Zenofae Gene [v0.1] [Balthamel]

Zenofae Gene [v0.1] [Balthamel] Zenofae Gene [v0.1] [Balthamel] Zenofae Gene [v0.1] [Balthamel] Zenofae Gene [v0.1] [Balthamel] Zenofae Gene [v0.1] [Balthamel]
Join Commander Hooker’s adventures fighting the threat of an unknown alien life-form discovered on a distant colony, his subsequent "upgrades" to better deal with the unstoppable monsters and his never ending need for sexual gratification….​
Thread Updated: 2019-12-12
Release Date: 2019-10-21
Developer: Balthamel PatreonTFGameSite
Censored: No
Version: 0.1
OS: Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone
Language: English
2D game, 2DCG, Sci-fi, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Transformation, Lesbian, Pregnancy, Monster
-Fixed inconsistencies with new intro chapter to the game.
-Completed the Karma system. As long as you have any Yomi you will automatically be moved onto the Zeno Slut Breeder path (even if you touched all three markers to trigger the Forgotten Mother). In the factory where your character first meets Lushess there are two different terminals. The terminal used to contact Dr. Mien can also be used to sell or buy Yomi or Kami. The second terminal can be used to change your character’s karmic path.
-Corrected and expanded the hypnosis and mind control segments for male Hooker, female Hooker and Cherri.
-It is now easier to find additional abilities for female Hooker and Cherri through the strip clubs and trainers. To access the strip club for Cherri, you must talk to the prostitute. She will be in the bottom right area of the city after the siege.
-Corrected and expanded the cum inflation scenes in the zeno passageway to also include the cursed cave, and the sewers. Cherri can now put zenos into torpor after initial contact, it no longer requires the Forgotten Mother trigger.
-Added an image debug in the zeno passageway. A common error is an image of pregnant Cherri that doesn’t go away. After experiencing that and not finding a cause try to use the debug in the start of the map or try walking through the map doors.
-Expanded and corrected the robot sex in the factory. I did not write new scenes but corrected them so they are displayed across all interactions with the Greth.v0.07
-Updated the scene with the Fourth Core, now directing the character back to Undertown with a character transfer.
-Added the Supra Glanulide Core transformation!
-Updated Undertown, since this will be your main hub until the final confrontation with the Zeno Overlord… things are meant to change (new interactions with the guards and The Orchid Club)!
-Added The Orchid Club, there are a few interactions but I will continue to develop this area as a breeding/stripping location to socialize. As Commander Hooker you can attempt to recruit Erotar to work in the club!
-Added new character sprites and face images.
-Added 1 new character image, and I’m testing out a face image I derived from the uniform image. It appears in the rebel cave of the G.F.S. Suc-Luk crash site if you want to go back and check it out.
-Constructed but not implemented: Lost Forest, Forest Town and Galaxias Decapolis to obtain the Fifth Corev0.06
Completed the G.F.S. Suc-Luk crash site quest for Breeder and Champion.
Completed Bartholens quest for Breeder and Champion; you can now obtain the "fourth" zeno core!
Added a new level 23 ability for Breeder and Champion.
Added two new characters:
-Skene is the Breeder’s offspring (in later updates you will be able to make more).
-Kay-Ghell is a sentient piece of armor attached to the Champion’s crotch
As part of the Bartholens quest you receive a minor transformation while unlocking a barrier.
Added a switch for Cherri in the Factory to change paths!
Added a switch in the Sewer in case it is dark!
Added a vending machine in Undertown so Slut finally as the ability to leave if you are stuck in an error loop!
Other minor fixes to errors earlier in the game…v0.05
-New Banner and Title artwork
-Updated the Underground Town to include the Psi Corps conversion
-There is now a weapons shop in the Underground Town
-There is now a food vendor in the Underground Town
-Added the abandoned town of Bartholens (additional content to follow)
-Added the G.F.S. Suc-Luk crash site (additional content to follow)
-Minor environmental fixes
-Minor combat mechanic adjustmentsv0.42
Added 2 new pictures and a portrait… I will be doing a hotfix later in the week to add a few more pictures Inknox completed but I neglected to add. So a total of 5 pics.
Completed the metamorphosis
Added two new companions: Mother or Vii J-J depending on your character path.
Added notes to the zeno passageway to tell the player if you have completed enough markers to branch off to one path or another.
Added three new classes:
-Erotar Champion
-Zeno Slut Breeder
Added the Berlin Station Underground City
Linked the Berlin Station to the Far Eden world map
Added two different Slot2 items ;ov0.03
-Added 6 new full color images, plus several rendered images for dialog.
-finished the Zeno Passageway level (really it’s 90%)
-added pregnancy and cum inflation framework, art will be added later
-added the Mysterious Caves
-added the Berlin Station research facility
-added Lushess, a new character
-added robot sex at the Berlin Station (zombie sex to follow)
-added a loop back to the main menu once the end of content is reached
-added credits for art, programming, plugins and most importantly a thanks to everyone who has supported this project. If you have any concerns regarding a public release of your name let me know and I will change your information to "anonymous".
-fixed various bugs