Down and Out with Paris and Marion [v0.0.5a] [Sesquip]

Down and Out with Paris and Marion [v0.0.5a] [Sesquip] Down and Out with Paris and Marion [v0.0.5a] [Sesquip] Down and Out with Paris and Marion [v0.0.5a] [Sesquip]
You are a guy who has decided to skip town to reboot his life and make some changes, hopefully those changes are your choice, some might not be. I plan mental and physical changes, mainly of the MtF variety, but I may try other things too
Updated: 07/25/2018
Developer: Sesquip
Version: 0.0.5a
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, MacOS, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Html, Adventure, Femdom, Humiliation
Bugfixes from
Bit of a placeholder. More content with all the main characters. Day 5 finished.0.0.4i
Bugfix. Some permutations weren’t triggering on day 5 café scene.
Also some stuff wasn’t triggering for a dream related to penis size.0.0.4g
Inchoate checbock system to skip around the game with different choices/stats to see different content


Bar first night done. Content with Cheryl, Amanda, Bianca, Marcus. Content that features crossdressing, cum and chastity. Forced and unforced. There’s numerous different branches/variations depending on previous choices and choices on the night. You can even get a hj
Mainly a style update. Some tiny content at the bar, but no more than a teaser really.0.0.4d
Small bugfixes. Thanks to Trinity for finding them.0.0.4c
A few more scenes involving Paris and Marion on day 4. Some things might not happen dependent on various choices.