Erodio [v0.10] [MiZtyl]

Erodio [v0.10] [MiZtyl] Erodio [v0.10] [MiZtyl] Erodio [v0.10] [MiZtyl] Erodio [v0.10] [MiZtyl] Erodio [v0.10] [MiZtyl] Erodio [v0.10] [MiZtyl] Erodio [v0.10] [MiZtyl] Erodio [v0.10] [MiZtyl]
The story takes place in the medieval time. You play as a young man whose parents all died years ago. Roxanne let you work at her tavern since then. Ai, a girl whom you and Roxanne rescued after her ship-wrecked accident also lives with you two and works for Roxanne. You don’t have many friends except Ai and Princess Myra who always suddenly appears from nowhere. Your life is so peaceful. Until one day, you feel the need of love. But who will you choose among many beautiful girls and women around you?​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-21
Release Date: 2020-05-01
Developer: Harem Adult Games Patreon Discord
Censored: No
Version: 0.10
OS: Windows/Linux, Mac
Language: English
3dcg, Male Protagonist, Harem, MILF, Virgin, Romance, ntr
Not provided anymore.v0.6
Harem: erotic scenes with Myra and Amity (not penetration yet). NTR: erotic scenes for Ketha and Amity. Version 0.6 has 145 new imagesv0.5
The Harem route has some problems so it’s shorter than I expected, only the NTR route has intimacy scenes. I’ll fix it and release longer update in January (version 0.6).v0.4
Not available.
Please notice that you should play from before Amity appears or else you won’t be able to see some new scenes for some routes.v0.3
Changed the point system. Please play from the beginning so that it will lead you to the right scene.