Unyielding [v0.2.8.1] [MercenaryMage]

Unyielding [v0.2.8.1] [MercenaryMage] Unyielding [v0.2.8.1] [MercenaryMage] Unyielding [v0.2.8.1] [MercenaryMage] Unyielding [v0.2.8.1] [MercenaryMage]
Unyielding is a transformation based RPG game. I want it to feel like a tabletop RPG, with a living and interesting world. Choices should always matter.
Catelly was a man until he was cursed by a wizard trying to obtain immortality. Catelly happened to be a hardened mercenary before the curse and refuses to lose to it.​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-21
Release Date: 2020-05-21
Developer: MercenaryMage Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
2DCG, Male protagonist, Female Protagonist, Transformation, Fantasy, Combat, Oral sex, Combat, Big ass, Big tits, Lesbian, Mobile game, Text based
Added Retirement Party
Added Leave for Sandy
Added some of the missing black haircuts for Catelly. v0.2.7.2:
Added Exercise Fhan
Added Danica reacting to Cowtelly
Fixed combat upscaling issues
Fixed combat softlocks
Fixed weirdness with examining enemies in combatv0.2.7.1
Added Exercise Fhan
Added Danica reacting to Cowtelly
Fixed combat upscaling issues
Fixed combat softlocks
Fixed weirdness with examining enemies in combatv0.2.6
What changed:
Important engine changes
Improved Downturn experience
Huge android improvements
Added Recruit Fhan (4 possible routes)
Added Recruit Brandy
Added Recruit ????
Added Danica reacting to the drill cutv0.2.1
Added Ginny’s portrait
Added Drinks with Blackfire (complete his quest line and return from Downturn)
Added hotkeys to combat
First round of ability improvementsv0.2.0
Added Return From Downturn
Added Make Art
Added Revisit The Past
Arted items (and reenabled them)
Added abilities*
Changed victory and defeat screensv0.1.24.2
Added Giants (Find Brandy and finish downturn)
Added a drawn image in the Downturn rest scene Mack and Danica
Redid the Downturn farm 1 fight to fit on the screen
Change Combat art portraits
Changed the logo and patreon
Changed some Kate/Latte lorev0.1.21.1
Combat UI finalization
Comat UI animation
Sound balancing pass
Library UI
Added Return Silver (Downturn Celebration: return the silver in farm scene)
Added Twins (Downturn Celebration: Have Brandy unlocked)
Added Catelly’s Pixie hair cut.
Added a drawn image in Mack and Catelly rest scene
*Fixed the gray blob in combatv0.1.15.1
Added a long hair Danica version in the appearance setter
Added the holstaur TF for Catelly in the appearance setter
Sad theme scattered throughout the game
New save and load UI
New choice UI
New appearance setter UI
Drawn image in Take a Bath (win route)
Drawn image in Lucy and Gwyn 2
Added The Redemption (Gwyn and Lucy line)
Added Go Fishing (Daud line, you must have completed misty cove)
Added a BrandyXMack rest event (you must have recruited Brandy before getting Mack)
Help Lizette changed heavily
Added Showdown (at the end of Headout line)
Added Return to Kates (2, from winning Showdown with Blackfire still up)
Added Mack to grid combat
Redid the tutorial fight.
Redid the cult raid combat
Made status effects scrollable in grid combat v0.1.9
Added some name replacement if Catelly is short
Pressing space in a scene displays a history of what was said
Added art to Find Brandy’s battle
Added a less thick Catelly
Added Short hair casual Catelly
Added deer antlers for casual Danica and Catelly and maid Catelly
Added Fray cat ears
Added Downturn Farm 2
Added the battle for Downturn Forest
Added Shrine rejection
Added The Night Before (at the end of the Head Out line)
Added The Auction (Next part of Daud’s story, Ash must be completed before it unlocks) v0.1.5
Added a drawn scene in Head Out
The Fleshcrafter got her portrait
Catelly has facial expressions in a few scenes
Better android support (Still very bare bones. More to come)
The Setback (next part of the Head Out line) v0.1.4
Husky maid
Husky casual
Hair colors for Catelly
2 new hair cuts for Catelly
Added Recruit Fhan
Added Leave for Downturn
Added Interview (CatellyXBlackfire, found at the end of the Headout line/Blackfire quest line)
Changed the old combat system to have symbols to help the red/green color blind people. v0.1.0
Combat rework demo
Added Promotion
Added Beginnings Days
Added Appearance Selector
Added Town UI
Added Save/Load UI
Added Sena’s art
Added Beginnings Days art
Added Fray’s art
Added Fhan’s art*
Added Perjurys art*
Ran a stake into the beating heart of the text names being the wrong color, finally, after 6 attempted fixes. You can’t be the wrong color if you are a different material created at compile time…
Fixed Lena being a horrible mutant if you had TFs on. v0.0.27
Added a drawn sex picture in Struggle with Blackfire
Added Ash (main storyline)
Added Lena (LenaXOle) v0.0.26
Added Debate Lizette
Added Lena and Ole’s portrait v0.0.25
What Changed:
Added the drawn first CatellyXLizette image
Added Casual Catelly
Added Willem’s introduction
Added Visit, which is next main storyline scene
Added Go shopping, which is CatellyXDanicaXStranger scene
Added a bunch of tidbits throughout the game v0.0.24
More sexy times with Lizette
The first drawn sex scene the Daud
The next part of Blackfire’s story line v0.0.20
Vacation was good to me. I got a lot done, but this update doesn’t really reflect it. I wrote this update and almost all of the next update while on planes. I also made a tool chain, which I was very badly missing. I no longer need to spend a night cutting up the script into it’s commands. My little tool takes the script and generates the code for me. I just need to do some edits to make sure it got it right. It used to take about 4-5 hours to turn the script into commands. Now it takes 15 minutes. v0.0.19
Added drawn scene in Study with Blackfire Added Educate Lizette (CatellyXLizette, futa) v0.0.18
Added a drawn scene in The Vial Added Educate Lizette Fixed up the mist boss again Orbs weren’t clipping correctly so they popped funny. v0.0.17
Just a fast update. Added Lizette’s portrait and fixed the save bug v0.0.16
Added Meet Latte Added a drawn image in "More Drinks With Danica" Added a simple explanation for the combat minigame v0.0.15
Added Meet Stone Added The Boat Ride v0.0.14
Added The Vial part 2 (More cat girl stuff!) v0.0.12
Fixed the issue where various parts of Catelly (and another unreleased character) were fading very poorly. Fixed where outlines weren’t fading with the speaker Fixed More Drinks with Danica so it didn’t add a copy of The Vial to town every time someone spoke. Made it more clear in The Vial that the cat transform isn’t permanent. Catelly’s outline was super broken once you got the larger breasts transformation. Fixed the portraits so the bottom of their legs don’t clip into nothing. Fixed resolution support? Can it ever really be fixed? I’m sure someone has a resolution on some monitor form 1999 that I didn’t think about. You can no longer save in a scene. Town only. You can load anywhere still though.