Shinobi Girl [KooooN Soft]

Shinobi Girl [KooooN Soft] Shinobi Girl [KooooN Soft] Shinobi Girl [KooooN Soft]
Suburbs of Tokyo. Recently, many women are disappearing in this neighborhood misteriously. People say monsters are wondering around. A shinobi girl found the whereabouts of these women. Apparently it seems they have been caught by some kind of research facilities in the outskirts. But that’s not all.. The girl entered the lab with a dash, will she be able to free the captured women?​
Updated: 15/11/2014
Developer/Publisher: KooooN Soft
Censorship: Uncensored
Version: 2.10
OS: Windows
Language: English (full)
Full eng version thanks to: ReconLegend
ROR, side-scroller, female protagonist, tentacle, rape, succubus, lesbian, stripping, orgy, masturbation, story mode, debug mode, game over scenes, gallery available, cheats available, secrets
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