Secret Horse Files 3 [v0.35c] [Levy]

Secret Horse Files 3 [v0.35c] [Levy] Secret Horse Files 3 [v0.35c] [Levy] Secret Horse Files 3 [v0.35c] [Levy]
Pony stimulating simulator.​
Thread Updated: 2020-05-09
Release Date: 2020-04-01
Developer: Levy PatreonWebsite
Censored: No
Version: 0.35c
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
2d game, Furry, Sex toys, Simulator, Animated
: v0.035c Added Fluid ability to dildos, acting as cum tubes Added spray from the dildo tips and splashing fluid particles Added ability for user to edit traits of body parts Added Mouse magic options: Touch Type, and Modify Body Mouse magic: Touch Type cycles between stimulation strengths/presets for empty-handed fondling. Mouse magic: Modify Body cycles between several touch-and-hold tools that slowly alter the stats of the body part it’s touching. Automatically swaps to the Body Parts menu when using so you can see the alterations it’s making. Stat changes are permanent. Use the ‘reset’ option to undo all changes on a body part. Experimental. Added button to select Mouse in toy list. Added toy placeholder- Violet Wand. I forgot to disable this when compiling so apparently it’s a feature. This is essentially a pain-causing equivalent of the toothbrush. The model isn’t in yet so it looks like a toothbrush. New menu tab- "Body Parts" allows access to body part selector, related parts list, part swapper, sensitivity sliders, pleasure tolerance sliders, and overstimulation setting. Added Body Part Selector. A gear icon appears on the mouse when using this to select a body part for the menu to focus on. Clicking the gear button in the Body Parts menu will toggle this mode on and off. Added Related Parts List. A list of paired or related body parts will appear when selecting a body part. The "advanced" button show more specific body parts. In basic mode, your edits will apply to a group of parts. In advanced mode, you can edit each part individually. This also applies to the effects of the "modify body" settings on the mouse magic tool. Added Part Swapper. Appears when selecting dick, balls, and tits. Cycles through different models for each body part. WIP Added Sensitivity sliders. Acts as multipliers for incoming stimulation of different types. Added Pleasure Tolerance sliders. If you use a vibe on the highest setting on genitals, it can be too intense, and either tickle or overstimulate the character. The first two sliders – pleasure limit at zero arousal, pleasure limit at ‘max’ arousal – determine the body part’s tolerance to high levels of stimulation. The last slider determines how much arousal is ‘max’ arousal. If this is hard to understand, try using the ‘modify body: make erogenous’ magic tool and watch what it does to these sliders to make a body part hyper-pleasurable. Added Overstimulation setting. If the simulation is too much on a part, this determines whether the character is tickled or overstimulated. (Use the ‘modify body: make ticklish/hypersensitive’ magic tool to see how to maximize a certain input) New menu tab- "Mental Control". Moved Personality editor here. Added Faces placeholder setting to Mental Control. It’s incomplete, but I forgot to disable it for this version. The ’emotionless’ setting does work though. Fixed pain/pleasure from orifices stretching and sheaths squeezing not being affected by sensitivity settings Fixed a bug with sliders that made them get ‘stuck’ on the mouse when you clicked elsewhere Lots of minor optimizations and code cleanup Lots of UI tweaks Added labels to ‘Body Type’ setting Broke labels to ‘Body Type’ setting Fixed game-crashing bugs that somehow escaped notice.