Suddenly A Party [GDS]

Suddenly A Party [GDS] Suddenly A Party [GDS]
Its a party in which you your sister and friends the party goes depends on you. This is a unfinished game,Game ends when everybody is ready to play Truth-or-Dare and shows a turn counter on the side.​Updated: 17.12.2016
Developer / Publisher: GDS – Patreon
Censorship: None
Version: 1.02
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: date-sim, Incest,voyeur
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on "game.exe" to start playing.
Official Walkthrough by TIPS:
– You can find 25$ on the closed behind the TV on the living room
– The alcohol changes what scenes you see mid game not the endings
– Candy/ecstasy is need only for one ending – so for all other ends if safe to buy Blindfold and magazine.
– Other option not on the walkthrough can be chosen to see different scenes during the game, but won’t affect the end, For example:
– If Carrie will send a nude on her Phone,
– Or Who you make Loane to kiss
– They are still worth choosing different option to see different scenes.
– The closet game will always need the blindfold, otherwise it won’t happen
– You can choose not to let Cameron fuck Carrie so it will take you back to the closet game,
– You can reach the same end in other ways not mentioned bellow, there will always be one ending available►3 way with Cameron and Elly:
– Try to see Elly’s panties during the interval between the games, and THEN talk to Cameron about not seeing her panties(You have 2 chances to do this)
– Whatever you do don’t let Elly tell the truth on the Closet game, any other route is fine
– When you can free roam in the house again, go to the kitchen and choose to go and talk to then► Partial Elly and Cameron
– Choose to observe Elly and Cameron in the kitchen
– After this you still can still see Loane and you ONLY.► Loane and you ONLY:
– Whatever you do don’t let Elly tell the truth on the Closet game, any other route is fine
– Go talk to her in your room► 3 way with Loane and Elly
– If You did the closet route and Elly told the truth: go in your room to start this scene►Loane and Elly:
– A variation from Above, but you need to have bought the Excatasy/Candy
– Make Elly talk about the “Strange Candy” when the scene have started►Loane Slut ending:
– Choose Dare
– Think about Loane to get an erection, and let her be the one touching you, not Carrie
– Refuse to let Cameron to fuck Carrie Face
– Loane will see the magazine on the Bathroom
– Start the closed game and have Elly lie about the guys
– The end should start automatic over any other end►Carrie end:
– She needs to masturbate just before you starts to control her
– Choose dare: Think about Carrie, and let Carrie touch your cock
– Don’t let her be face fucked by Cameron
– Elly needs to lie where the boys went
– Carrie need to make Tom cum on the Closet
– Go to her room and she will be willing to talk to