Bad Company [v1.3] [Lennier]

Bad Company [v1.3] [Lennier] Bad Company [v1.3] [Lennier] Bad Company [v1.3] [Lennier] Bad Company [v1.3] [Lennier]
Bad Company is a murder mystery/revenge story with sexual content. I won’t go into too much detail. The reader will be following the story of Marcus (you can change his name.) He is the only heir to one of the largest private military company in the world call The Company. At the age of eight become an orphan when his parent die in an accident. With no living relative it falls on Anthony Smith (his father best friend) to take charge of the young man and his family business. Until he reaches his eighteen-birth day. (Which is the beginning of the story.)
Thread Updated: 2020-05-07
Release Date: 2020-05-04
Developer/Publisher: Lennier Patreon
Censorship: No
Version: 1.3
Language: English
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
male protagonist, vaginal, masturbation,
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "Bad_Company .exe" to start playing.
Change Log:
Ok This is te v1.3un. I have planed add more scene into this version as well as mini bonus and something to entertain you guys but to add all that will take more time.
There a few scene that clip but or floating but it wasn’t too if I go back to fix it mean 2 thing 2hour of rendering for one of them and redo the whole fight scene to fix barely noticeable 2 floating. I will revisit the fighting scene with float character since I am not quit happy with it and to add blood. When time allow.
This unofficial update have 160 Full HD render. 2 sex scene you guys know i ain’t no cock tease. I’ll leave that shit for some other fucking cock teasing dev. 4 years worth of waiting and the bitch still cover up their tits. seriously. 3 fighting scene more of the mystery uncover.
Im only release [un] version for patrons only if you going to put it out on F95 or another page I don’t really but please wait 5 to 10 day before you do.
If anybody need Android please let me know. I have to send it out for some one to make it and he on vacation with his kids. I don’t want to bather him unless one of you guys need it.
FYI I was told old save doesn’t work.
V1.3unA fix crash at near end version1.2
Remove what little amount of sound affect.
Fix switch from HDRI dome back ground.v1.0
I added 3 animations in the game just a place holder. (I mess up and cant edit the green scene out) Rachel peeping scene now has a few more render and animation and the choice you make does somewhat affect what happens later and you could get the first bad ending. Only good thing that came out of the mess I was in is that I am now able to pack the android version. I can’t test it tho so let me know if it doesn’t work or something.v0.221
This version mostly focus on the story. And fixing languages issue.v0.21
A small one to kick off chapter 1v1.1
Bugfix only, no new content
Squashed some grammar bugs
Corrected spelling errors and edited dialogue