Devious World [v50] [Devious Skooma]

Devious World [v50] [Devious Skooma] Devious World [v50] [Devious Skooma] Devious World [v50] [Devious Skooma] Devious World [v50] [Devious Skooma] Devious World [v50] [Devious Skooma]
For most people, reality is a pretty firm concept. It’s a solid thing shared by everyone else, and a room painted blue will always be blue no matter which doorway you enter it through or who else is in the room with you or who walked through first, it won’t suddenly be red because you waited an hour before you went in.And then for some people reality is a little different. Suffice to say, because you waited an hour, the room is not only no longer blue, the walls are covered in tentacles and now want to molest you. There, how’s that?Become one of these weirdos and watch as reality bends around you, the mundane becoming strange, the strange fantastic, and the fantastic becomes lewd. Okay, that’s a lie, everything is lewd.​
Thread Updated: 2020-03-15
Release Date: 2020-03-01
Developer: Devious Skooma Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v50
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
2DCG, Text based, Male protagonist, Female Protagonist, Character creation, Incest, Furry, Bestiality, Rape, Virgin, Transformation, Mind control, Blackmail, Urination, Futa/trans, Cosplay, Lactation, Necrophilia, Sissification, Graphic violence, Monster, Monster girl, Big tits, LactationBimbofication, Mythological creatures, Paralysis, Breath control, Infantilism, Public nudity, Snuff
chnagelogAlpha 48
Main: Cyan can yet again give in to the urge to go get a relaxing cookie. Main: Band singer Erica can now obey when the club owner demands he bend over the desk. Main: In Palladium City, Eric can now say he won’t go to the party. Main: Gwyn can now submit to Saya’s demand he wear panties. Main: After escaping with Striped Trouble, Cypher can augment herself with Raptarran DNA. Main: Homura can now suggest challenging a dojo. Main: Female Ranma can visit Ucchan’s or the Nekohanten after being launched by Akane. Main: Cypher can stammer awkwardly when Shado asks if he’s coming along. Main: Austin can now choose to inherit his uncle’s personal assistant. Main: Jamie can stutter himself into being a Succubus King. A few paths over he can also use mana that feels right for the gacha summon. Main: The twin elves can put the experimental panties on Holly to make her cooperate. Main: Jamie can now ask his dad how to get started. Main: Holly can now untie all the reindeer. Alpha 47
Main: Austin can now tell the hypnotized girls he inherited them along with the hot springs. Main: Imaginarium-using Eric can now try time control when messing about with powers in school. Main: Eric can give up resisting once futa Mai has done the thing to him. Main: Mike now has a new job opportunity. Main: Cyan can now choose to be a Producer when working in the Ag Sector. Main: Road Witch Cyan can approach the camper. Main: Knocked-up girl Ranma can decide to try to hook Soun. Main: Mike can now have Robert set the animatronics to horny. Main: Jamie can now go with his father for his birthday. Main: Cypher can now enter Equivalent Exchange after rolling Karma Slave. Main: Holly can now choose turkey from among the options offered by the Thanksgiving Rebellion. Main: Holly can also reject the Valentine’s chocolates from Allen. Main: Cyan can now resist further stimulation of her candy-induced joystick. Main: Eric can now agree to be the toy of the strange rich man who rescues him at Worldland. Main: Sam can stay away from the strange light she sees when being cyberized.
Alpha 46
Main: "Erika" can continue to be stubborn even after Drake makes him do certain things. Main: Buddy can rush outside when he hears his house getting egged. Main: Eric can play with Rei’s item when snooping. Main: Jamie and Maya can select "Teh Chaynj Mohzt Lood" from the magic book. Main: The newly-turned witch Cyan can now go on the road instead of returning to her old life. Main: Wilma can now play skeeball in the Funland arcade. Main: Buddy can now investigate the haunted house on his Halloween walk. Or, a bit further back, he can ask who’s at the door when there’s a knock after lights out. Main: Buddy-Mai can decide to earn some party currency at Lizzie’s Halloween party. (There’s also more stuff at the party in general.) Main: Hax protagonist Jamie can now observe the potential of a kidnapped princess after rescuing Katalina. Main: Buddy can now let Ciara pick her own room. : older changelog Alpha 45
Main: Updates to Capture: Cyan can leap out of the alley and try to shoot Tifa with the Mysogibot Rifle the second she passes. This completes Tifa’s MB Rifle option. She can now also look in on the reconditioned Tifa in the Slut Gallery. Main: Buddy and Cody can now go to Cosplay Casbah investigating Buddy’s transformation into Mai Shiranui. Main: Wilma can explore the arcade at Felipe’s Funland. Main: Jamie can not hear anything after first arriving in the adventure world with Mary. (There’s a few other tweaks in other parts of the Adventure World scenario too.) Main: "Kovam" can now decide he’s had enough of "Cyan’s" bullshit. Main: Cyan can tell her mother what happened at the dog park. Main: Cypher can now tell Ami to stay behind when going to the Mulsap Twelve station. Main: Incubus Jamie can now suggest that he, Maya, and Keva all go out together. Main: Tifa can suggest splitting up in the abandoned train yard, or search for clues on the mayor’s floor. Main: Anubilis can now continue on to conquer Michiru after enslaving Haruka. Female Anubilis can also elect to leave Rei’s apartment. (Also changed her look a bit.) Main: Sam and Aunt Kelly can now set up their camping tent on the Thunderbird stone.
