The UPN [v0.9] [Matpneumatos]

The UPN [v0.9] [Matpneumatos] The UPN [v0.9] [Matpneumatos] The UPN [v0.9] [Matpneumatos]
This game is about a hidden porn network created by a powerful group of corporate men, they managed to get a deal with underworld demons and gods to have access to ladies from the underworld as their stars, now you take control of them to make them perform sexual actions and poses while you film them, then you can upload the videos to earn money to buy things like new outfits for the girls, sex toys and more!​Thread Updated: 2020-03-14
Release Date: 2020-01-20
Developer/Publisher: Matpneumatos – Patreon
Censorship: none
Version: 0.9
OS: Win
Language: English
3D game, Female Protagonist, Simulator, Lesbian
This version features a new level with a new super partner, the Demonic Dragon Tremmenus, and Crania is excited to feel his massive dick inside her.
Other new features include new poses, piercings, chains and pussy color.v0.8.1
This version includes new features such as
-new poses and animations, especially the girl on girl animations.
-new partner, Ponciatus, the pig-like demon.
-new sliders to adjust lighting a bit more.
-new look feature, hold the "L" key to make your girl look at your cursor, you can press it again to stop using it. This feature can be used with all animations, but still doesn’t work well on some, so more work needs to be done here.
-new camera controls
Scroll wheel to zoom, click the scroll wheel to the pan and right-click to rotate the camera.
The controls were made to be easier to use and to feel more natural.v0.7
New things include-New poses as always-Fuck machines and drill-New patron-exclusive level, The Dungeon-Blush feature (you can use it with the B key, press B to make girls blush and Left Shift + B to lessen the blush)Codes for this version are-Patron content code: CMPPNJOH_ZRR_GVO-Money code: MEMO_PUERTAS-Unlock code: W8BCEDESBLOQ (This code gives you each option to change Crania’s appearance and all tools and toys, use it after the first code)
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