Corruption of Champions II [v0.2.49] [Savin]

Corruption of Champions II [v0.2.49] [Savin] Corruption of Champions II [v0.2.49] [Savin] Corruption of Champions II [v0.2.49] [Savin] Corruption of Champions II [v0.2.49] [Savin]
There are many, many worlds.One, called Mareth, was perhaps the heart of them all. Cracks in the space between worlds, called portals, all seemed to lead there. Many portals led to Mareth, but none left it.
One sacrifice came from the village of Ingnam. This so-called ‘Champion’ was but a pawn in the village elders’ long plot to extend their lives, but the Champion escaped her fate by beating back the demons’ minions waiting on the other side of the portal, and set out on a one woman crusade to bring an end to the Demon menace once and for all. That was a year ago, and a world away.You have never heard of a world called Mareth, nor a village named Ingnam. Nearly a year ago, you set off on your own, leaving your former life behind to seek your fortunes on the wild frontier — a year of traveling, exploring, fighting, and surviving alone. You’ve earned yourself a little coin in your travels, enough to book passage to the furthest reaches of the known world: the Frost Marches.​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-23
Release Date: 2020-05-15
Developer: Savin PatreonFenoxo
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.49
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Prequel: Corruption of Champions
2DCG, Text based, Fantasy, RPG, Adventure, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Futa/trans protagonist, Character creation, Furry, Futa/trans, Gay, Lesbian, Big tits, Rape, Transformation, Corruption, Virgin, Mobile game, Monster girl
HOTFIX: A crashing issue with the new combat flow has been resolved! Kohaku has several new sex scenes! (Written by TheObserver) There’s a new option for streamlined combat text. Please report any bugs on the forum! Significant performance improvements have been made to all of the menus and such. Inventory, Journal, Shops, etc. This should be most noticeable on low-end systems and mobile platforms, and should use less battery on those as well. Please report any bugs to the forum if you encounter them! Plenty of other misc. bugfixes!
As of this patch, you can now sell your soul for fun and profit to our Lord and Savior Keros. Become THE FLUFFIEST. And of course, Mayternity continues to provide juicy breeding potential~
You can now become a Kitsune, with a little help from the Trickster God. Available after completing Nakano’s metal mission. (Written by TheObserver, coded by Leykoss) If you’re an elf with a fertile puss, Hashat can now knock you up in a special encounter. (Written by SomeKindofWizard, coded by Leykoss) If you have big, milky titties you can now give the manticore girl a big milky titfuck! (Written by Strawberry Tea, coded by Leykoss)
Spiderfolk TF has been expanded, and Spiderfolk is now recognized as a race. A Monk-ey was added to the Hawkethorne Gym. (By HugsAlright, coded by Leek) There is a new and very wide orc boy at the Orc Camp, post AronaQuest. (By SomeKindofWizard, coded by Squishy) A new kitsune with a penchant for liquor was added to the Kitsune Den post-quest. (By BubbleLord, coded by Leek) Nakano now gives a quest wherein you seek our fancy metal relics. (By TheObserver)
Kinu now grows up into adulthood after freeing her and her mother from the Orb. There’s a lot of content to go along with it. (By TheObserver, coded by Leykoss) You can now get an extra storage chest from Senja Evergreen after finishing her mother’s quest. Beware: there’s a high cost! (By me, coded by Leykoss) After sex, you can now give Cait a smooch where the sun don’t shine. (By Skow, coded by Leykoss) You can encounter a drunk Hashat out in the wilderness and join her for a drink and a thighjob. Must have met her 5+ times before. (ditto) Hashat’s bust done by Nik!
Kiyoko Post-Freedom content should be on the docket for next patch. The floofening continues apace!