Alpha 44
Main: Cyan can go see Errana again after her little interlude with her and Svarog. Main: Gwyn can now resist taking anything from Liam’s hidden treasure trove. He can also show his interest in the bonfire party after stealing the pendant. Main: Cyan can lay low after overhearing her parents’ plans to hook up. Main: Cyanide can now trade Sabine the Appearance Change Potion in return for grouping up. Main: Monk Cyan can now stick with Kovam’s group. Main: Helen can now meet the principal instead of Katsuko. Main: Cyan can now "sample" MILK Duds at Tandy’s Candy. Main: Vidya Witch Cyan can now show mercy (sort of) to "Chocola the elf". The Chocola paths are going to be the first time (outside of Capture) I’ve decided to make branches converge back together, at least in the training sim areas. I don’t intend to do this very often, but for this area it felt like it made more sense. Main: Eric-as-Cypher-in-Jeanne’s-body (whew) can now elect to wait for rescue. Alpha 43
Main: Warrior Cyan can make a decision about the misfit party’s plans. Main: When helping Harold for his father, Eric can now discover he’s got pervy fetishes. (What, in this game?) Main: The young adult male option Billy has been renamed Gwyn to be more distinctive, and has been started. Main: Warrior Cyan can now avoid the other party as well. Main: Catgirl Erica can now give Freia a chomp. Main: After showing himself to Leena and Garri, Eric can declare he doesn’t want to go back to Earth. Main: Incubus Jamie can now do stuff during the foursome.
Alpha 42
Main: The pirate-aligned Cypher can now ditch his comrades when he realizes the Raptarran bait ship is trapped. Main: Cat-ified Eric can elect to become human again right away. Main: Cyan can now demand something else when she blackmails her father. Main: Cyan can also check out the "Girlfriend Store" at the mall. Main: Monk Cyan can now suggest either option when her party is being swarmed by Gobberlins. Main: Celeste can now keep her promise to Robert and return to Fast Felipe’s. Main: Celeste also now has two other job options at her start. Main: Warrior Cyan can now elect to explain her situation to Astoriel.
Alpha 41
Main: There’s a new attraction in AnimalLand for Sam to check out. Main: Eric can now decide to watch a movie in HollywoodLand. Main: Eric can now ask Santa for a super family. Main: Changed Mike’s soda testing option for Cola Crocodile to Guarana Gator and worked on that. Main: Cyan can now check out the Taimanin Asagi clip in her VR porn. Main: When playing the female standard character in the FF7 sim, Erica can choose the default name. Main: Eric can use the silver tongue stud to tell female Ranma he’s going to fuck her
Alpha 40
Jamie can now get bold with his requests from Tanya. Jamie can declare he wants to be seen as a girl during his encounter with Emi. Eric has a new job opportunity in Capital City. A bit of work on Easter Town. In the FF7 debug sim, Eric can now set Tifa to slutty. Cyan can agree with Orin’s suggested marching order at the cave. Cyan can now choose the other centaur option in the Savage Species book. Cyan can now decide to wander around the bad part of town. Jamie can now ask the incubus to turn every boy at school to be more like his current state.
Alpha 39
of Ranma’s adventures with Mystical Jan-Ken-Pon. Marei and Carrie can keep watching the lesbian porn Carrie found in May’s room. Eric can now suggest he and Compliant Tifa do something perverse. Jamie can now decide to not enter Errana’s house while selling chocolate with Kevin. Jamie can now go to the school in the quest for a condom to fool around with Maya. Eric-Ranma can now throw the "have a dick" match with Kira instead of letting her throw it. Eric can now go see Nabiki after sending "Best Buddy" Ranma on a fool’s errand. After being sentenced to attend the Space Ranger Academy, Cyan can go to a bar. "Doctor Deviant" can now use the Loyalty Laser on her mother. Cyan can now approach the guy she sees jogging in the park. Over in SIMFITE, Tenta-Z can now select Street Fightercharacters to match with. Cyan can also agree to help with finding the Final Worldpath. The doubled-up Cyan can now wind up being relocated to Japanin a new identity. Shampoo can now choose to try and eliminate Ukyo as a rival. Ascendant Sam can now elect to insist on equality. Replaced the youthful clothes on the Jamie-Amber path with party clothes. Jamie can now agree to what’s asked of him at the MILF futa-party. Alpha 38
Some options have been renamed to their character names, to bring them into line with the rest of the player characters. Dan can now go sell one of Mr. Black’s "special creations". He can also help out with the invention of new stuff. Fairified Eric can plead with her "rescuer" not to do what he’s doing. Cypher can now use the genetic sequencer after escaping with Striped Trouble. Much earlier on, he can also have Delvan unlock the ship. The default character in the Ranma sim is now available. Eric can go to the part of the Palladium bridge party that Kelly invited him to. Cyan can now avoid blaming anyone when she pleads not guilty at the Space Rangers military tribunal. Monk-in-training Cyan can now ditch Jakson to approach the adventuring party. Valerie the Witch Princess can now refuse to see Thule’s sons. Cyan can now take the rehab assistant job on Orison. Cyan can now choose Dominating Presence from Riara’s options for her cheat power. Sam can now poke around in her aunt’s closet. Amanda can now decide to try for plane tickets to the cheerleader training camp. Austin can now tell Bunny he’ll work with her to help Wonderland recover. Gyaru-fied Austin can now tell Shirou he wants to be highly accommodating. Eric-Ranma can now aim for the street nearby after getting Akane-launched. All changelogs:
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