World After War [v0.22] [Crazy Forge Studio]

World After War [v0.22] [Crazy Forge Studio] World After War [v0.22] [Crazy Forge Studio] World After War [v0.22] [Crazy Forge Studio] World After War [v0.22] [Crazy Forge Studio] World After War [v0.22] [Crazy Forge Studio] World After War [v0.22] [Crazy Forge Studio] World After War [v0.22] [Crazy Forge Studio] World After War [v0.22] [Crazy Forge Studio]
You play as Jack, a young nerd and a virgin, who wakes up on a military base inside a mountain, in a NRF (nuclear refugees facility) place for VIPs and government people,a great war that has wrecked the whole world, now you are the leader of the group, you and 5 other beautiful women,you need to keep that place in order, go out in the world in search of resources, keep the base with a good supply of water, food and electricity, improve your base to make your roommates happy, repair / build robots to collect resources, study and discover new improvements and technologies and survive in this apocalyptic world!
Thread Updated: 2020-05-22
Release Date: 2020-04-20
Developer: Crazy Forge Studio PatreonDiscordWebsite
Censored: No
Version: 0.22
OS: Windows
Language: English
3DCG, Male Protagonist, Sci-fi, Masturbation, Milf
-More content on The Survivors Quest. v0.21
New content:
-More 3 actions with Jennifer in the room.
Minor Changes:
-You can see each girl once for each shelter location.
– A message will appear if the girl is resting alone and you already saw her today in this place of the shelter.
-Trigger a shelter location scene ignores now if the Main character is resting on the work schedules.
-The option of placing the team inside the shelter and depositing all things no longer deposits gasoline.
-More roles added to the game, check the room bookshelf.
-The mine gives fewer resources and is now giving titanium ore.
-More building upgrades/researches available.v0.20
-A new girl can get spanked.
-Bathe together with Samantha and Mary.
-More 3 actions with Ai in the room.
-A new Short Quest.Minor Changes:
-Fixed, Close / Load the game right after activating the cookie mission scene, it would cause the mission to restart.
-Fixed, Close / Load the game right after inviting to the room to movie/talk, correctly save.
-Fixed an option that would skip the entire research quest when you talk with Samantha in the bio lab.
-Fixed, morning scenes now automatically save correctly.
-A small UI appears every time the game saves.
– The Cookies Quest is now more easily activated on the B Floor and not in the kitchen.v0.19.1New content:
-Visit Ai while she is relaxing in the Living room.
-New Action in Room: Kiss.
-New Action in Room with Ai: ass rubbing.
-Mc overhears someone gossiping in the bathroom.
-The 2 buttons to enter the shelter are now red if the MC is not in the shelter, and show a message.
-If you save in the map view and enter the shelter, it now loads the correct image.
-Save system fix, if you leave/load right after the end of a scene, the autosave works correctly.
-Save system fix, if you leave/load right after "11 pm scene", the autosave works correctly.v0.16.1
New content:
-More content on The Survivors Quest.
-1 Big breast serum scene in the Bio lab with Samantha.Minor Changes:
-Added 5 themes for the game.
-Some polish on the UI.
-Fixed 2 buttons in the Samanta bio lab Scene.
-Fixed a button for The Survivors mission appearing at the wrong time.
-Save System Fix, The game wasn’t storing the UI correctly after the end of some scenes and when you invite a girl to your room.v0.15
New content:
-New Diary note.
-The first part of a new Quest.Minor Changes:
-The living room, pool, Bar, and the factory are accessible with the card.
-The Hangar is accessible.
-Screwdriver and Spanner can be crafted after built Factory, one-time use, but it’s cheap to craft.
-Small and large steel boxes on the doors of floor A and floor B of the outside, can be unlocked with screwdriver and Spanner.
-Enter inside the facilities of the shelter directly clicking on the location button.Fixes:
-The maximum light capacity was showing the wrong value after putting something in the craft queue.v0.14
New content:
-New Diary note.Minor Changes:
-Some fix on the save system.
-Fixed, Opening the Dial Menu and Esc menu switches correctly.
-The shelter gets dirty slower, of 50% to 20% per day.**
-Shelter cleaning is slower, 10 to 25 minutes for each 1%.***
-Diary notes and photos can be checked early.
-Fixed, Roles/Main character name was not appearing properly.v0.13.1
-Fix, Now the game correctly save scenes changes, when you leave the place.v0.13
Put a type of movie that the girl doesn’t like very much, she will get bored and fall into sleep and then some options will appear.
Minor Changes:
-Now you can save/load the game during dialogue. (Not recommended yet)
-The save and load menu shows the time and date of saved games and is sorted by the last saved time.
-Now you can Drag your camera holding the LMB/left click in the map view/command center.
-Added shortcut to Command Center on Floor B.
-Fixed 3 "Exit" button of the kitchen.
-Fixed, Nebraska province was written wrong.v0.12
-Christmas event scene available after Day 42 in the bedroom while checking the backpack.
-Fix: While you select the Save / Load, it correctly shows the day and time of the saved games.v0.11
-Added Jennifer Quest.
-Added Jennifer room new actions: Blowjob and Missionary sex.
-Added a new button that automatically deposits resources and puts the squad into the shelter.v0.10
-New diary note.
– Back button to menus.
– Added Cleaning and Resting to the work schedule, Now work schedule prioritizes in this order if there is no work assigned: craft, research, build, clean, and rest.
– Ui shows if there are idle survivors inside the shelter.