0.2.26 Patch Notes:
New NPC! Hatsumomo, a kitsune lumberjack, can now encountered in the Frostwood. She is buff and works hard, so maybe help her relax in a little hotspring somewhere…? (By SomeKindofWizard) New busts: Nareva and Kavi! Critical bugfix: the Hornet Queen will no longer crash your game on a certain sex scene. 0.2.25 Patch Notes:
Azyrran, the Hive Knight, will ask you to accompany her to help redeem her corrupted hive. Requires 5 Trust, gained by succeeding Challenges without sex or by Cuddlefucking her, and a defeated Alraune. Includes bosses and new bad ends written by myself, BubbleLord, SomeKindofWizard, and B! Currently the dungeon itself can be completed; repeat interactions with the queen are coming soon (already written), and curing bimbosis will be a little later. Evelyn has been reintroduced! You can encounter her in the Inn Guests section after waiting for a week after her initial scene. Evelyn is a human shemale that delights in being in charge in the bedroom, and all but 1-2 of her scenes have her dominating the player character. She has a bunch of randomly rotating scenes, and unique virginity loss variants for the player that wants to offer her those. (By Wsan) Brienne can get a cowbell and some piercings now! Talk to her about it so the cow can get extra moo! Busts for all the hornets in the dungeon + your human helper, all by Moira! 0.2.24 Patch Notes:
You can meet a renegade memeber of Tollus’s cult in Harvest Valley, and including a fight and some new lore. (By BubbleLord) Brint’s trap-exclusive anal scenes now have shemale variants. He has a new scene exclusively for lactating shemales. (by me!) There’s new voyeur scene where you can watch a Marefolk Shaman get railed by her treant. (by Serrated Seat) New Busts: Lucia, Janeen, Vaush, Centaur Marauders. 0.2.23 Patch Notes:
New encounter in the Old Forest: Viviane the Enchantress. (Written by Balak, with some sex scenes by Skow as well!) New encounter in the Frostwood: the Kitsunes! An extremely large encounter with a variety of possible enemies and scene options (By TheObserver) New encounter in the Frostwood: Imps! Repeatable encounters with the imps; currently very light on content. (Edited from their Kas-Fight version by ShadeFalcon) New option during Orc Quest: have Cait blow Pavo so you can get the disguises. Cait’s gotta pull her weight too! (By Balak) New feature: you can change your active party members from any Waystone Idol once you unlock the ability to fast-travel! Includes a sweet new animation for rotating through the roster. New feature: keybindings now appear on the button dock. Can turn on/off from the options menu. New bust: Salamander Siblings, Viv, and Gloria New Codices: Boreal Elf, Tanuki 0.2.22 Patch Notes:
New seasonal dream: Demon Brienne (by Wsan) New normal dream: Return of the Mander Siblings (if you have the serpent locket) (by me) New seasonal event: Cait Tentacle Grape (by me). Triggers if you’ve lost your anal/vaginal virginity, have brought Cait to Evergreen, and sleep in the Frosthound. New seasonal event: Friendly, pure, and definitely not a demon witch encountered in the forest (by SomeKindofWizard) New scenes: Double BJ scene with Ryn and Boomer if you’ve talked to Boomer with Cait ; Cait/Sugo lewd makeouts if you’ve helped Sugo (by BubbleLord) New bust: Demon Brienne, Lusina 0.2.21 Patch Notes:
New Enemy: Goblin Cultist! Encountered in northern Harvest Valley. (By TheObserver) New NPC: Janeen, located at the field in the gym. I didn’t read this but I assume it’s fine. (By BubbleLord) Many bugfixes and such. 0.2.20 Patch Notes:
New NPC: Ragnild, the orc blacksmith. Replaces Pavo at the camp after making Arona the chieftain. You can buy new items from her and, if you didn’t rape Infrith, date her. (By TheObserver) New Berwyn/Cait Threesome. (By HugsAlright) Accessed from Cait’s menu after finding her in Berry’s room. New TF: Lycanthorn. It’s like a Lupine TF, but more corrupt! Found by exploring the forest. (By Balak) New Since Last Public Patch:
New Region: The Frostwood, located north of the Alraune’s garden New NPCs: Lady Evergreen, Senja Evergreen New Enemies: Drider Queen, Kitsune Ninja, and Tanuki Witch New PC Pregnancies: Drider Eggs, Tanuki New Dream by Questy Etheryn can be given better tits and booty via TFs! New Busts: Zuzaan, Drider Queen, Shar, Anna, Azyrran, Thicc Etheryn, Lady Evergreen, Ragnhild New Features: Fast Travel. In-combat character sheets. Perk list in character sheet. Better Brint/Brienne Combat 0.2.19 Patch Notes:
New Enemy: the Drider Queen, located in the Frostwood. (By BubbleLord) New PC Pregnancy: Drider Eggs! (Also by Bubbles) A new dream by Questy! Requires you to have fucked Kas and tell Cait about it (talk was not tracked until now; assumption is yes on old saves). Coded by new friend Leykoss. New busts: Zuzaan and the Drider Queen. 0.2.18 Patch Notes:
