Warriors of Legend [Chapter 2: Part 1] [Gurdin Alehammer]

Warriors of Legend [Chapter 2: Part 1] [Gurdin Alehammer] Warriors of Legend [Chapter 2: Part 1] [Gurdin Alehammer] Warriors of Legend [Chapter 2: Part 1] [Gurdin Alehammer]
Warriors of Legend is a 2D Erotic RPG game. The game takes place in an original fantasy setting, inspired by Dungeons & Dragons and JRPGs. This means there will be many sex scenes with women of different fantasy races and Monster Girls. Playing as the male protagonist named Gavin, or whatever you decide to name him, you travel the world fighting monsters, completing quests, leveling up, buying items, seducing girls, and all that good stuff. Your party members all have multiple sex scenes, as you get a stronger and stronger relationship with them. Battles are fought in an ATB battle system. The game is regularly updated to add new content to the latest release.​
Thread Updated: 2019-11-10
Release Date: 2019-11-10
Developer: Gurdin Alehammer | Patreon
Censored: No
Latest Free Version: Chapter 1
Latest Version: Chapter 2: Part 1
OS: Windows, macOS
Language: English
Earlier works: Innkeeper, Hentasia – The Rod of Power
Genre: male protagonist, monster girl, fantasy, domination, rpg, 2dcg, 2d game, adventure, Medieval High Fantasy, Short stack, Muscle babe,anal
v0.53 (free version)
New content:
– Teli the blue tiefling now available in the prologue brothel
– Holding the Left mouse button will advance text boxesv0.52 (free version, brothel addition)
New content:
– Burhilde the dwarf available in the prologue brothel
– Lysandra the high elf available in the prologue brothelv0.5 (First release with chapter 2)
New content:
– Monkey Queen
– Cecilia’s second scene
– Fuh’s second scene
– Muriel’s second scene
– Replay function in menuFixes and changes:
– Map travel speed increased
– Encounter rate lowered
– The timebar now fills much faster, speeding up combat
– Some monsters weakened, to make the game’s start easier
– EXP rewards increased
– All characters, except MC, now require less EXP to level up (First battle will level up these characters if you load a save from a previous version)
– You can now start a new game after a game over
– Bunny Bandit quest can now be completed if you’ve rejected the deal
– The love bar no longer empties when trying to do a scene that’s not in the game yet.Your saved games should just carry over from the previous release. Have fun! Please note that I’m constantly updating the game, to get the latest info it’s best to look on the patreon!