XXXivilization [Ch 2.2] [hw21]

XXXivilization [Ch 2.2] [hw21] XXXivilization [Ch 2.2] [hw21] XXXivilization [Ch 2.2] [hw21] XXXivilization [Ch 2.2] [hw21] XXXivilization [Ch 2.2] [hw21] XXXivilization [Ch 2.2] [hw21] XXXivilization [Ch 2.2] [hw21] XXXivilization [Ch 2.2] [hw21] XXXivilization [Ch 2.2] [hw21] XXXivilization [Ch 2.2] [hw21] XXXivilization [Ch 2.2] [hw21] XXXivilization [Ch 2.2] [hw21]
XXXivilization is my attempt at making a NSFW game with more game depth than the usual visual novel type of games. It is a strategy game with RPG elements and uses mechanics from games like the Civilization or the Heroes of Might and Magic series.
You play the newly crowned ruler of an empire and have to expand your kingdom, train troops for combat, construct buildings, perform research and take care of the everyday matters of your people.
All releases will be public – they can be played on the site with the same name as the game and on various adult gaming sites.
Thread Updated: 2020-05-07
Release Date: 2020-05-06
Developer: hw21 PatreontfgamesiteDiscord
Censored: No
Version: Ch 2.2
OS: Windows
Language: English
3DCG, Fantasy, Character creation, Combat, Turn based combat, Male Protagonist, Female protagonist, Futa/trans, Fantasy, Monster, Gay, Lesbian, Group sex, Management, Monster girl, Oral sex, Religion, Strategy, Text based, Transformation, Vaginal sex
Ch 2.2
Chapter 2.2 primarily focuses on the addition of the Inquisition and Pleasure Cult factions. It includes:
30+ new events 20+ new images The introduction of internal factions New buildings, laws and edicts The addition of a makeover salon, where you can change your appearance and name The first bad endings/”Game Over” possibilities And a ton of bug fixes!
Ch 2.1
Chapter 2.1New features
The Army/Units view got completely overhauled, giving you a better overview and adding some new features You can now move units in and out of the garrison in bulk New units now have a randomly generated name by default to give them more identity You can now set preferences for auto-leveling the units The Arena view got reworked in the same style as the Units view You can now move units around in bulk Teams fighting in the Arena are now remembered Events
A bimbo contest takes places in kingdoms with enough bimbo admiration New event chain: Damian & the succubus New minor events involving Jolene, the Beauty and Aphrodite New events happening when Myrina is in your government Images
8 new images for the bimbo contest 7 new images for the Damian event chain 3 new images for the Jolene event 1 new image for the Beauty and Aphrodite event 4 new images for Lorrin the futamazon general 3 new images for Roxxine, the former bimbo queen Bug fixes
It was not possible to interact with the city buildings submenu on mobile devices It was not possible to finish the labyrinth in some cases The hotkey "M" was causing an error instead of showing the map The toll to pay the bridge troll had the wrong amount of gold in its text Fixed some typos The highest tier brothel was named wrongly It could happen that the alliance with the merchants of Saruja did not work correctly It was possible to imprison the same person multiple times In a lot of events quotes were displayed as erroneous characters It was possible to crash the browser by entering a too high amount to train The cure for the Zombimbo blight was always researched without player interaction It could happen that the zombimbos conquered important tiles of the elven forest, leading to problems in progressing the game Other
An icon on the map now displays for resource buildings that can be upgraded Made the border around player and enemy territories thiccer to be easier recognizable
Ch 2.0
New features
A new storyline for chapter 2 Two new maps: The Forest of Elvenir and The Archipelago, accessible through a new world map Four new factions New research, new buildings, new units, new powers,… Brand new look for the main map You can now leave units in your garrison to protect your city while you are away Further new game elements that I don’t want to spoil EventsHuge amount of new events for the content of chapter 2 ImagesTons of new images fo the new events and storyline Bug fixesIt could happen that body stats were completely removed due to punishments from lost fights Stat checks that were scaling with game progression could become impossible Tons of other bug fixes OtherChanged the default theme to dark Grouped "Build tree", "Dungeon" and "Arena" under one "City" item in the menu-bar Affection & Determination stats for prisoners now have a tooltip explaining their meaning Added a "Continue from last save game" button to the start page Renamed some of the brothel buildings to make the new brothel stage make sense Removed the gender influence of most followers (Cheat menu) Added a cheat button to win the current fight to the combat view
New features
Several changes were made to outposts The outposts you get from conquering enemy capitals now have different shapes of buildable land to make some of them worth a bit more You can also build outposts yourself now. They are smaller in size, and you unlock one outpost slot each time you upgrade your town. You also get an outpost slot on completing one specific mission New laws category: Taxes You can increase or decrease your taxes now. Increased taxes will lead to higher income but reduced population growth and happiness You can enable further tax laws by constructing administrative buildings (Administration, Town-hall, Ministry) The arena now remembers the last teams that fought in it, making it easier to re-play the last fight Events