– Added 2 new transport helicopter tier 2 and tier 3: Black Hawk HE and Chinook HE.
– Added a warning that you can’t leave the shelter with vehicles and aircrafts without gas.
– Added language selection in game start.v0.9.1
-New Dial UI.
-Command Center and Backpack now show correcly on day 3.
-Fixed dirty water exceeding the max storage capacity;
-The last diary note is unlocked before the day shown.
-Skip to day 3 start with 50 morale not 20.
-Shelter start to get dirty only after day 2.v0.9
New Content:
-Continuation of research quest.
-A new Diary note.
-New action in Room with Ai: Blowjob angry pirate position . Need +10 heart with her.
Minor Changes:
-New Aircraft: Vulture HE.
-Added build Basic Electronics Workbench.
-Added build Basic Engine Workbench.
-Added craft Electric Engine Unit.
-Added craft Advanced Circuit.
-Added Upgrades and research of Water Pump tier: 8 and 9.
-Added Upgrades and research of Greenhouse tier: 5,6 and 7.
-Added Upgrades and research of Solar Panel: 5 and 6.
-Added Upgrades and research of Water purifier tier: 6 and 7.
-Mines give more resources.
-Hospital give more resources.
-50% of the water used in bath become dirty water and are added to Dirty Water tank.
-Maintain the shelter clean is more important now.
New locals:
-Power Plant.
-Fixed a visual bug, while looking close to the girls: Jennifer, Michelle and Samantha, while them are inside her chamber.
-Fixed a electricity help text with a wrong value.
-Fixed a bug when crafting items, was giving much more items than it should, this only fix new items assigned in the queue.
Minor changes:
-Added a estimated travel timeV0.8
New Content:
Continuation of the cookie eater quest.
Bathroom Scene with Jennifer.
Quest With Ai.V0.7
Minor changes:
-New Local: Clinic
-Added a shortcut button on to upper side Ui in World Map to squad/shelter management.
New content:
-2 Diary notes in the notebook.
-Fixed game crashing when groping Jennifer.
Minor Changes:
-Open Craft menu, Research menu, Build Menu, Work schedule Ui and Summary Ui with you keyboard, Pressing "1" to "5"
-Added more Information about: Work Schedules and Hot Scenes.
-Added a mark in the location that you want to go with the squad.
-Doors visually shows if it have fuses and cable and are working properly.
-The production of energy now calculate before food and water.
-Smelt iron and copper ore now cost 10 > 5 energy.v0.6.1
-Gym Door working properly,
-Fixed sleep button of the end of the first day.v0.6.0
-Replicator and Greenhouse fixed.New content:
-The Gym Quest.Minor Changes:
-Information in World Map in the Help menu about: Food,Water and energy production, Vehicles, shelter management, Max stock.
-Added a short-cut button between the mc bedroom and World map.
-Summary check if you have enough resources to make food in replicator.
-Some texts font changedv0.5.3
-The Market on the left side not empty anymore.
-Cancel button of crafts,builds and research working.
-Peak Mary in bathroom fix.
-Happyness of survivors can’t descrease bellow 0 now.
-Watch a movie with samantha show properly images.
-Resources of RMB now show the max amount of stock properly.New
-Zooming out on the map now shows the names of states.
-Start a new game give you a option to skip to day 3.Added:
Folder with Help, Hints and Walkthrough.v0.5.0
– 2 scenes of past.
– 1 quest with samantha with some hot scenes.
– 1 quest with Ai.
– Invite a girl to watch movie before sleep.
– Invite a girl to your room to talk, actions( only hug for now), give gifts.
– 2 hot scenes with Ai after watch a specific type movie.
– Progress in bathroom with Ai and Jennifer.v0.4.1
BugFix and changes:
– Houses have now a small change to give you scrap iron and iron plate and have +5 resources points.
– Markets have +10 resources points.
– Gas Station have +10 resources points.
– Hospital have more change to get itens.
– Food cans give double carbons.
– Water bottles give double dirty water.
– Step van consume half fuel now.
– Step van is a little more slow now 2.2 > 2.0. (but is 4x more fast then walking)
– Bathing morale show correct value.
– Can Upgrade water pump till tier 7, getting 175 water units per day.
– information about hapiness and cleanliness in the word map help menu.
– Have lunch with the group now give double morale.
12h00 to 12h29 before +2 / +4 Now
12h30 to 12h59 before +1 / +2 Now
– Removed a Exit Game Button.
– Fixed a bug that when you leave the game and go to menu it’s duplicate the database.
– Happiness of each survivor in Relationship menu update every second.
– Fixed Fridge, water tanks and Battery center.
– Fixed Talk about cookies button.
New Feature:
– NEW! Quest update UI.(pops up a Ui showing next objetive)
– Super vision, Hold Z Button (show hidden stuff)
– Change Main Character Name anytime and everywhere(Don’t use same name of persons that you have on your shelter)
No new content.v0.4
New features:
– Added World Map
– Added Craft System
– Added Research System
– Added Build System
– Added Resources production.
– Added Sleep to end Day, calculate resources spent.
– Added Summary showing food, water, energy and morale, gains and spends.
– Added Squad Management. deposit and withdraw squad resources.
– Added Rules, set how much each member will use of water and food per day.
– Added Work Schedule, assign what each member will do in each hour of the day.
New content:
– Added Animation of Mary, Jennifer, Samantha and Michelle inside chambers.
– 1 Short Quest.
– Scene of each girl when them waken of they chambers.
– Scene of each girl after waken.
– Scene of each girl in bathroom.