Crucial investigation [v0.58] [root]

Crucial investigation [v0.58] [root] Crucial investigation [v0.58] [root] Crucial investigation [v0.58] [root] Crucial investigation [v0.58] [root]
Amy is a young policewoman, she wants to help people, serve and protect.
She has just been called to the boss, it’s about a new investigation at a nearby school.
Thread Updated: 2020-05-18
Release Date: 2020-05-18
Developer: root Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.58
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Other Game: Candy’s Legacy
Real porn, Text based, Female protagonist, Animated, School setting, Corruption, Group sex, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Masturbation, Lesbian, Mind control, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Male Domination, Blackmail, BDSM
From now on (this version) old saves should work! (I know it was annoying. Sorry!) if you have any issues – clear the browser cache.
but still- it’s always worth it starting the game again because a lot events has many random videos (which you could not see before)
– now you can chase criminals, arrest or even release, take bribe (in the future – interrogate them, new stat: corruption) and visit boss on police station
– new rare events (they show up occasionally)
– replace low quality vids
Thank you for your trust!
Be safe and healthy!v0.57
– "Tiffany shop" update 0.20
– "Katie: Cheerleader Camp" update 0.12
– Jamal update
– Candy update
– school update
– new vids
– replace low quality vids
– bug fixes
Over 500 videos in game! v0.56
– "Tiffany shop" update 0.19b
– new videos
– replaced low quality videosv0.55
– update principal path
– update boss path
– new bar event
– new character:Carlos
– new vids for Candy, school and random events
– outfit update
– replaced 30 low quality videosv0.53
– School update
– Candy update
– outfit update
– bug fixesv0.52
– Tiffany story update 0.17
– principal path update
– church update
– katie small update
– replace/resize vidsv0.51
– next game "Katie: Cheerleader Camp"
– new/replace vidsv0.50
– Jamal path update
– school path update
– new vids
– fixed some video displayv0.49
– Tiffany story update 0.14
– Amy story update 0.49
– new vidsv0.48
– Katie path update
– update random events
– new/replace vidsv0.47
– school path update
– Candy bimbo update
– update random events
– shop update
– new/replace img/vids
– bug fixv0.45
– Josh path update
– update random events
– replace some img/vidsv0.44
– Josh path update
– school path update
– new img/vids
– bug fixv0.43
– Amy story update 0.43
– Tiffany story update 0.11
– hospital (hypnotherapy session) path update
– school path update
– principal path update
– new character: "Candy" bimbo friend
– update random events
– new img/vids
– some bug fixv0.41
– cheerleader (and trainer) path update
– katie path update
– school path update
– update random events
– new img/vidsv0.40
– new navigation
– second game
– Tiffany path update
– store now avaliable (under construction)
– principal path update
– new school event
– upgrade random events
– stat changing to make game a little harder
– new img/vidsv0.36beta
– Jamal path update
– new school events
– new img/vidsv0.35
– update Tiffany/store path (dildo etc.)
– new Landlord path (rent, salary etc.)
– new vidsv0.34
– update josh path
– new random events
– new img/vidsv0.33
– new locations Church, Police station, trainer, school/cheerleaders
– new path cheerleader (and trainer)
– new path Boss (Police station)
– new path Church (priest/nun corruption – next updates)
– update Katie path (cheerleader)
– new random event
– new img/vidsv0.29
– new random events
– new vids
– update Katie path (until day 12)v0.28
– new weekend outfit
– new random events
– new path – Jamal
– new img/vidv0.27
Game prologue completed.
– new locations, kitchen, porn tv etc.
– new img/vid
– update path principal, josh, cable guy, sister etc. (until day 10)
have fun!v0.24
– small update, sister path, calls fix.v0.23
– hotfix navigation problem
– some new img/vidv0.22
– new pic/vid
– new statistics
– new location – hospital
– BDSM path
– some new events/path dependent on lust,sluttiness, beauty, masturbate(or not) etc. (early versions)v0.19
– smartphone, phone calls, text message system
– new statistics
– some new events/path dependent on lust,sluttiness, beauty etc. (early versions)v0.15
Updated scene:
Amy status:
more content soon, be patient v0.1
First Release.