Invisible Enemy [Studio Cute]

Invisible Enemy [Studio Cute] Invisible Enemy [Studio Cute] Invisible Enemy [Studio Cute] Invisible Enemy [Studio Cute] Invisible Enemy [Studio Cute]
Against the invisible enemy that had destroyed neighboring countries, the greatest sword wielder in the country was tasked with thinning them out. The sword wielder’s name was Anna. She is the daughter of the legendary swordsman Oliver. Oliver frowned on his daughter being placed with this thinning task, but Anna resolved to fight to protect the country and started out on her journey…​
Updated: 04/10/2018
Developer/Publisher: Studio Cute / DLsite
Censorship: Yes (mosaic)
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English subs / Japanese voiced
2DCG, Female protagonist, Fantasy, Combat, Rape, Animated, Big tits, Big ass, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Anal sex, Multiple penetration, Side-scroller, Voiced, Japanese game, Censored
Additional Info:
Horizontal scroll/dot 2D action game.Try to take down their advance positions without bumping into the invisible enemy.
In other words, we should try to reach the base point without destroying enemies as much as possible.As the enemy are killed, their invisibility increases, and if you kill 20, they will be completely invisible.If you can escape from the enemy without killing the enemy,
even the leaders in the enemy positions, should not become completely invisible. Theoretically speaking…The heroine Anna uses her full voice. Voice actor – Kashiori Manaka