with the first girl to join the harem, or interact with some of the dancers (read whores) at the Brimstone Club. Naturally, more material needs to be added, but chapter one already offers plenty of choices to the player.
A little text heavy for now…..but for me the beauty of a game like this is a detailed story with lots of background info about the fantasy world we play in, so I hope some of you will appreciate it.
I also want to point out that in this game choices will mainly affect how you complete the game, not if you complete it. There are no choices that lead to a quick ending…rather, certain choices will make the way you play the game and interact with the characters, or the ending, vary.
Many side-quests, or the way you perform tasks for the main story, can be roughly described as part of the ‘Light Path’ (focus on love and romance, and other selfless deeds) or dark path (in which the player mainly pursues selfish goals like money, pleasure and collecting slaves).
So, the game is not really about whether you complete it or not, it’s about how you play it, and that will be entirely up to you.
One last thing on this topic: some characters could be involved in either dark or light story-lines (like the first girl added to the harem, Fern)…. Other characters, or situations, will instead involve only light or dark paths….. In chapter two one potential slave is a dark storyline, while another character will have a light story line. You, as the player, will be free to pursue all of those paths or none at all. Things can change though….so even though a story is dark at first, for example, later you might be able to change that.Genre and Fetishes
As indicated in the genre section, and the game’s development thread, the main focus will be on:
Male protag., Straight sex (oral, vaginal, group, anal), group sex, bondage, cosplay and lesbian sex (meaning some scenes won’t feature any men, or dicks, at all)
In the future I also plan to add other fetishes,, but the ones mentioned above will be the bulk of the game, anything else will be minor. And of course a wide variety of characters and situations).
Possible additional fetishes include:
Pregnancy, blackmail, dub-con sex, transformations (voluntary), Futa. But, like I said, all of these will be minor and easily avoidable…. This game is all about choices and you will never be forced to do or see anything you don’t want to.
Patrons feedback will also influence new fetishes added to the game.NO: Incest, rape, NTR, bestiality (some of the characters could, though, be involved in interesting incest scenarios in material custom-created for Patreon supporters, for example, or maybe introduced in the story as a form of role play… depending on feedback).Hopes
I hope you will enjoy the game and perhaps choose to support me on Patreon. I will be extremely grateful to anybody who does, and I intend to keep developing the game to the best of my abilities and providing supporters with unique content. Depending on support, I will also consider adding collaborators to make the game even better.
If you are unable to support me that’s okay, I understand, but if you enjoy the game, well, becoming a follower on Patreon or posting a few positive comments on F95 threads costs nothing….. Anybody likes to feel appreciated once in a while……Being from Canada, and new to this business, I’m afraid my Patreon page is still in its beginning (can’t talk about producing this kind of game with friends and family, unfortunately).This is a very ambitious project, whose ultimate goal is to create a fantasy world in which players will be able to have a lot of fun with a wide range of characters…..
So, one last time, if you love erotic fantasy plese support me on Patreon. This game has great potential but I really need your help to make it as great as we would all want it to be.Either way, I hope you’ll enjoy the game…. The next update is already under construction (and it will activate the cosplay shop, already done).
Take care, hope to hear from you here or on Patreon/Discord.
Questions and comments are, of course, welcome and I will do my best to reply in a timely manner.Game Guide (New -may contain s):
As the game becomes more complex, thanks to the addition of several new components and storylines develop, I think it’s time for a quick guide1- Gold coins
– MC gets a regular stipend every five days
– Special Productions will mean an increase (temporary) for the following stipend
– It is now also possible to have girls in the harem do non-sexual work for extra income (only Shandar in 0.3 but Fern will get her job in the next update)
– It’s also possible to make money by completing side quests (details in the game… just talk to many characters in Interzone)2- Dark/Light side quests and characters
– Interaction with harem girls can be mainly dark (domination) or light (love/romance), or both (Fern is open to both types, for example)
– Also worth noting that choices will affect their stats. Generally, niceness increases their love/affection, while training and domination increase their obedience. As those stats change, more scenes/paths will become available. In some case choices will have to be made (increasing their love will lead to certain outcomes, increasing their obedience will lead to other outcomes)
-Repeatable dates can be a way to increase stats like love and affection, while training usually increases obedience- Side quests….. There will be storylines with major turning points, clearly indicated in the game as such. That means that once a certain major choice has been made, a light or dark path, that particular sidequest will only lead to certain outcomes and only allow certain types of interaction with the characters involved-All major choices, for characters or quests, won’t prevent a player from completing the game (or lead to unavoidable early deaths), but they will greatly affect how the game is completed and the type of ending.3- Cosplay Shop – Available at the Bazaar after the trial
– buying outfits will unlock new scenes, special productions etc (as content is added, obviously)
– If you want a complimentary BJ from Keisha, after you buy and outfit she will ask "Anything else?" – answer no and then have fun (if you continue shopping you won’t see that scene)Those are the basics for now. Feel free to ask questions in the thread. More will be added as more content is added to the game)