New Enemy: The Tanuki Witch! One of Evergreen’s knotty daughters wants a piece of you — maybe a little more literally than you’d like! (By TheObserver) New NPC: Senja, one of Evergreen’s loyal and devoted daughters, wants to sell you TFs. Several items were moved from Kavi to her shop. You can now view your accumulated Perks through the character sheet tab of the journal. You can now view character sheets in combat, for friend and foe alike. Using Sense on enemies will reveal more details on their sheets! Brint has received some buffs to help him hit more in combat. New Busts: Shar, Anna, and Azyrran. 0.2.17 Patch Notes:
You can now give Etheryn purple eggs and melon-infused Bovum Sherry, if you’re the kind of player that likes big butts (and/or boobs) and cannot lie. Busts for TF’d Etheryn Oh god so many bugfixes. Most notably Evergreen Pregnancy won’t crash your game. Mea Culpa. 0.2.16 Patch Notes:
A new region of the world, the Frostwood, has opened up beyond the Alraune’s garden. New NPC: Lady Evergreen, a tanuki witch who loves nothing more than knocking you up or being knocked up! A new quest, given by Evergreen, which allows you to unlock the Waystone Idols across Savarra and start fast-traveling. New PC Pregnancy: Tanuki! New Enemy Encounter: Kurako, a vexing vixen by William! Has a bust by Moira as well! Quest Update: Cat Call, one step closer to Cait’s first expansion. Bring the kitty to Evergreen, and maybe let the witch fuck her insensate if that’s your thing. The Sleepy Snake has been moved into the Frostwood. 0.2.15 Patch Notes:
Atani, the new chieftain of the Marefolk, has been added. (Written by SomeKindofWizard) New Items: Double Pepper and Knotty Pepper, found at and around Pupperidge Farms. You can guess what they do. Edit: Also Evelyn has a new bust from Moira! Edit 2: Baad Clover, Carrot Cumpcake, Cinderleaf, Fox Berry, Frostleaf, Glitter Dust, Grottato, and Ring Peach were moved from Ivris’s shop to Kavi’s, in the Marefolk Village. New Since the Last Public Patch:
Shiny New Logos!! (Thank you BuntCake!) You can now masturbate, because apparently the kitty cumslut wasn’t good enough New Quest: Talk to Brother Sanders about expanding the church and finding a religious relic of the Storm Goddess… New Enemy: Hashat the Marefolk Spellhammer (Harvest Valley) New Events: Orc Gangbang at the Lodge (Orc Camp), the Dream Rings (Hawkethorne) and the Convocation of Mirrors (the Old Forest). Be ready for a real tough fight to get at that one. New NPCs: Azyrran the Hive Knight (the Old Forest), Kavi the Northern Minotauress (Marefolk Village) New Item: Hornet Honey. New Busts: Ahmri, Tainted Witch New Scenes: Cait Blowjob, several new Brint/Brienne scenes New TFs: Wyld Wine, Belharran Stew New SavCo Team Members: Moira and SomeKindofWizard 0.2.14 Patch Notes:
A new event can occur at the Warrior’s Lodge in the orcish warcamp, after making Arona the chieftain. (By BubbleLord) New TFs: Wyld Wine and Belharan Stew. Become the elf you always wanted to be, or get a wyld mark of your very own (By Drake and Balak) 0.2.13 Patch Notes:
A new event has been added in the eastern Old Forest, gated behind a tough high-level fight against a frost giant. As part of this event, you can engage in a new conversation battle and/or learn a couple of new powers… and from those powers comes the opportunity to learn a bunch of other new powers. Experiment and see what you can learn! (Event by me, conversation battle by Tobs. There’ll be future developments if you do the optional conversation encounter.) Several new Brint & Brienne scenes, courtesy of Wsan and community member Florgenstow 0.2.12 Patch Notes:
Azyrran, the Hive Knight, as been added to the Old Forest just outside of the Corrupted Garden. Unlike most of her vesparan sisters, she hasn’t been too terribly tainted by the spreading corruption… but she’s still a big, horny hornet in need of some love. (Written by SomeKindofWizard) Brother Sanders offers a new quest that leads you to Harvest Valley searching for a religion relic to upgrade the town church. (Written by TheObserver) Hornet Honey can now be gotten from Azyrran and the hornet enemies in the forest. It’s a small resolve heal + Focus booster. When at camp or in the Frost Hound, you can now masturbate. Y’all have had a perfectly good catgirl this whole time but I guess you wanted options or something I dunno. Speaking of which, Cait now has a blowjob scene (courtesy of BubbleLord). 0.2.11 Patch Notes:
