Fap-Life [28-01-2019] [Likkezg]

Fap-Life [28-01-2019] [Likkezg] Fap-Life [28-01-2019] [Likkezg] Fap-Life [28-01-2019] [Likkezg] Fap-Life [28-01-2019] [Likkezg] Fap-Life [28-01-2019] [Likkezg] Fap-Life [28-01-2019] [Likkezg]
a game about alyx vance getting fugged by monsters​
Thread Updated: 2019-02-04
Release Date: 2019-01-29
Developer/Publisher: Likkezg site
Censorship: None
Version: Demo
OS: Win 64, Linux
Language: English
3d game, anal sex, combat, female protagonist, monster, vaginal sex
change notes (since last version):-New outfit: Aperture suit-New outfit: Cyberpunk sleepwear-now jiggle amount is based on size-cum material has been greatly improved-new clothes system moves stuff out of the way during cutscenes-Added sounds to everything except for voice acting-New enemy: Vortigaunt (can join in a gangbang up to 4)-New enemy: Combine shieldscanner (drops sex toys)-New animation: Fast headcrab can now jump on Alyx’s head if the hitbox is closer-Added lube bottle sex toy (fisting animation)-Added dildo sex toy (riding animation)-Improved all ragdols to not look dumb-Improved ai path finding and logic a bit-New camera system (up to 5 cameras)Demo:
-added alternative Quiet model + Quiet outfit
-added shotgun
-added healing station (gloryhole)
-added cum particles
-added boob/bum size sliders
-new face animations for idle, damage and shooting
-barnacles now drop the tentacle to correct height automatically
-lots of bug fixes
Quiet model was kinda a test for replacing the main character. She will be later removed from the game and exist as a separate mod.
E – cum/continueScroll – Zoom in/outV – slow downB – speed upRMB – Aim
TO SWITCH OUTFITS / PROPORTIONS HIT ESCAlt – enter/leave free camera mode1,2,3,4,5 – Switch between camerasF – freeze/unfreeze timeMouse scroll – change FOV-Test map now allows you to spawn as many monsters as you like and clear the stage-Partly added controller support