Project SAGE [Act 1 v0.19d] [Paperwork]

Project SAGE [Act 1 v0.19d] [Paperwork] Project SAGE [Act 1 v0.19d] [Paperwork] Project SAGE [Act 1 v0.19d] [Paperwork] Project SAGE [Act 1 v0.19d] [Paperwork] Project SAGE [Act 1 v0.19d] [Paperwork] Project SAGE [Act 1 v0.19d] [Paperwork] Project SAGE [Act 1 v0.19d] [Paperwork] Project SAGE [Act 1 v0.19d] [Paperwork]
The story is about an independent young girl who decides to move to another country to start a new life after losing her family. Slowly, she discovers herself, her heritage and her destiny.​
Thread Updated: 2020-02-16
Release Date: 2020-02-15
Developer: Paperwork – Patreon
Censorship: No
Version: v0.19d
OS: Win, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Old Game: Here
3dcg, Female Protagonist, Exhibitionism, Romance, Cheating, Blackmail, Corruption, Big Tits, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Voyeurism, Interracial, NTR, Virgin, Spanking
-Bugfixes + Fix to one scene without textv0.19b
– More than 4000 images
– The game now has about 450000 words of dialogue (more than 55000 in the last update)
– Day 15 added
– Morning event with Hank
– Morning events – The breakfast event has a branch based on your choice in V18 (white tights)
– A very short event at the supermarket as a prep for the event at v20
– School clubroom events – There are 5 branches depending on your previous choices
– Cafe event
– RPG event
– Night event with Luckbullguy from SixHotDatesTo be added at 0.19c:
– A dream event at night
– More options with Hank in the morningv0.18c
– More than 5000 images
– The game now has about 395000 words of dialogue (more than 60000 in the last update)
– Day 14 added
– Morning events
– A very short homeless Sam event
– School events
– School event – a new route if the MC is in bad terms with Simon and training with Mr. Miyagi
– Beach events (One with beach boys, one with academic duo)
– A small afternoon event
– Hank date event
– Hank alternative eventv0.17fix
There was a memory leak problem in the initial release. The new file doesn’t seem to have a memory leak and I have also took some precautions to prevent that from happening again. There are also a few typos and bug fixes.
v 0.17c:- More than 3500 images
– The game now has about 330000 words of dialogue
– Day 13 addedScenes- Morning events
– One short and one longer Homeless event
– School events (depending on earlier decisions)
– New mechanics about Simon and Miyagi. New classroom and after class events.
– BBC event
– A few small afternoon events
– A huge poker eventv0.16b:
None yetv0.15b:
– More than 1900 images
– The game now has 231000 words of dialogue (around 26000 in this update)
– Day 11 addedScenes
– Morning event with Stephen
– Short homeless Sam event
– 2 beach events (One with boys, one with the other men)
– Modelling event
– Metro event (2 variants depending on whether the MC is drunk or not at the time)
– Bathroom event with Stephen in the evening
– A late night eventv0.14c:
– Nearly 2200 images
– The game now has 205000 words of dialogue (around 40000 in this update)
– Day 9 and Day 10 addedScenes
– A few events with Matt and Chris
– An event involving Stephen and Matt
– 2 events about Andrew2778 (blackmail situation). One of them also involves Mr. Wilson
– Bathroom event with Stephen and Caroline, has 3 paths
– Movie night event part 1
– Date with Hank at MC’s room. Has 2 paths leading to 3 different decisions about her relationship with Hank
– Part 2 for movie night event. 2 paths depending on the Hank eventv0.12b:
– Nearly 1600 images
– The game now has 125000 words of dialogue
– Day 7Scenes
– Morning exercise with Matt
– School event with 3 paths depending on the choices from day 6
– Modelling event
– Metro event
– Beach event with two paths
– Homeless scene
– One random encounter scene on the street (dolphin guys)
– A few events at home
– Date with Hank v0.11c:
– 900 images
– 19000 words of dialogue
– Day 6Scenes
– Morning exercise with Matt
– Shower scene with potential peeping and masturbation
– School introduction scene with multiple paths
– 1st day at cafe with multiple paths
– A few short scenes at home
– A bonus exhibition scene to make up for Halloween (It’s not related to Halloween)
– One scene with Matt or Chris v0.1c:
What’s in right now?:
– 5 days of in game content (First one is short)
– 2900 imagesGeneral information:
– MC has different reputations in different locations. These can be home, beach, work, modelling etc. The MC may act inhibited at home while acting freely at modelling. “free” stats let her wear skimpier clothing or act less inhibited. Her sexual choices are not related to these stats in the early game.
– MC has various attributes that she can accumulate during regular events and conversations depending on her choices. These will not be vital in the game but some scenes and events will play out differently with different attributes. Most important of these are her “passive” and “aggressive” attributes. These represent her approach to problems and events. She may express her ideas openly and deal with problems directly (aggressive) or she may not express herself openly and wait for a solution to present itself (passive). At work she has “fun” and “pro”approaches. If she is a “pro”, she may have the option to do whatever the job requires even if she wouldn’t act like it in her personal life. She has other attributes such as "good", "naive", "smart" etc. Please think of these as some way to keep track of how you play the game and present you choices accordingly. Their aim is not to give you some collectibles for a complete play-through!
– Bathing and showering scenes: In these scenes, there is a chance (random) that someone (Matt, Chris or Stephen for now) goes into the bathroom while the MC is there. These scenes are a means of increasing the “home free reputation” of the MC. When this stat increases, she will be able to act more freely at home. If she reacts negatively to a peeper at the bathroom, their relationship will become worse.
– Beach peeping scenes: These scenes initially can be used to increase her "beach reputation" up to a point as well as improve or deteriorate her relationship with the boys peeping her.
– Right now we only have "free reputation"s. In the future there will also be "slut reputations".
– She will have multiple romance options as the story progresses. All of these will be optional. MC’s relationship with Matt is an exception.Notes about the events:
There will be a walk through about the game in the future. I believe it’s not needed at this point. This document should be enough. Please comment below whether you agree or not.Day 3:
– If you are opting to play more conservatively, choose to have a constant pay-out at the modelling job. To earn more with percentage option, the MC will have to be open minded and less inhibited.
– If MC doesn’t masturbate on the night of day 2, she will be able to see a small extra scene at the cleaning event at Mr. Wilson’s house (She must have high arousal). This scene may open different dialogue options (only dialogue options, not events).Day 4:
– If MC chooses not to help Chris and wears the yellow bikini, there is an event only for that path.
– If MC gets very angry at Chris at the beach, she won’t be able to get close to him, ever. And he won’t peep her at the shower.
– If MC enjoys acting like her girlfriend (doing the extended kissing scene), there will be specific events for this path.
– If MC wears the yellow bikini, this will have a bonus effect for her initial “ free reputation” with that group. In events related to that group, bonus actions will be available for high “free reputation” values. Also, acting as Chris’s boyfriend and acting like the MC is hitting on Chris give bonuses to her reputation.
– Sleeping with the butt plug and wearing it in optional situations will increase her anal stat.Day 5:
– In the repairman event, if you chose the “be smart” option, this will block future events about it. There will be a substitute series of events in the future for this path.
– In the repairman event, if you chose the scene with breast fetish, this choice will have a specific path.
– In the repairman event, if MC likes getting spanked, this may open extra options in some future scenes (There will be other events to acquire that in the future updates, so don’t worry.)