Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber [Guilty]

Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber [Guilty] Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber [Guilty] Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber [Guilty] Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber [Guilty] Water Closet: The Forbidden Chamber [Guilty]
You can choose one of five different female characters and play through, to see different scenarios from that character’s point of view. Explore a cornucopia of forbidden themes as you assume the personalities of each of the characters and play through all parts of the interconnected story. It’s a game that explores some of the more bizarre fetishes that can be found in an eroge.Some say that it’s the worst bishoujo game ever made – and it even got a perfect score of -50 over at Something Awful. We think it’s a crazy ride through the darker side of eroge genre that many people can enjoy.Ikumi-chan just can’t control her bladder. Julyne is a clumsy nurse. Reika’s a model with constipation problems. Setsuko doesn’t know how to use a tampon. Shoko has too much time for love of vegetables. Water Closet tells each of their stories in graphic, erotic detail, exploring themes that usually go unspoken. Follow their stories in this fetishist’s visual novel game that’s fully voiced with the original Japanese, subtitled and translated into English.​
Title: Shiyouchuu ~W.C.~
Original title: 使用中~W.C.~
Length: Short (2 – 10 hours)
Updated: 2001-07
Developer/Publisher: GuiltyPeach Princess
Censorship: No
Version: Complete
OS: Windows
Language: English
Multiple Endings, Nukige, Episodic Story, Enforced Playing Order, Multiple Protagonists, Scat, Urination Fetish, Unlockable Routes, Female Protagonist, Protagonist with Voice Acting, Anal Sex, Protagonist with a Face, Unlockable Choices, High Sexual Content, Protagonist with a Sprite, Object Insertion, Sex in Public Places, Comedy, Protagonist Selection, Bondage, ADV, Model Protagonist, Ojousama Heroine, High Amounts of Rape, Married Heroine, Breaking the Fourth Wall, Perverted Protagonist, Comedy Rape, Half-Japanese Protagonist, Cunnilingus, More Than Seven Endings, Enema, Doggy, Gang Rape, Few Choices, Scenario Selection, Voice Replay, Protagonist with Kimono, Model Heroine, Bleep Censor, Ahegao, Bathroom Sex, Black Comedy, Character Profiles, Protagonist with Children, Quickie Fix Position, Piss Drinking, Nurse Protagonist, Heroine with Pubic Hair, Dirty Talk, Anal Fingering, No Skip Read Text Option, Vibrators, Pre-rendered Backgrounds, Foreigner Heroine, Blowjob, Yuri, Protagonist with Sexual Experience, Student Protagonist, Multiple Penetration, Masturbation, Fingering, Blackmail, Photographic Backgrounds, Sounds of Copulation, Threesome Ending, Sex in Front of an Audience, Infodumping, Scientist Hero, Production of Pornography (Professional), Sitting, Clamps, Modern Day Japan, Group Sex of One Female and Several Males, Sexual Fantasizing, Sixty-nine, Nurse Heroine, Student Heroine, Only Avoidable Rape Scenes, Only Good Endings,