Catherine's Adventure [Desmond]

Catherine's Adventure [Desmond] Catherine's Adventure [Desmond] Catherine's Adventure [Desmond] Catherine's Adventure [Desmond]


Catherine is a female knight who protects peace in her city.
In v.0.11 which covers Chapter 1, Catherine will be busy exploring the city and trying to prepare for the mission. She has only 30 days before the time runs out. Chapter 1 should take about 2 hours to beat preparation goal. Also, it includes several fighting and different jobs implemented.​Updated: 23 / 01 / 2018
Censorship: No
Version: 1.0 (Chapter 7)
Developer / Publisher: Desmond
Platform: Windows
Language: English
rpg, adv, 3dcg, fantasy, all sex, group, blowjob, Big ass, Big Tits, blowjob, fantasy, Humilation, monsters
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Game.exe" to start playing.
23.01.2018: v1.0 (Chapter 7)
– 2 different sides Catherine could join.
– 2 majors scenes, one for each side(dark and light).
– Recollection room.
– All outfits available to wear.
– Room to replay every battle in the game.
– Free-time game.4.11.2017: v0.7 (Chapter 6)
– Chapter 6
———————–15.09.2017: v0.6 (Chapter 5)
– 42 new pictures 1 redesigned
– New main outfit
– New scene at restaurant(must start Chapter 5)
– 3 series of story-related scenes
– Catherine can buy missing fighting skills in knight’s underground(must start Chapter 5)
– Possible story "Game over", require 3 precondition
– Minor Bugs fixed10.07.2017: v0.5 (Chapter 4)
– 57 new pictures covering 10 new scenes
– Lead Catherine as Knights Commander and explore unexplored parts of Mannan
– 3 Major Story scenes with bonus at the end of Chapter 4.
– New scene with Watchmen Captain at Bar (optional)
– New scene with High Advisor (optional)
– New Prison Scene (optional). Guess with whom
– New scene with (sneaking at shower time) young man(optional)
– New scene after lost a battle (optional)
– New waitress outfit and related scenes.
– Minor Bugs fixed30.04.2017: v0.4
– New story (guide Catherine through challenges inside Mannan and earn new position)
– Interactive guards corridor (story progression)
– Moral, Frustration and Sex desire is now shown in Status ingame Menu
– New sparring opponent in knight’s underground (available after completing Chapter 3)
– New scene after losing 3 times in knight’s underground
– New dress for Catherine
– Bugs fixed23.02.2017: v0.3
– Chapter 3 (2 major scenes, 22 related images)
– New scene in restaurant with drunken man(top west table)
– New scene in restaurant with dwarf(top middle table)
– New shower scene(after shower repaired)
– New bedroom scene with dildo(if dildo bought in Chapter 2)
– Minor groping scenes in Workers district house and during shower repairing
– Modified knight suit for Catherine after story progression
– Recreated certain images for Chapter 1
– Balance changed (reduced penalties on high frustration and sex desire and others)
– Bugs fixed
– 47 new images, 143 images in total16.12.2016: v0.12
– Autodash (autorun) implemented. Autodash can be switched in menu("x" hotkey) -> System.
– Skip switch implemented. Main character will receive skip switcher in Catherine’s inventory at the beginning of new game,
after sleeping at night in Catherine’s house during Chapter 1 or at the begining of Chapter 2.
So, you may continue your game’s save. Skip makes most of events faster. Skip is ON by default.
– Dialogs correction.
– Flying attack is now a bit stronger.
– Other minor balance changes.04.12.2016: v0.2
– Chapter 206.11.2016: v0.11
– Fixed a bug when main character can’t enter home at night while on tax collecting mission.
– Fixed a bug which makes main character stuck at wall when trying to open the door after knocking.
– Minor bugs fixed.03.11.2016: v0.10
– Chapter 1