The Shop of Horrors [FutaBox]

The Shop of Horrors [FutaBox] The Shop of Horrors [FutaBox] The Shop of Horrors [FutaBox] The Shop of Horrors [FutaBox] The Shop of Horrors [FutaBox] The Shop of Horrors [FutaBox]

For those who Liked "Futa in the Police Academy": this game will bring you the unforgettable impressions.
The rest of you, you’ll find something to enjoy, to be excited about.​
Updated: 2018-12-21
Developer/Publisher: FutaBox Patreon
Censorship: No
Language: English
OS: Windows
Version: 1.0
2d, futanary, parody, big tits, anal sex,
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "game.exe" to start playing
v1.0 Final
The final part of this exciting mini-game is finished. There, all the decisions you’ve made will lead to one (or maybe more than one) of the three endings.
For better or for worse, it’s up to you.
+ we’ve fixed some inaccuracies (it’s all thanks to a guy Zz aka Clorox Bleach who found them)v.0.75
The list of nice little things that were added to this part:
+ Sasha’s new costume (erotic police uniform)
+ chibi for the new costume
+ Wendy unexpectedly showed another, darker side of herself
+ erotic scenes
+ some other things I’ve just added and things I might have forgottenv0.51
All the bugs were fixed.v0.50 Fixed
All possible freezes were fixed.v0.50
Dozens of text pages were translated, many pages of code were written exclusively for this game…and it’s just what I can remember right now.
Well, let me tell this in order.
+ final reworking of Sasha’s appearance (whatever happens, I won’t remake her look any more because she became an extremely beautiful girl)
+ new sexy costume
+ Dr. Jun’s erotic experiments
+ erotic scene with Wendy, Tiffany’s sister
+ many other moments giving the choice
+ spacious locations
+ another side of Sasha’s personality
+ reduction of the game’s size through deleting unnecessary files (the game is now 100mb less)
And all other things I’ve just added.
As always, if you find a mistake or any other inaccuracy, you know where to write!