Xin Nightmare [v0.5.2] [HentaiRed]

Xin Nightmare [v0.5.2] [HentaiRed] Xin Nightmare [v0.5.2] [HentaiRed] Xin Nightmare [v0.5.2] [HentaiRed] Xin Nightmare [v0.5.2] [HentaiRed] Xin Nightmare [v0.5.2] [HentaiRed] Xin Nightmare [v0.5.2] [HentaiRed] Xin Nightmare [v0.5.2] [HentaiRed] Xin Nightmare [v0.5.2] [HentaiRed] Xin Nightmare [v0.5.2] [HentaiRed] Xin Nightmare [v0.5.2] [HentaiRed]
If one day a giant bear enters to eat you to devour you, do not worry because you have not gone mad; you have only become a most delicious breakfast. Welcome to Xin Nightmare, a world that exudes as much cuteness as perversion. Never a breakfast was so pleasant.​
Thread Updated: 2019-07-24
Release Date: 2019-07-24
Developer: HentaiRed WebsitePatreonTwitterYoutubeFacebookInstagram
Censored: No
Version: 0.5.2
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English, Spanish
Voices: English
3D game, 2DCG, Loli, Animated, Masturbation, Sex toys, Vaginal sex, Female protagonist, Bestiality (Cartoon Teddy Bears), Mobile game, Voiced
– New 10 levels
– New 4 sexual scenes in 3DV0.5.1:
– Fixed bugsV0.5:
– New 10 levels
– New 4 sexual scenes in 3DV0.4.4:
– New 10 levels
– New 4 sexual scenes in 3D
– Fixed Bugs.V0.4.3:
– Added graphic quality options.
– Added options for the quality of the shadows.
– New exclusive cloth for Xin (Only Patreon).
– Fixed Bugs.V0.4.2:
– New Cloth System
– Nurse cloth added
– Minor bugfixesV0.4.1:
– Minor bugfixes (Error in x86 architectures)V0.4:
– New 3D System, all the sexual scenes are now in 3D.
– New 16 sexual scenes in 3D
– World 4 with 10 stages (Early Access on Patreon)
– World 3 now public.
– Jump and movement enhanced
– Minor bugfixesV0.2.1:
– Jump Enhanced
– New animation: Bear Tokens
– Some Stages Revamped
– Easy Mode available
– Minor BugfixesV0.2:
– World 2, Ice Bear (10 new levels)
– New mechanics: Snow, it will freeze you if you touch it.
– New sexual scene
– New image in gallery
– Cloud System to save the games online
– Fixed bugs
Developer Notes:
Hi! I want to explain the delay in the updates and the future of this game.
This game did not get "a big support" in patreon (I do not complain, if it was not supported, it is perhaps because it was not good enough).
So right now I am with other developments that "more or less" have more support than this title.
I would have liked to finish this project many months ago, but it didn’t give me time.
So today I publish the last available update of the game, the game has 2 updates left before it is finished, 1 update adds 2D scenes to all levels, and the last update adds a final world.
Once the game is finished, I would like to launch a sequel to it, which corrects many errors in the gameplay and improves its visual quality.
I apologize for the delay, I know that although many people did not like it, I do know that other people did like this game, and for them, this title will end.I want to thank ALL those who once supported this game, and all those who wait for the end of the title, as I said, for you, this game will end.