New enemy: Hashat the Marefolk Spellhammer! Encountered in South Harvest Valley, this magical pony is anything but little — but she is particularly friendly towards elven ladies. (Written by SomeKindofWizard and Kinathis) New event: you can acquire a special ring from an event in town, accessible after having viewed at least 5 dreams. (Written by Runingman and Wsan) New NPC: Kavi the Northern Minotauress, found in Marefolk Village. (by Gardeford) Shiny new logos done by BuntCake. She completely blew me away with the new hotness! Oh also Ahmri, the Tainted Witch on the river, and the ghost lupine mooks all have busts now! 0.2.10 Patch Notes:
New sex scenes: Brienne x Cait Milk Bath and a scene for Magna (both written by TheObserver) New talk options for Brint and Brienne, new Cait talk options. New busts: Nelia and the Jarl. Quality of Life Feature: Unique items are now marked as such, and trying to discard them brings up a prompt to confirm. Assorted bugfixes~ New This Month:
New Companion: Brienne. Bring Brint to the hidden caves in South Harvest to start the quest to get her. Make a save beforehand… New dungeon in the foothills, accessible at level 3+ and after having rescued Garret. New NPC: June the Lupine femboy. More storage can be obtained from the Wayfort. Android save/load is fixed, and it’s blocked from working on ancient android versions that broke it up. 0.2.9 Patch Notes:
A new but optional female companion is available! Find the hidden cave in South Harvest Valley while Brint is in your party and pay attention to the quest. You might want to keep a save before you go in there! (written by Wsan) June, a femboi lupine seeking massive gains (of your cummies) has been added to the gym. (Also written by Wsan. Man hiring that guy was a good idea, good job me. Also, coded by Coolmn.) You can get an extra chunk of storage out of the Ruined Wayfort after the alraune boss. (Coded by AirplanePerson) 0.2.8 Patch Notes:
There’s a new quest and dungeon, accessible at level 3+ and after having rescued Garret from the logging camp. Pick it up from Garth, find River at the Frost Hound, and then again in the southern Foothills to get access to the dungeon. This one’s a combat challenge; don’t expect any new sex scenes in here for reasons that should become abundantly clear. (Written by TheObserver!)
You can now save/load file on android, and android versions older than 5.0 can no longer install the game (because it didn’t work anyway). Some other very old versions of android can still install the game, but the UI will still be all fucked up. Game’s still playable, but we really don’t recommend it. 0.2.7 Patch Notes:
New Location: Marefolk Village. Located in South Harvest, this small tribal village is home to the more peaceful female marefolk.
New PC: Zuzann the Marefolk Mage Smith (by Gardeford).
New Feature: Visually Impaired Mode. Significantly improves the game’s accessibility for those with visual impairments, especially regarding tooltips and graphical puzzles (like Kiyoko’s door). Big ups to Drake for taking the initiative to make this happen <3.
On mobile, you can hold on buttons to read the tooltips.
New bust: Atugia!
New Companion: Atugia the Dullahan (by Garde).
New Location: Hawkethorne Gym
New NPCs: Nelia the Clothier (by Balak), Lusamine (by Bubble), Hretha (Post-Orc Quest)
New Enemies: Crazy Horses (by Questy)
New Scenes: More Brint x Trap (by Wsan), More Etheryn (with a guest scene by William), Berwyn Cuddles (by Hugs)
New Dream: Taur-centric dream w/ two variants
New TF: Mothfolk
New Codices: Slimes, Sheepfolk, Wyld Elves
Bust-viewer options. 0.2.6 Patch Notes:
New NPC in Hawkethorne: Nelia the Clothier. Also many new clothes.
Bust viewer options.
Data screen adjustment to help deal with corrupted saves.
New taur-centric dream with two versions. 0.2.5 Patch Notes:
New Enemy in Havest Valley: Marefolk males, aka Crazy Horses. While male marefolk are normally lustful brutes, the local corruption has only made them bigger and hungrier… (By Questy) New sometimes-guest at the Frost Hound: Lusamine, the wyld elven gossip-monger. (By Bubble) New location in Hawkethorne: the gym! Written by Wsan, and coded by new friend Coolmn! Hretha can be approached again at the orc camp. If you didn’t rape Infrith, anyway. Brint has new scenes for trap PCs. (By Wsan) New TF: Mothfolk New Codex: Slimes, Sheepfolk 0.2.4 Patch Notes:
There’s a new combat encounter found in Hawkestone Castle — just keep going up the trail from the temple from the tutorial and check around the castle courtyard. Also your first chance to meet Baroness Carmen Revarra, a rather important future NPC. (By Gardeford) Etheryn has three new sex scenes (including an oral scene by William) as well as an option to give her what she really deserves — some nice hugs and cuddles. Berwyn also has a new cuddles scene. (By HugsAlright) (Coded by sniperwolfortiz) New Codex: Wyld Elves New Busts: Gnolls, Manticore Girl, Lupine Scout, and the Lupine Warrior. 0.2.3 Patch Notes:
Hotfix: An issue causing a lot of scenes to crash has been fixed. If you