Paying Guest [v0.10] [DelightedWolf]

Paying Guest [v0.10] [DelightedWolf] Paying Guest [v0.10] [DelightedWolf] Paying Guest [v0.10] [DelightedWolf] Paying Guest [v0.10] [DelightedWolf] Paying Guest [v0.10] [DelightedWolf] Paying Guest [v0.10] [DelightedWolf] Paying Guest [v0.10] [DelightedWolf]
As the player you will experience different story lines and dating scenarios with many different girls. You arrive in a new city but you have nowhere to live. Your sister Amy’s friend Katherine lives in the city and is short on cash so she agrees to have you as a paying guest until you find a place of your own.
What sort of adventures await you in this game is up to you to find. There are many locations to explore in a big city. This is an open city sandbox like game which has the potential to keep on expanding.
Updated: 14/07/2017
Developer/Publisher: DelightedWolf
Censorship: None
Version: 0.10 Fixed
Platform: PC/Windows
Language: English
3DCG, Interactive Visual Novel, Voyeurism, Corruption, Masturbation, Seduction
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "PayingGuest.exe" to start playing.
: Changelog Version 0.9 Changelog
Four new erotic scenes (Natasha shower scene only partially finished)
Option to increase affection points and stats to 500 for existing players.
Bug fixes for background musicVersion 0.7 Changelog:
Here is the new stuff that you can find in this update:
1) Icons to navigate into rooms instead of menu options.
2) Character information pages which can be accessed by clicking on the character score portraits.
3) Kitchen romantic scene’s erotic ending in the bedroom is finished.
This update will have breaking changes for your existing saves so you need to do different stuff like progress time or sleep for the day to reset the variables.
Version 0.6
This update has two new erotic animations that I leave for you guys to find out. Also Samantha submission options are now available in all dialogue rooms.Change log Version 0.5
1) A new animated erotic scene with Kathy.2) Submission options with Sam(limited to kitchen as of now).3) Background music.4) Code optimization.List of updates 0.4:1) A new erotic scene in the bedroom(I leave it to you guys to find out!).2) Spy on Kathy in the shower.3) Talk options with Samantha.4) A couple of bug fixes.
: Walkthrough Katherine Locations:
06:00 AM On bed waking up
07:00 AM Shower
08:00 AM Washroom
09:00 AM Bedroom
10:00 AM Kitchen
11:00 AM Living
06:00 PM Living
07:00 PM Workout-Area
09:00 PM Kitchen
10:00 PM Living
11:00 PM Bedroom
12:00 AM Bedroom
Katherine Affection Score Scene Accessibility:
Sleep with Kathy on the same bed = 200
Naked sleeping = 700
Naked Cuddling = 800