Damsel Quest 3 [v1.31] [AzureZero]

Damsel Quest 3 [v1.31] [AzureZero] Damsel Quest 3 [v1.31] [AzureZero] Damsel Quest 3 [v1.31] [AzureZero]
The biggest AzureZero game! The 3rd game in the Damsel Quest series, a bondage fantasy rpg.
Story Princess Ren sets out on a huge adventure to cure the "horny foxgirl" curse ailing her friend Emi with the help of Emi and Ren’s half sister Kiri. Along the way they get into all sorts of sexual escapades fighting slavers, monsters and a cabal of mages all intent on f*cking them silly. How will she and her team fare against sexual harassment? Will they cure Emi? or will they be tied up, stripped, and f*cked as sex slaves?
: Features – the girls can get stripped and captured in battle if they fall in combat the girls are captured and need to be rescued, complete with sex scenes. Bad ends occur in special situations such as losing to bosses. The trial version lets you play the first half of the game.- 4-5 hours of gameplay spanning across 3 different routes and 4 endings.- 59 base H cg- Several fun erotic minigames to enjoy. Updated: 13/11/2017
Developer/Publisher: AzureZero
Censorship: Yes
OS: Windows
Version: v1.31
Language: English
Female Protag, 2dcg, rape, bdsm
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Damsel Quest 3.exe" to install the game.
You trigger it by sleeping at the inn while either emi or kiri are wearing slave outfits. the next day they’ll have gone to aya’s room for help removing them.
Theres a lewd nun in the red light district that can assist you in getting only one character into a slave outfit.
Once emi’s event is triggered, the next day she’ll be watching aya in the strip club in the red light district. (Aya also gets a nice pretty cg)
the day after you pick her up from there though, emi herself will be dancing.V1.001
-Removed reinitialise characters sparkle
– fixed bug in elkia ruin where if you lose characters in the boss fight you can’t leave the room.
– fixed bug where losing to the 2nd final boss doesnt play whole scene
– grammar fixes (is binded to is bound)
-Poison status leaves after fights.
-removed global file that had the 3 endings won alreadyV1.002
-Fixed bug with garricks minigame where you win instantly if you beat the bunny girl prior.
-Fixed yuki’s door at the inn.
– removed chests in dungeons that give out the same key items as the ones in the inn for beating the game.v1.003
-fixed bounty item text
– slave arena bugs fixed
– magic barrier skill fixed
– removed text on jump down in mines 2 (because emi and kiri are rescued elsewhere), and fixed change room events
– changed katsu’s escape text
– prize money added to library stealth game
– nerfed infinite supply of hi-potions.
– buffed slimegirl miniboss
-sideview disabledv1.004
– removed bug where you can get unstripped during stealth segment
– fixed the mines again (i missed one)
– added end battle event to claw battles if all girls get hypnotised.
– slime girl miniboss tweaked again.v1.1
– new cg
– games 2 first routes completed