A new traveling shopkeeper will now come to your court and offer you various goods and services New event: New uniforms for the priestesses Several user-submitted events related to your citizen’s preferences and/or certain followers, submitted by Jonas132 and triforce-omega Images
Three new images related to the new shopkeeper event Two new images related to the new uniforms event One new image for when you give Myrina a blowjob to reduce the payment to the Futamazons Bug fixes
New Game+ should work properly again Fixed a lot of small typos Gold from the brothel is now displayed in the detailed income view The food stand at the festival had different costs written in the text and its buttons, they are matching now The Beauty blowjob image caused errors Nicknames given to followers and prisoners were not saved correctly Loading a save game with a different theme than the current one was sometimes causing UI issues If the transport to paradise was conquered by another empire then it was not possible to finish this quest The message that your population is not growing due to food shortage was sometimes shown wrongly Training and praying was possible even when not enough energy was available Starting taking the lactation drug could cause errors It was possible to take the same person as prisoner two times if this person was working in the brothel Other
Reduced the food consumption of your citizens Reduced the difficulty of some late game encounters, especially with the Futamazons Reduced food production from lactation to not give female characters a too big advantage When canceling the payment to the Futamazons and starting to pay them again the new payment is now increased Players that change their genitalia now have the choice to identify as a different gender
Version 17.1
New features
The population of your kingdom is now a resource You start with a population of 500 citizens, and it will grow slowly over time Your population will pay taxes and provide you with a steady gold income depending on their numbers. At the same time, it will consume more and more food as it grows. A percentage of your population is male, female or futas, and some are slaves. You can influence these numbers through laws New laws were introduced regarding population growth and slavery Your units no longer consume food but will cost weekly gold maintenance instead Some buildings got changed to increase population growth instead of giving gold income. A new early game building got added: Trader
Building restrictions & outposts To make the long term progression curve a bit more predictable and rewarding you can no longer build on any tiles in your kingdom, instead you can only build in a radius of 4 tiles in each direction around your capital Additionally, when you conquer enemy capitals, they are converted to Outposts You can build in a small area around your outposts Territories that you can build on now show a special icon on the map You can extend your outposts to become more specialized and help you in a certain aspect Available outpost specializations are: Monastery outpost – increases Faith income Military outpost – increases Supply limit Trading outpost – increases Gold income Production outpost – increases global Wood, Stone and Food income Residential outpost – increases Population growth A loading screen is now shown while the contents of the game are loaded into the browser Existing buildings that are shown in the sidebar of a territory now have a tooltip displaying their income and a button to remove the building Events
An extension to the Abstinencia storyline has been added which takes place after you conquered them Several new special events when Lorrin is your prison guard and certain other conditions are met, submitted by triforce-omega Several new special events when Antiope is your follower, submitted by triforce-omega Several new events when conquering Futamazon territory, submitted by triforce-omega New event when conquering territory: Bridge troll, submitted by Jonas132 Two new slavery-related events, submitted by Jonas132 Images
Added five images to various sex scenes (with Jolene, the Beauty, Allie, and Ashlyn) The goblin tribeswoman encounter now has an image Added image for the titjob scene of the Lusty as part of the Paradise story line Added an image where one of your prostitutes in the brothels dresses as bimbo if your people prefer bimbos enough Bug fixes
For several events the wrong images were shown, this happened particularly for Myrina’s events There were inconsistencies on when New Game+ was possible, now it is available only after defeating all three factions Fixed a number of small bugs in the pray menu It could happen in some cases that events were never ended properly After imprisoning Myrina payments to the Futamazons were not canceled Some conquering events were happening earlier in the game than intended, leading to too tough encounters The cheat version of the game contained some unnecessary files, causing it to be larger than needed (should reduce the